Day 152 ROAD TRIP (381 miles precisely!!) 🚐

I woke up in Scotland and as I write this I am now in Thetford in Norfolk having driven all day in Abbie the camper van with Auntie Jac as the best co-pilot offering to drive all the time! Still not sure why I never just let her take over?!?!

Not quite sure why I look so crazy just before we set off.

We left at 7.52am precisely and poor Jac had already driven for about 50 minutes to get to us!

It was a long day.

The end


Actually I am that tired. We were travelling for about 9 hours all in.

We’re here to pick up the flooring and furniture for the camper. It seemed like a really good idea at the time. I’ve got Jac on the insurance so we can both drive…. remember that tomorrow Julesie. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Southwaite services for Costa coffee
Thetford is really lovely
Waiting for dinner
New mask, 3 for £3 in a service station… waiting for Auntie Jac outside the loos..
Good idea for the toilets to show when you are in for covid! Ok technically this shows it’s empty but I’m tired!!
A wee walk after dinner…. should note that it’s only 6.30pm.
HUGE old tree
The Travelodge for £31.99 is built on the site of the famous Anchor Hotel where the Dad’s Army first scene was filmed. The hotel regularly featured the sitcom and the actors came here a lot!
Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s Army which was filmed in Thetford.
He is eerily real looking!
Notice the paving like the arrows from the start of the show

Right it’s 7.30pm and we’re already back in our room and it won’t be long before I crash out! More tomorrow as we aim to head straight back up the road after picking up the van furniture… we’ll see……. 🦦🥱😴

Getting this tmro!!!

Stay safe everyone 😴😴😴