Day 610 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Happy St Andrew’s Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

It’s 6.17am and I’ve been wide awake since 5am…. Thought I’d put this dead time to good use.

This waking up early malarkey bugs me. I have two mornings a week I get to sleep until 6.30am….. and I’ve not managed it for weeks.

Do you ever hear the voice inside your head that chatters away when you most want to rest. Mine never shuts up in the morning. Since 5am she’s told me that I can’t control my dogs out on a dog walk, my dogs don’t respect me, I must be running out of money about now, scared to check the bank account, how will I afford Christmas, well I can’t to the village Christmas Eve dog walk as I can’t control my dogs in a big group, who would I take, who would I leave behind, then I’ll have to walk the others, how will they be on Christmas Day at our folks house, I’ve no Christmas presents for anyone yet, why have I left it so late, what am I going to get, when am I going to buy them, how will I afford them, I should really check the bank to put my mind at ease but that might worry me more. (I’ve read that back and I cringe…. None of those things are an issue 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣but I want to sun up how crazy the thoughts can be at times).

All through that I’ve been trying to breathe deeply, shut down the inner voice and just be in the moment.

We are by far our own worst enemies!! You would never talk to anyone else like that. Ever.

It feels like a pain in my lower stomach, a bubbling of anxiety.

I’ve checked my positive feed on FB. That helps.

Eh hullo…. I’m trying!!

Now that I’m up and moving I can shut her up a bit. Jeez…..

The forecast is pretty dreich for today.

I step into the shower…. There’s a tennis ball.

Took me all my time to get a photo without the reflection in the shower box 😆 and in my house we also have this to deal with….

You never shower alone!

It was a very dark drive to work! I know that sounds ridiculous, but a real misty and murky dark.

In work I’m flitting backwards and forwards between jobs like a budgie. A wave of anxiety washing over me when I think of something while I’m doing something else. Drop the first thing, pick up the new thing, half do it then back to the first thing.

I have a list…. I keep jumping about the list, adding things, never removing. Constantly adding as my brain fires off things that need doing.

We have customers come and go and I add to the list. I’m still chirping away inside my head and it’s 2pm before I get a minute to stop for lunch.

And relax… and write this. It helps. I feel a bit calmer already. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok today and getting things done just self criticising my every move and every decision. I’m not about to burst into tears!

And more importantly, I achieved a lot today, despite all of that. Go figure eh but no wonder I get tired!

I have literally just had a conversation with someone who said the tone of my blog is so different now than from a few months back….. 😬😬😬grins as written this already and not deleting now…. 😬😬😬

So I thought a nice way to finish today would be some of my favourite photos of Scotland seeing as it’s St Andrew’s Day.

Glencoe 2016
Kissimul Castle, Barra 2014
CalMac leaving Oban, one of my favourite towns
Princes Bay, Eriskay, 2019
Isle of Shuna 2017
The Galloway Forest, Raiders Road 2018
Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe, 2016
Iona 2017
Leaving Oban for Barra 2014
Isle of Lewis 2014
Portencross Beach 2021
Scottish rush hour!
Sunrise in Tongue on the North Coast 500 Hogmanay 2019
Smoo Cave, Durness, 2019
Corran Sands, Islay, 2021
Highland Cow

I really enjoyed looking through all my photos and there’s another 47,000 or so to go so we’ll never run out… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 609 Fit Body Farm workout of the year 🏋🏻‍♀️& new Tartan Camper hoody!

I was in bed from 8.30pm last night and out for the count. Slept like a log. Finally!

Up at at ‘em at 5am ready for Fit Body Farm action. Today was the 2021 Workout of the Year where they are tying to encourage as many members as possible, past and present, to attend this workout number 1 of the week, over today and tomorrow.

I am the vision in yellow 💛 at the back.

Craig and I are members to Team Courage 💛💛

I was buzzing during the workout. I loved it! Short, sharp bursts of effort being cheered on by your team members. I had two lovely compliments about how fast I was on the ski-erg and how much weight I’d lost. So lovely of people to take the time to say that. I still haven’t lost much weight but I’ve lost 52cms so far which is great and I’m really feeling it.

