Day 813 you wouldn’t think we had Tough Mudder next weekend….. 🛌🥱😴

Jeez I’ve just been the lady of leisure these last two days….. another huge nap this afternoon but it wasn’t the most relaxing.

Craig’s been moving the office round which is right next for the bedroom so I’ve been snoozing next to a giant heard of wildebeest… the dogs have been loving the noise too running round the house with equal gusto to the wildebeest. Ach I’m just a bit out of sorts today.

We have Tough Mudder next Saturday and here I am lounging around like Lazy McLazerson. I’ll do the hard work through the week at the Fit Body Farm. I’m trying not to think about the actual Tough Mudder itself…. I’ll let it sneak up on me as that seems to be best way for me. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

The weather’s been pretty rotten today too. I couldn’t think of anything to do.

I’m bored. There it is. Bingo.

We did an online food shop and I’ve reorganised my wool…. Again. I’ve tidied up more of the upstairs office but then I just thought… nah….. I need a nap. So lethargic.

Sloths for smiles

My muscles have been really sore again today though I think they are slowly starting to ease off.

When I’ve been like this in the past it would always be made better by going to the pub for wine….. don’t drink ❌, eating chocolate or crisps….. don’t have any ❌, shopping or buying myself something nice….. don’t need anything and trying to save all my pennies for diesel these days ❌

Where is my positive head?! Actually it is still there and I’m smiling as I write this… I just seem to have needed rest this weekend and my mind is fighting it. Still.

So yeah… just like that it’s Sunday night already. The weather’s not looking great this week but it’s up to 17C in time for Tough Mudder. That should help a bit.

So here’s to a great week for you all. I’ll shake my lethargic coat and get back to it in time for work tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 812 muscles all seized up so lazy Saturday!

I didn’t sleep that well last night, 3 diet cokes before bed probably didn’t help. 😆 we have no plans this weekend so the day was my oyster. If that’s even a thing?! 🤣

I can hardly move this morning… my butt and legs are totally seized up. Not sure if it’s the Fit Body Farm yesterday morning or the go-karting last night… maybe a bit of both.

It’s funny when you get up to move and have to try to swing into action.

So after the busiest day yesterday I had no plans this weekend. I set about some housework this morning, did two washings and got it it out to dry as it’s so windy again… clean bed tonight. My heart wasn’t in it today…… by 11am the rain had stopped so I took the dogs out.

Check that cloud!
Sunny spells but very windy all day

I took them into a freshly cut field for a good run.

Thought this looked really dramatic
Calaidh loved eating this bit of grass!

When We got back I carried on with a bit of weeding…. A wee bit of work made a massive difference.

Before and after! (still way more to go!)

I realised Craig would be home from work in a hour so I thought I’d have a wee sit down and a rest….. I went and lay down on the bed and woke up at 3pm!!!!

Musta needed it!!! Out for the count.

I’m really dizzy just now and I have a bit of a sore throat so I did a covid test this afternoon but it was negative so all good.

Craig’s on a night out tonight for the first time in like a hundred years it feels, so I’m on taxi duty….. £40 I reckon it costs to Kilmarnock and back twice tonight. Used to think it was free when you got a lift but now it seems really expensive.

This photo of the dogs made me laugh… please don’t go out daddy…. He’s getting ready in front of Bhru and Calaidh!

Please don’t leave us….. 🥹🤣

So quiet night for me. I’m watching Spiderhead on Netflix and so far it seems really good.

I have to stay awake long enough to pick Craig back up again…. Volume on phone turned up high just in case.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 811 fab workout at 6am, 2 hours of weeding, dog walk on the beach and go-karting! 🏎🏁

The farm was great this morning! It’s a lovely start to the day. This is going to be our warmest day of the year so far I think.

I’m writing this lying here at 11am….

When we got back for the Farm I got changed and started tackling the weeds in the garden. They’ve grown so much over the last few months. Taken over.


It was hard work but I was on a roll. It’s lovely to work in the garden in the sun but now I’ve hit a wall and have finished my book and am having a wee lie down for an hour or so until I need to get ready to go out.

I’m heading to work with Craig as he’s off to West Kilbride and I can have a wee wander down at the beach. I’m waiting to see how hot it is before I take the dogs with me.

It was a fair bit cooler so I took Freya and Bhruic down onto Seamill Beach, West Kilbride.

How’s this for a view?

