Day 149 my inner sloth had to get going today! 🦥

9.10am before I even opened my eyes… only because Craig came into the room and said “are you ok? Do you want to see the dogs”…. I made a noise that was meant to be yes but he realised I really meant no! So slowly dragged my eyes open and dragged out of bed. I’ve taken to referring to myself as El Slotho these days. Only because I love the sloth emoji!!

🦥 and 🦦

I was feeling that lovely really shattered tired that stops me from opening my eyes but did have to prize them open to get moving.

I chose to get up and move forward when I could have just stayed in bed!
Today is one of these days!!!

It’s so windy I have been propping up the sweet pea tubs all day… every time I look out they are horizontal… it’s no small wonder they aren’t flowering that well!

Straight into Pawsitive Solutions calls and had a wee play around with the spreadsheet to see I am now booking 38% of the calls I make which I’m so chuffed with. Was only 27% in July. I’m growing in confidence everyday.

I particularly like this as the twenty pounds would be wonderful but I need to remember I am worthy NOW.
Thanks to the loverly person that sent me this one!
We all make a difference to each other. We need to remember that!
Life it too short. Get out there and enjoy it!

So I’ve made calls on and off all day and particularly enjoyed a call where the puppy was a Border Collie called Angus! We had a cairn terrier called Angus when I was wee and of course I live my life around Border Collies now. Someone came to the door during this call…. one started barking and the other two started almost wolf howling… honestly…. thankfully the door was shut to the office but it’s hard to concentrate with wailing dogs in the background!!!

Also tried to start some health and safety courses online with the Beith Trust but kept getting interrupted by phone calls. Might get up early and do them tomorrow when Craig goes to the gym. Need some peace to concentrate!

Now also had a call with the doctor today. I found a “growth” on my back or at least Craig saw it and thought it should get checked out… I called the surgery, they sent me an email by return for photos and consent to hold on file and within 2 hours of making the initial call I had the diagnosis of Dermatosis. It’s benign, nothing to worry about. Does not need removing and I am not going to post a picture on here as WordPress will pick that up as today’s blog cover photo no doubt and I ain’t having that!!!!!!

So COVID-19 has one benefit, that’s the fastest doctors appointment I have ever had from point of identification of an issue to diagnosis. All by email and over the phone. Impressive.

This made me laugh, imagine?!?!
Another step forward in lockdown easing announced today. Everyone reckons its been about time gyms opened back up again for the sake of everyone’s health.

Scotland has seen the highest daily increase in cases for over 3 months as 77 have been reported in the last 24 hours. The 2 Sisters plant in Couper Angus have reported 29 cases with 900 employees being advised to self isolate. Aberdeen’s lockdown has been extended for another week as they are unable to move out of localised lockdown yet. Six adults have tested positive at a school in Dundee resulting in its immediate closure. We are creeping back up to the R rate being around 1 again. For every one person infected, 1 other person catches it. It’s still very much there and we need to ensure we are not complacent.

Going to have a nice relax tonight I think as I’m still tired. Craig got home earlier than expected so he’s on dinner already so at least I’ll get fed! He’s a keeper that boy 🥰

Stay safe everyone 🥰🥰🥰