My team won the final challenge. She who is not competitive at all…. Showed a teensy weensy wee shred of competitiveness today!

So a great start to the day!

There was still some snow this morning when I left

It’s been a rotten day weatherise. We had to watch out for ice at the farm but it’s got milder and it’s now really smirry rain. that rain that soaks you!!

A busy day at Tartan HQ and finally got a Tartan hoody! Sure the pics are disappointing as it seems a few folk think my tartan T-shirt’s and hoodies are tartan…. Eh no, sorry!

Being jumped on by Calaidh and Bhruic!

So another good day AND Craig made the tastiest dinner which always helps.

Sitting in front of the fire and not moving forward the rest of the night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 608 it’s snowing!!! and my first ever Fogbow! What a beautiful day! ⛄️ ☀️ ❄️

Wow nature is amazing… I’m just back from the most stunning dog walk through snow, fog and pure blue sky sunshine. I am absolute buzzing!

I’m really going to have to build in some time to delete photos every day if I keep taking this many. So I’ll keep the chatter too minimum today as it’ll take me hours to sift through the millions of shots. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Suffice to say I have a huge big grin on my face and am absolutely loving life. I just need to do this every day…. Not too much to ask?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄🤣

It started with Calaidh barking again this morning. I got up to the loo and looked out the window… ran back into the bedroom practically shouting that it had been SNOWING!

Not sure why us Scots feel the need to share our snow with each other but we really do. In the next hour or so there’s a pic from each set of parents showing off theirs!

Claire did the Christmas lights in the Memorial Hall yesterday🎄

So it wasn’t heavy at all but we don’t care we share it anyway!

Our bamboo!

My wee 81 year old lady phoned this morning so I had a 45 chat with her and heard all her news then decided to head out with the dogs. Calaidh first.

It was freezing fog but so stunning and atmospheric.

Reek Street
Still in Reek Street
Top of Reek Street
Loved the snow on the dry stane dyke
A gate 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
That water must be freezing!
This bush is covered in red berries
Heading into Spiers Old School grounds
My favourite gate in Spiers
So moody!
The spookiest tree ever!
Big branch down in Storm Arwen on Friday
Foggy field

All of a sudden on the road home the fog starts to clear. As I take this next photo I happen to turn to my left…

And see this…..

Don’t think this is the best picture but it’s the first one!
I “think” this is the best one

It was really hard not to get too much of me in the photo as the sun is right behind me casting a shadow.

The sky ended up clearing to blue above it

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it felt to be seeing this. It makes you feel so very good to be alive. I am so excited on a day when blog content just slaps me in the face!

By this time the sun is huge in the sky

Craig’s watching the Rangers game so I come running in the house shoving my phone in his face, chirping like a budgie and Rangers score their second goal. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😳🤣 least he was looking at a Fogbow when he missed it!

So back out with Bhruic and Freya but this time up the hill across the road. While I walk I’m sending the Fogbow pic to the family group chats…. As I look up…

Fogbow number 2!!! 😳🤯
Got another photo of it closer to the farm

And carrying on round the corner I see another one. Not to be fair… this could just be the same one moving. 😆

Fogbow number 3 or 2 repeated?!?

Wow, wow and wow.

I spent years driving to and from a job I hated, making myself ill being in first and out last, priding myself in my busyness…. because I thought that’s what you had to do. I never looked up. Never stopped to look at anything.

I am so proud that I’ve come this far and am able to feel like this about the sky… I mean come on. Get a room. (That makes no real sense at all but it was funny in my head?!)

The Fog’s still hanging
The Great Wall of fog!
Rising above the fog in the valley
Trees emerging
Big patch of snow
Freya’s not impressed
I don’t ever remember seeing the fog clear like this
The small steeple to the left is Beith Parish Church
These trees made lovely patterns on the road
The road home

So now have my feet up in Gran’s chair.

The puppers are worn out

I’m enjoying a Turkish Apple Tea which Claire got me for my birthday.

And this is my view.