West Kilbride looked lovely with al the houses perched on the hill.

I have to be honest here and say I didn’t relax much on this walk. I was really anxious about letting the dogs off the lead so I walked with the on lead most of the time. It didn’t do them any harm as it was warm and it stopped them running about too much.

Off lead for a wee run

It clouded over a fair bit but looked really quite dramatic.

I loved the look of these flowers in the rocks.

I’m then off to my works’ Christmas night out!! We are heading to ScotKart in Camuslang…. Go-karting 🏎🏁

Not my finest look

I went through a huge range of emotions this evening….. fear, anxiety, terror, thought of backing out at the start, what have I done, fear, absolute terror…….. and by the second race I bloody loved it!!! Ok so I was always gonna be last but my fastest lap first time was 1minute and the second race my fastest was 51 seconds.

The second race was so much better, no more moving out the way for the boys… Julie’s racing line all the way! I was so chuffed it took them so long to lap me the second race. The first race they lapped me a million times!

Team Tartan ♥️

What a rush…. Followed by the best pizza!

I’ve had the best day. ♥️

Stay safe everyone 🏁🏎🏁

Day 810 The Rambling Sloth website is fully up and running and a lovely massage tonight! 💆🏻‍♀️ ♥️

So yeah, I’ve had a busy few days….. and I’m so pleased to say that The Rambling Sloth webpage is now fully functional. Click on the link to have a look!

Now don’t get too excited…. If you read the blog then it’s not really anything new but it’s way more professional than it’s been in the past. Previously if you looked up you got Day 100 and could never see anything passed that. As lovely as Day 100 was…. There was more to my blog than just that 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

So…. Long story but I’ll try to be brief…. I’ve had to temporarily find an alternative provider for my Health Kinesiology sessions due to ill health.

As devastated as I was by this and determined to “go it alone”…. things happened that meant I had to seek out a bit of help. None of these have been my story to tell but have impacted me enough that I’ve needed some support through them.

So anyway, new HK lady has web design experience so had helped me sort out the issues I had with the website. How lovely is that?!

She has an appointment that you can book with her for a half hour, called a Zoffee….. a “zoom coffee” and she told me to book one and she’d use the time to work on the page.

So huge thank you to Angela Daye – Inner Pathways for this unexpected IT support!! Again there is a link to be clicked there to take you to her business page. She is highly recommended!

Kinesiology helps me to live from a place of abundance rather than lack. It’s the best treatment I have ever found. I will never be able to explain it but it works for me every time.

So….. in other news…. Work has been good this week. I’ve felt calm and in control.

We sadly had a step incident at work….

Someone killed the step to our portacabin yesterday so the boys had to build a step from pallets…. as you do!

It’s a very fancy set up that I was able to use as decking for a quick seat in the sun at lunchtime!!! I always wanted a job I would wear shorts too in the summer… and here I am!

I also had a lovely massage at Harmony – Beith this afternoon after work. Norma worked her wonders as usual. I felt so relaxed when I left. 💆🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️

Back home for a bite to eat and then Claire popped in to the garden for a cuppa.

That’s the first time we’ve caught up in weeks due to our holiday and then she caught a bad COVID-19 variant and had been really unwell. It was lovely to see her smiling face again and get a good natter!

So that’s all from me today I think. Have to get to bed for the 5am alarm for the Fit Body Farm.

Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 809 summer solstice 2022 – Scotland has up to 18 hours of sunlight today!

Of course it’s cloudy today and I had to put the lamp on as it’s dark cloud…. But today is the longest daylight of the year. The first day of summer.

It’s been up to 16C today though so it seems warm (remember it’s Scotland so that’s warm to us!) tomorrow will be hotter. 🙏🏻

I’ve just filled the van with diesel on the way home…. only put £70 in and just got over half a tank…… 😳 I paid £196.9 per litre….. I remember when we went over £1 and that was horrifying. Where will it stop?!?

Some good news though, I was renewing my van insurance which is a usually a task in itself. I like to pay in full rather than pay the monthly fee and pay money for nothing. They quoted me £406 and I said that I couldn’t afford to pay that…. Said I would have to do monthly amounts so they stood to get £469 if I did that….. they came back and knocked it to £298. I couldn’t believe they took so much off it. So just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else wants to haggle at insurance renewal time. It was so easy and better in my pocket than theirs. Same insurance. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve been shattered this week, really lethargic and eating really badly which I know doesn’t help…. Early night tonight 😆

Took this photo of Calaidh out in the garden after work… she’s a cutie.

