Day 160 The Rambling Sloth moves to its new home! 🦥

Awake early this morning, maybe because I managed an early night last night…. and decided to set up a new FB page so that all of my ramblings have their own home!

Most of the guys following Overland and Borders don’t want to be reading my daily diary…. they want to see Jeep stuff and off-roading and maybe Border Collies!

I’m so chuffed that so many of you have followed me over to my new home. Thanks guys! It means a lot 🦥

I’ve had a lovely calm day today. I find it amazing that I can have a day full of tears yesterday and yet this morning not a tear in sight… I don’t know how common this is in these strange times but it always feels like a set back to me. Yet here I am today, calm, no anxiety, no pain. Yes more importantly no pain…. I haven’t realised that until I started writing this down. That’s why writing is so cathartic for me. I feel it helps me understand my moods. How can I be in so much pain yesterday and not even think of it today?!? Wow.

Is it that simple?! I chose to be peaceful today?!! Maybe I should try that more often…. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆
Had a lovely breakfast this morning with oat milk…
A huge amount of truth in this too.

Craigie and I went out to look at new couches today. Lucky enough to see one in the third shop so didn’t even have that long to wonder around. COVID meant we had to go round most of the shops in a one way system. Most staff wore masks and one shop didn’t have swatch books out so people weren’t touching them without hand sanitising first. It’s still so stands to me. You can sit on any couch you want… not sure how that’s different!!

Anyway it’ll be here in 10-11 weeks so time to get rid of my trusty brown leather couch…. trusty not rusty… 🥴 it’s been with me since I got divorced in 2002 and moved into my wee flat in Hamilton. It was my big treat for my new house. It’s meant a lot to me but the years have taken its toll… I still think it looks great but Mr A not so sure and he is right…. I guess I just look at it with affection over the years rather than what it is now.

Anyway, I’m well aware I’m spending way too much time on my old couch!!! Home and had lunch then out with the girls for a good walk to tire them out. Hardly took any photos for once… thank god you say!

T-shirt weather but not sunny here!
Puppers heading home

Back home and had 6 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions so that kept me busy for the rest of the afternoon.

Would you believe I am actually sitting watching Coming to America now! What a great film, it’s still funny even after all these years… wee trip down memory lane.

I am not trying to control my future now, I’m waiting for it to hit me between the eyes!

Stay safe everyone 💕💕💕