I hardly ever listen to music but it’s a playlist Craig made me for my birthday last year…. Each song means something to us… and it drowns out the football!!

And just like that…. Somewhere over the rainbow – The Ukele Boys starts playing! The law of attraction is amazing when you are in the right headspace!

Ours next door neighbour Holly provided a 3.30pm lunch/dinner…

Haggis, beeps and tarries with a whisky creme sauce!

It was the special in the pub this week. How lucky were we? It was so good.

The sky is darkening now. I’ve still to think about Christmas shopping, make tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch and write some words around my Fit Body Farm nomination and I really wanted to crochet today. But that’s ok. It can all wait.

So once again it’s nearly Sunday night and we face the week ahead. Remember if anything hits you that you feel you can’t handle, it’s only temporary. It will pass. Just keep on appreciating the present moment for what it is. Right here, right now. No worries foe the future, no shame of the past. Just what is.

And I’ll try and take my own advice!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 607 the calm(ish) after the Storm Arwen 🌪🌪🌪

Wow well that was some night. I don’t remember a storm that bad, certainly not since we’ve lived here. It was wild!

I think we were luckier than the east coast of Scotland. I have seen friends and family that have lost sheds, greenhouses, fences and poor mum and dad had some mega force of wind take down not only their fence but push over their heavy double wooden seat!

Our house was cold last night. The force of the wind blowing on the windows and doors was crazy. I had to wrap a scarf and a hoody round the door handle to try and cover the lock to stop the wind from howling through it! We do have a very old house so it’s not the most weather secure.

The wind howled all night. I didn’t sleep great as I was either listening to it or being woken up by it. We hear very little from our bedroom normally as the walls are about a foot thick. This was walloping into the weindow panes and finding every angle necessary to get through!

We woke to Calaidh having a 6.15am bark at the wind…. the joys eh?!


However it was a beautiful morning and I’ve got loads done. I started with a dog walk with Bhruic and Freya at 8.30am.

Lovely clouds
This was the worst we found, a big branch down that someone had moved onto the verge
Almost sunrise
First icy puddle I’ve seen!
Of course there’s a gate!
Everything is so bright in the sun!
Sun’s up!
The tree in Geilsland estate
Sun between two trees
Walking into Gateside
Everything beautiful in the winter sun 🌞
Nature is amazing. All the leaves are piled like this!
Sunrise in the village
Maybe we should sweep them up?! Freya says??

Back home to drop them off and take Calaidh up the hill.

Sunrise on the edge of the village
Off we go!
Those patches are icy!
I spend so long avoiding the pylons in my local photos… I decided to embrace one!
The farm
Another gate!
Calaidh enjoying her walk
Spooky tree!
Not sure what I’m trying to achieve with this photo?!? Hard to make a star shape when you’re taking the photo and holding a poo bag!! Shows the the long winter sun shadow and Calaidh just above my head waiting for me
Good girl!
Love these trees!
Lovely view up the hill
Love this pic, Calaidh living her best life!
Back down to the main road

Back home and shower before heading straight down to my lovely friend, Gayle’s, shop for Christmas cards. She does some lovely ones from Gateside so I always like to try and get them before they sell out.

Doesn’t the window look beautiful 🤩
Loved these guys!
It’s just so beautiful

Back home and out to Abbie the campervan for a major clean out! I found a packet of scones that went off on 11the September!!!!! And the worst of it is.. they still look ok….

No sign of mould!!!

Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon out there in the van pottering, with the heater on of course. Felt really good to get it back into shape.

Then it was time for lunch and a weeeeee nap!

This pair were sitting on my knee so this is a selfie!! Love the look on Bhruic’s face.

Mum called and we had a good wee chat and it woke me up enough to get moving again, changed the bed, tidied the bedroom, put washing away. It feels good.

Just before I started to make dinner I went to let the dogs out the back and noticed the most amazing sky!

Not sure the photo even does it justice.

It was stunning.

So lucky to catch this as it was over in minutes. A reminder that life is short and you should look around so you don’t miss things.