Jus’ throw the ball!! 🎾

Also took a photo of our rose bush at the back door, it’s really beautiful if a bit scraggy.

A lot of foliage fell off it last year. I’d love it to bloom all up the wall.

Oh that reminds me (the word bloom is the trigger 😆) I won an online competition yesterday on FB – a page called Tiree Photgraphic.

I don’t win anything but it’s so lovely to have one of my photos mentioned on the page. This was the lovely Balevullin Beach on Tiree on the most beautiful day.

I love the light nights that summer brings.

Tomorrow we will all be saying “aye the nights are fair drawin’ in…… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 a wee Scottish joke… the first person that says that to me will get a slap. We can’t think of winter just yet. 🤣

Remember this for tomorrow morning ♥️

Stay safe everyone ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Day 808 trip to The Lion King at the Edinburgh Playhouse 🎭🦁👑

So I finally issued my Staffa blog at 8am this morning but it seems to have bombed as hardly anyone has seen it. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 it only took me about 7 days and 3 hours to write. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Anyway, it’s a quickie today as I’ve been out since 9am on a day trip with some of my lovely neighbours to Edinburgh for the Lion King. 🦁👑

I don’t think I’ve been on a train since COVID though, so even that has been a wee adventure.

We’ve had a lovely day but it’s 8.37pm and we’re on the train still closer to Edinburgh than we are to Glasgow!

Both our trains were cancelled today so we had to be inventive and we’ve managed to get the train on different routes but way better than the bus.

Just arrived in Glasgow

Sent this next one to mum and dad saying… “where’s Julie?!”

Just arrived in Edinburgh Waverley!

They both guessed!

We went for pre-theatre drinks at a Festival bar on top of Edinburgh’s Waverley Market.

It’s actually been a lovely day weather wise too.

The Wallace Monument from the Festival Bar

I had to get this next photo as my in laws have two cool giraffes in their living room and I reckon they have escaped and been found in Edinburgh 🦒🦒

The Lion King is in the Edinburgh Playhouse.

The show was amazing. It’s not the same as I remember from the last time I saw it, I think a few less special effects this time round but still amazing.

Show selfie 🤳

After the show we went to Guilliano’s for dinner.

Check my pizza… it was amazing!!

Edinburgh is looking amazing in the evening sun…. a lovely end to a lovely day!!

You soooooo know I am freaking out about getting home late. My phone just told me I should be getting ready for bed….. eh yeah!!!! I know that…. We don’t get into Glasgow Queen Street until 9.30pm and we have to walk to Central Station. Rachel two doors down has just announced that there isn’t a train to Glengarnock after 7.40pm.

At this rate I’ll take a taxi…. 🚕🤣

To the boss man… I’ll be the burst couch tomorrow… least you know I’ll not be hungover 🤣🤣🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 796 part II boat trip to Staffa 🚤☀️🏝🌊 published on day 808!

I started writing this on day 797 while sitting on the machair at the side of Gott Bay beach on the island of Tiree.

The internet connection was so bad that I decided to wait until I was home to write it…. It’s now day 808. 😆

So back to day 796…. I went with Tiree Tours to Staffa leaving at 2pm.

Sadly about 20 minutes before we were due to depart… Bhruic had an explosive bout of diarrhoea. We could not take her on a boat trip after that….and sadly it meant that Craig had to miss out. (Incidentally she was fine for another 5 days until it happened again by that’s by the by…)

Here I am all vested up and ready to go

I would say that this trip is really not for dogs….. this next pic is me making the descent onto the boat and not sure how we would have got Bhru down there at all….

Making the descent down to the Rib

“Where you going without us Mumma?”

So we set off for what was around an hour’s speedboat ride out to Staffa.

Staffa is situated about 6 miles off the coast of Mull and 33 miles west of Oban as the crow flies. I’ve wanted to visit Staffa and Fingal’s Cave since my parents took me on a boat trip from Oban around Mull past Iona and Staffa and back to Oban. I guess I was around 10 or 12 years old.

The trip is not for the faint hearted. It’s a loud and fast ride but you soon settle into the noise and the movement. It’s not particularly bumpy as the Rib speeds over the swell but we’re out on a relatively calm day.

