Day 158 a beautiful calm morning, a beautiful day and a catch up with a fab friend! 💕☀️

Craig and I had a holiday in the Outer Hebrides in June 2019 and since then strong winds have been our nemesis…. now no chortling in the back rows here…. storm force weather winds. I would say before that holiday we’d be more upset with the rain but since then….. the noise of the wind is deafening. It really grates on you and irritates your ears. 😤🙉

The point of all this…. is that there’s not a breath this morning. Just pure blue skies and calm calm calm…..

I feel so calm and relaxed and happy this morning, it’s a lovely feeling 🧡

It’s only 8.36am and I’ve taken loads of photos already… shock, horror you all say.

If I smile at you like this mumma will you give me some breakfast?! I had fresh strawberries, all bran and vanilla protein powder!
Catch me in the good light!
Sunrise over the meadow garden
The hydrangea is still going strong!
Zoom zoom zoom
Some close ups!
Clematis is growing up through the bamboo fence
Like they need to ask me?!?
This is so very true for me

Had a lovely dog walk this morning with Rachel and Nacho from two doors down. I only had Bhruic and Freya as Craig has Calaidh at work.

My baby Freya teaching Nacho the delicacy of a cow pat….. 🥴
Nacho’s checking out the sheep!
Tom Marshall’s memorial bench was refurbed during lockdown but Robert and Jane Marshall. Nacho’s still posing!
Ailsa Craig in the distance!
Beith with Goat Fell, Isle of Arran in the distance. This new phone camera is amazing. I could never have got as clear a zoom before.
Bhru sniffing around
Such a beautiful day!
Rachel manages to make gate crossing look super sexy! I’d just looked over it a minute earlier!!!
A few clouds appearing

Had my lovely friend Lea visit with her 4 year old son Jacob today! Not seen them since January and lockdown cancelled a trip we had booked away for Lea’s 40th in March. I still haven’t had a chance to get her a present yet despite trying!!

So lovely to get a good chat and catch up on the last few months. Jacob is such a cool kid, he’s straight in to play with the dogs and they had a blast running around with him! He started school already which I can’t believe as I reckon he was born a few months ago…. time really does fly eh?!

Jacob in the meadow garden
This is the poppy I took earlier which looks so different now…
Jacob and Bhruic!
Calaidh came home from “work” so got the whole gang to pose under the tree
Just love the way the light is on this one!
Sitting outside enjoying this as I catch up on blog land!

I’ve had a really lovely day today. I also booked 3 jobs for Pawsitive Solutions but looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I have a sore head as it’s been a busy day but it was so lovely to get that walk this morning with Rachel and the afternoon with Lea. Been way too long and we must get her 40th birthday night away booked when this virus malarkey all calms down!

I must have a very good mindset today
Very much so!
Thanks to my tribe!!

Stay safe everyone 🧡☀️🧡