I’m cooking chicken pizza for dinner tonight with olives, peppers, onion and goats cheese. We’re having that with roasted potatoes and broccoli healthy style.

It’s still freezing outside but both fires are on and it’s super cosy inside.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 606 shopping with mum!! 🛍🛍🛍🛍♥️

Up before the birds for the Fit Body Farm and did a wee jig in the street when I saw Rachel two doors down getting into the car to go to her gym… we’re a crazy lot in this village!

The farm was hard this morning. Constant activity but at 6-7/10 effort… no breaks. It’s hard to work at 6-7/10 when everyone is bombing past you on the first run and you’re trying to speak in a loud voice to remind them it’s only 6-7/10 effort…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So probably 10 x 500m runs this morning with wall ball targets, burpee broad jumps, sled push and pull and walking lunges with 20kg rec bags in between. As usual it starts off hard but I did settle into using the run as the kind of rest before the next exercise.

It was super cold and windy this morning. The grass was SOAKING and freezing once the wind caught my wet clothes. Yup crazy 😝

So, unusual for a Friday, but I had a shower at the farm so I could head straight to meet Mum without going home first.

The sunrise was pretty spectacular again.

The moon is quite small
Sunrise in the van windows in

So it was a nice drive this morning. A huge trip down memory lane as Google maps took me past Kilmarnock and through East Kilbride , both places we used to live. Not driven those roads in years but missed all the Glasgow traffic and got to Livingston Designer Outlet for 9am.

Of course we did it again and agreed to meet for shopping on Black Friday. The car park was full almost by the time I met mum only about 10-15 minutes later and pretty quickly the shops were heaving!

Of course we went for breakfast first and I had porridge with honey and an Oat Milk Latte. We didn’t get any photos but my FB memories today from 2016!! Told you we make a habit of it!

Today looked pretty much like this but without the chocolate!

This is me in 2016… before I went off sick and piled on the weight!

2016 🤷🏻‍♀️💕💜

So we had a good wander round but definitely don’t have the shopping stamina we used to have. Took some photos in the Lindt shop but proud to say didn’t buy a thing. 😆

How many flavours?!?
This wee guy was huge!
Merry Christmas from Lindt!

We went into Muffin Break for lunch as everywhere was queued out the door except Krispy Kreme and Muffin Break for some reason.

Claire sent me this and said drive carefully home. It was some stormy drive back though I left about 1.30pm. Two hands on the wheel all the way. Yea I know you should always have two hands on the wheel but you know what I mean. Really holding on!

Gavin the Fit Body Farm coach (and owner) has sent me a link to a motivational book called “The Thin Woman’s Brain” and I’ve been listening to it while driving since Tuesday. It’s actually really good and as he said, same applies to guys too.

It explains why we overeat and how naturally thin women have a different relationship to food than those who have generated a food addiction. So today I’ve not had access to the best choices of food but I have thought about the flavours, savoured the food in my mouth and tried not to eat anymore when I became full. It encourages you to think about the difference between actual hunger and brain hunger. Brain hunger is the reason I put on 3 stone throughout my illness. I’ve understood that my buying and devouring the whole bag of Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons, on almost a daily basis, was my body’s way of trying to generate some dopamine. Really all it did was give it a small hit but created an addiction for more. It’s really interesting and well worth a read or listen.

So straight into bed, when I got home, with the electric blanket on! Couldn’t really sleep but had a good hour or so rest.

My FB post on View from my window is now up at 39,600 likes with over 4,700 comments!! I’ve tried to keep up with them but sure I’ll be liking comments for a good few weeks to come. It’s finally slowed today but I’ve got loads to go back to. What a wonderful page.

I think I said before that I have my FB set so that I only see positive posts now and use it as a tool to help me write the blog. It’s a great feeling to take control over what you see.

I’m in jammies ready for a cosy Friday evening in front of the fire as the wind whistles down the chimney and howls outside the windows.

Happy weekend x

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 605 first snow hits Scotland’s roads and heard the first Christmas song on the radio. 🌨☃️❄️🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼

“I wish I could be Christmas every daaaaaaaaay” 🎶🎵 was blaring out from the radio today as I walked through the workshop to the loo….. I actually did a wee dance. Me.. Mrs Bah Humbug Christmas.