We pass the Dutchman’s cap on the way there and I have to tell you I have photos of it from every single angle 🤣🤣🤣

Speeding past!

Then all of a sudden we start to slow down. There she blows!

Staffa has been uninhabited since 1800. Staffa is the same geology as the more famous Giants Causeway in Ireland. The island is of volcanic origin and is made up of an extraordinary pattern of predominantly hexagonal basalt columns.

In short, it is out of this world and so stunningly beautiful that this will be a very precious memory for me for many years to come.

We sail slowly up to the main attraction, Fingal’s Cave which is 20m high and 75m long.

The rib slowly sails into the cave. The water is clear turquoise coloured and the roof is shimmering gold.

It’s breathtaking and awe-inspiring all at once. The colours are amazing.

The water is deep but you can see the rocks almost as clearly as the ones above the water.

The roof is just as stunning as the cave itself. Nature is an amazing thing.

Everywhere I look there is something else to see. I’m worried I’m taking too many photos and not enjoying the experience for what it is.

We back away back out and the sea looks dark green.

Now we’re heading round to the landing platform.

I was the first off the Rib and straight up onto the landing platform.

Even the water here is eye catching. So green with the moss on the stones.

I’m on my own… I wish Craig was here but I am more than happy exploring by myself. I don’t feel odd in this group of couples. I am off over the basalt columns like Heidi the mountain goat. 🐐😆

Again it isn’t for the faint hearted. You need to be pretty sure of your footing. In the 21st Century, it’s probably the least safe thing I’ve visited but it is nice that there’s an element of common sense to your visit rather than being herded along a path with barriers all the way.

I stopped to look backwards and no one was following me. I was on my own and likely to get into Fingal’s Cave alone.

And then you turn the bend to walk into Fingal’s Cave. Wow…..

I’ve run out of adjectives…. I’m scared at this bit as it’s so precarious, yet determined to push into the cave. No one else is around.

Looking back out the way over to Iona and the Dutchman’s Cap is just visible on the horizon.

Then you reach the end of the path… just a small chain to stop you.

Zoomed in right to the back of the cave.

Don’t look down!!!

And so I stood here and I sang. All by myself. I just sang a couple of scales like I used to do in Higher Music when I was warming up for singing. The video clip I recorded did not do it justice. The echo was amazing. The clip sounds like I’m randomly singing for no reason. 😆🤣

The Gaelic name for Fingal’s Cave is An Uamh Bhin which means the melodious cave but it was subsequently renamed after the 3rd Century warrior Fionn MacCool.

The cave inspired Mendelssohn’s Die Hebriden in 1832 when he visited and heard the acoustics. (Click on the link for a listen!)

After a good bit of signing, nervously at first, I was joined by two guys from the boat and I shut up straight away and let them have their time alone in the cave. I went down the rocks closer to the water.

The left and I was alone again so went back in again for a second visit!!

Then others finally arrived (no idea what kept them all …so I headed back out and along the path I’d just come. It’s just as beautiful heading back to the landing area. Look at all the hexagons in this!!

This pile of basalt columns is called Am Buachaille or the Herdsman. It fascinated me.

Then I’m at the bottom of the steps…… they are very steep!!

These steps are pretty vertical up the side of Staffa and onto the top. I should say here that a boat trip landed with lots of people with walking sticks (and I don’t mean walking poles…) you have to be pretty sure on your feet to tackle this trip… I held on tight all the way up. Here is the trig point on the highest point of the island.

And the view….

Look at the columns of rock there…

I should have said, we got an hour on the island so all to soon it was time to head back down those steps!!!

Holding on for dear life with one hand and taking photos all the way…

Jeezo man… what goes up must come down.

Tiree Tours are heading back in to pick us up. They’ve been moored out at sea for the duration of our time on land.

And the steps keep on going…

Love these sea pinks.

And guess who gets right up front for the journey back!

The trips stops several times on the way back. You raise your hand, as you can’t be heard over the noise of the engine, if you spot some wildlife other than seabirds. Again I have loads of photos but this is the best of a Minke Whale. The porpoise were too fast for me. 😆

As you could have guessed I highly recommend the trip to Staffa though it’s closing down to visitors from August until March of 2023. I believe they are working on the access. Probably making it all Health and Safety compliant I guess.

I had the best afternoon and was back in Tiree by 5pm after my front row seat home.

Climbing the ladder to get out

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 807 a manic selling day!

