Day 154 if only I could sleep ALL day….. 🥱😴

Hardly surprising after the last few days antics that I am knocked for six today. We have Storm Francis blawin’ a hoolie outside and compared to the blue skies yesterday it’s just miserable. No it’s just totally miserable full stop without the comparison.

Craig was awake at 6.15am and I heard myself… “for god’s sake get back to sleep!!” Who’s grumpy today then?!?! Moi?!?

Finally dragged myself out of bed after 9am as I had Kinesiology at 10. What a lovely appointment. Despite my exhaustion I managed to do a lot of work today. We dealt with an issue that I’ve been very aware of recently. If people disagree with me but I feel that I am right then I get very angry at the injustice of it all. We worked on this and cleared it today for good. I will accept that others are not always on the same boat as me and that I don’t need to let their energy drain mine.

By this I don’t mean people… I mean my over reactions to people
I’m far enough along in my journey that I know what I need to work on. I can see a trigger now for what it is and try and figure out why my reaction to it is so bad.

So I had 7 calls to make today and no one answered!!! Finally got 3 that called back and booked 2 so all good. I’m just mentally exhausted and can’t think straight so thought joking 2 was pretty good!

Do you know what, maybe I am actually just tired like “normal” people 🤣🤣🤣

Craig sorted out the problems I was having with the Overland and Borders new website which is great news only to find that I had lost all the work I did back on about day 44. We are now the proud owner of

Watch this space….. however, I have been thinking for a while that this blog was running from our Overland and Borders name, I know realise that it’s grown arms and legs through lockdown as had become way more about my daily chat, how COVID-19 has changed our lives and my issues with mental health. I’m thinking now might be a time to change the title so that it makes more sense for people who search out this kind of blog…. a title should be a clearer indication of what the blog is actually about…. thoughts as follows:

  • Gateside Ramblings
  • The Ramblings of an overactive mind
  • Blaw’in a hoolie
  • The overthinking mind
  • The rollercoaster of life
  • Daily ramblings

Personally I think I like Blawin’ a hoolie as it’s Scottish and is just me spouting off every day like the wind! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s actually 4.30pm already and I feel like the day has passed in a blur. Today’s blog should be renamed the daily sloth I think.

I’m off to have a lazy night. Thinking movies would be good to pretend it’s a night out at the cinema.

Stay safe everyone 🦦🦦🦦