It’s the 25th November and that’s the first one I’ve heard. On the same day that snow fell on the A835 in the North of Scotland. This is the road that links Inverness to Ullapool.

It’s really super cold today. It was a beautiful start to the day.


When I got to work the sky was pink again.

I feel so lucky driving to work when the weather is like this.

A busy day again today. It’s been a good week and we’ve got loads done. There were things that went wrong…. that went right as soon as they’d gone wrong and that made me smile. Things I lost that I found straight away and made me smile. I felt in control today. As I read that back I wonder how things could be lost if I found them straight away… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😆 I reckon you know what I mean!

Love this!

So I’m late tonight as I’ve been out at the AGM for the Memorial Hall across the road from the house. I’m Assistant or Vice Treasurer (seems to be up for debate!) so just did my first annual report… albeit about 8 months late… due to various reasons outwith our control. This years accounts are ready for audit ahead every month if needs be. Will be AGM’ing again soon for next year!

It’s 9pm already so I’m going straight to bed. Meeting mum tomorrow for a wee shopping trip so need to get my beauty sleep. 🤣🤣

Oh and I’ve just agreed to do Tough Mudder next year with Craig and Rachel two doors down and a group from the village. I am in shock that YES came out my mouth when I was asked but bring on my 50th year on this planet!! I better get training…. 😱🤣😱🤣😱🤣😱

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 604 a much better day and a reflection on my love of crochet 🧶

Well who knows why you get a good day when nothings changed since yesterday but hey, my heads screwed on the right way round today.

I wake just before the alarm at 4.45am which is a nice change from the usual 3 or 4am…. And the Fit Body Farm was good today. I felt wide awake and really up for it. There were at least 25 folk there today, the busiest class I’ve ever seen. All of those people exercising at 6am. Crazy eh?! But very dedicated.

It was pouring by the time I came out from my shower. We were so lucky to work out in the dry. It was so misty and murky when I left.

Work was good. Super busy and I didn’t do half of what I needed to do but today my head says that’s ok. It is what it is, I did my best.

Radley the work dog was super cute today looking for tummy rubs!

Honestly check me… I amaze myself. I can be in bits one day and totally in control the next. I have to say I love the days where I am.

The sky was pink when I left work tonight.

These colours remind me of my bedroom walls when I was a kid! I had pink, silver and grey wallpaper…. Random huh?!

Lots of poetic license here as the industrial estate is not attractive so I had to cut the bottom out of them all 🤣

I’ve got my Crochet Hookers group at 7pm. I’ve not crocheted for ages, I really need to get the hook out! I’ve got a blanket to finish.

So I enjoyed sharing photos last night and started thinking that I could write some blogs about some things from the past too.

So tonight… I’m thinking some past crochet for a start.

I have never been creative. My lovely Gran was and this is the reason I took up crochet.

Gran made me these when I was a wee girl. I grew up with these blankets and have had them in every bedroom I’ve ever had. I’ve marvelled over the colours she picked. I have favourite squares…. 💜

When Gran was in her care home towards the end she tried to teach me to crochet and I was really bad at it. She got a wee bit frustrated with me!

This is me with Gran when she was telling me my hair was too long and getting in her face. She always thought I should have it cut short.

Oh and this is her chair that I sit in all the time!

I’ve always wanted to be able to do it and one of my lovely neighbours, Anne, said she was going to a class a few years back and I said I’d love to go with her!

The very first square I ever tried.

We were in fits of giggles that night as we couldn’t crochet in a straight line… I reckoned it looked like an eye patch!

And I thought this looked like a moustache

One day it just clicked and I have been “granny squaring” ever since. I think it’s lovely that it’s called a granny square and maybe that’s why it’s the only thing I ever do!!