I’ve been on a roll today… got loads of stuff up for sale on Vinted.

Everything up for sale for free and the buyer pays the postage to Vinted. Once they take delivery of my stuff, Vinted will transfer payment to me. A small risk, I guess but I’m not selling anything extortionate.

So if it sits still long enough… a selling is considered.

Now for those of us in Scotland I want you to consider how hot it has been in England recently. Everything we see on FB is about high temperatures, don’t walk your dogs on tarmac or midday….. looks out window 😳🤨🥶…. “another hot one today….” Looks out window….. 😳🤨🥶

Well, the Windsor Waffle, my good blogging friend needed her aircon on in the house ( 😲sorry “WW” I read your blog but haven’t had a chance to comment yet…. ) I love that she has aircon as for those of you not in the Uk, that’s quite unusual for us and would only ever been necessary in the South of England. We are busy freezing to death and being blown into next week with our current version of summer!! Isn’t it funny how if can be such a north/south divide at times. We got the raw deal this time…. Actually I say that and am very grateful I don’t have 30C heat…. I would just like a shade warmer than winter. Not asking much 🥶😆

So weather rant over, it’s been a quick day. It’s our neighbour’s birthday today so might have a few wee drinks in the village pub in a bit. I’m off to see The Lion King in Edinburgh tomorrow so looking forward to that! 🦁👑

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend…. Hot or cold and May our summer come sometime soon….. please 🙏🏻

Stay safe everyone 🥶🥶🥶

Day 806 a successful day in the house! 🧹🧺🚿🏡

I didn’t plan to go to the Farm this morning as I was so tired…. Of course I woke at 5am and tried so hard to go back to sleep. I should have just gone to the gym…. I gave myself all the excuses under the sun…. Even thinking I’d save money in fuel by not going. How ridiculous is that?

I’ve put my day to great use…. I’ve not sat down (she says writing this as she’s sitting down…. 🙄)

I’ve blitzed the housework and honestly had to empty the hoover 4 times….. FOUR…. So either the house was disgustingly unclean, which it actually wasn’t, or the Shark hoover really is soooo small that it honestly can’t be made to hoover up after animals. It’s a nightmare!

Anyway, it’s all sparkling now…. With dog hair glitter and water splashes from when they shake the rain off…. 😆🤣🤣

It has been pouring today…. Honestly it was torrential this morning, the dogs were soaking wet after a few minutes outside. I had to wait till this afternoon to walk them.

The skies have cleared.

It’s the first time I’ve been round this way for ages and the roadsides are so overgrown. There’s nowhere to stop when cars go past. The 4 of us had to bury ourselves in the grass! One van came flying along at some speed and had to slam on his brakes….

So I’ve been busy putting some things up for sale today. I have generated way to much clutter and things need to go to make some space … a tidy house is a tidy mind.

I sold one thing as soon as I put it up for sale! Now I’m not making a fortune but it’s money for things that are taking up space in the house.

Just sold a second thing too!! Kind of glad I didn’t rush to post the first parcel… 😆

I’ve not managed a nap today so I hope I get a good sleep tonight. Lazy evening for us which is kinda he we roll these days. Just the way I like it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 805 I’m shattered tonight! 🥱😴🛌

It’s the first time I’ve said it in a long time but I feel wiped out tonight…. I woke at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up in work for just after 7am. Was determined to get away 4pm and finally made it at half past. 🤨. I could hardly keep my eyes open driving home!

It’s quite hot here today so it might just be that. When the sun shines it’s meant to be 18C… then it rains and feels a lot cooler. Obviously….

Being busy and working late is a real “wine” trigger for me.

I’m tired, walked in the door and saw Craig with a glass of white and my heart sank…. I wanted to have the ahhhh moment that we all think that drink brings.

He quickly poured me an alcohol free wine (which to be honest are still fairly rotten) but honestly it did the trick. I’m now halfway through a bottle of red, without the after effects.

How funny that I saw that sober school post on Fb today. I swear sometimes I actually manifest this blog. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

So not much else to report tonight other than it’s suddenly my weekend again. 🥳🥳

It’s been such a quick week. Tiree seems a distant memory already. I hope to get a chance to do my Staffa post this weekend before I actually forget about it. 😆

Think it’ll be an early night for me 😬🥱😴🛌

My kinda busy

Stay safe everyone 😴😴😴