Hi! Thanks for looking at my blog. I’m Julie and I started writing this blog to track our life change during COVID-19 and I’ve just carried on!

Having suffered from anxiety and depression and lost my job as as a result, this has become a daily update on my journey. It helps me to write everything down and to analyse my feelings. I now have a new job and I hope that my journey will become a story to help others.

I’m also passionate about photography with my trusty iPhone so, more often than not, this is a diary of my escapades and photos of our lovely Scottish countryside.

I hope one day that there will be more travel than fight with anxiety.

What People Say

If you are experiencing depression and/or anxiety you’ll enjoy Julie’s blog. Through her straight talking and honesty you’ll feel you’re not alone. ❤️🙏🏻

Shelagh Cumming – Enhanced Wellbeing (2 Aug 2020)

You are an amazing person. Totally inspirational. I’m so proud to know you, even though we haven’t met. You’ve come so far since I first knew you. Not always an easy journey, but you made it. 🌈💚👏🏼🥰🌟

June (28 July 2020)

Just love your ramblings Julie (that is a positive, not a negative). Your honesty and openness are so refreshing. It must be very soothing – not sure that’s the correct word – to write it all down and as you do so either release it or enjoy it. Maybe the word is cathartic. Keep it up. Its good for you and its even better for us x

Jackie (15 Aug 2020)

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings as it really helps me to write it down and means the world to me if you enjoy it!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️