My blanket!
A blanket I made for my Uncle Ewen’s mother-in-law” who’s in a care home!
A baby blanket I made for my fiends shop
A blanket I started but haven’t finished
The blanket I made for our footstool
A baby blanket
Some coloured squares that still need joining
A random blanket I made for a horse!!! Using up spare wool 🧶
Craig’s blanket

There are loads more unfinished projects upstairs. Crochet got me through the hard days . It gave my mind something to focus on while I was off sick. I met the loveliest ladies in our crochet class who have become very good and supportive friends.

I can highly recommend it. 💜

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶

Day 603 a moany cow day so sharing some lovely photos ♥️

Wow I’ve been a right moan today. I woke at 4am. I tried to fall back asleep, tried not to make it a big thing. I maybe dozed for a few minutes but didn’t get back to sleep.

I knew my anxiety was quite high this morning. There’s no reason for it at the moment, at least I can’t put my finger on it. I felt antsy, nervous.

I felt ok by late morning but had a few wobbles. I couldn’t think straight and had to write a lot of lists.

On a positive note I have 35.1K likes on my photo on View from my window FB page. 244 people have shared my post. How crazy is that? How lovely is that actually. The comments I have on it are so heart warming.

So instead of writing a whinging blog I’m going to share some of my favourite photos.

Corran Sands, Jura
The first day I went volunteering after being off sick for a year and a half. I was terrified inside. Came home and burst into tears so grateful that it was over
Portencross Beach
Puppy Calaidh
Puppy Bhruic
Puppy Freya.. the runt of the litter
And then there were 5
My heart ♥️
Princes Beach, Eriskay
Too cute
Ardrossan Beach
Largs sunset
Smoo Cave, Durness
Barra – storm coming in
Otter pools. Galloway Forest
Loch Lomond
My lovely Gran with Freya

So I think that’s enough for tonight but I’ve been enjoying picking out some photos. Tomorrow will be a better day and this was better than me overanalysing what was just an off day I reckon.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 602 Fit Body Farm sunrise, Tartan HQ moon and a FB post going crazy!

Back to the Fit Body Farm this morning… seems too soon… but it went well… lots of kettlebell work this morning.

I go for a shower at the farm before I head to work. I just switched the shower off when I heard a door slam…. Yup… they forgot about me this morning…. Now it’s nowhere near as dramatic as it sounds….. the lights were all off but I found a way out! It was actually quite funny.

I walked out the door to this…..

It took my breath away. So I took so many photos I was almost late for work!

This is the Obstacle Course Race climbing frame
This is where we run some mornings
Sunrise reflections

I drove to work in a daze checking out the view everywhere and when I got to work the moon was high and bright. These photos are nowhere near as pretty.

The colours are amazing….. Shame it’s over an industrial estate but hey this is reality.

It was a good day at Tartan HQ today. I found another mistake I’d made this morning and it wasn’t the end of the world. It was it something that just needed fixed and I didn’t fall apart.

It was very cold this morning….. I actually resorted to foot warmers this morning. Now I have to say, they didn’t work immediately… but they did take the edge off. (49 going on 89 eh?!?) 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

By midday I was roasting… 🤣

I had feta salad for lunch… I’m back on track today and it feels good. I’ve not lost as much this week but that’s only to be expected with birthday doughnuts and cake 🎂 🤣

This is the garden now… it’s so pretty with lights on.

So that leads me to this FB post… there’s a page called View from my window. It’s lovely. People post so many stunning views from their houses… from all over the world. Most of them post a wee story about how long they lived there, why they live there or what living there has been like for them.

So I thought I’d post a pic from Gran’s chair. Compared to the photos I have seen my view was nothing special but I told them what it meant to me. I currently have 25.8k likes.

Can you believe that?! 3 dogs, some slabs and a wall. How could I have underestimated it so much. To so many people on the world our home is older than their country.

I have been blown away by the comments from people all over the world. It restores your faith in humanity… there are so many people out there with a lovely thing to say. Support for my mental health, oodles of love for the puppers and awe at the history we live with every day and maybe take for granted.

Wow. I’ve just checked again and it’s 25.9k likes now. It’s crazy.

I’ve done loads since I came in from work so it’s been a good day. Things done, boxes ticked and a wee surprise at the power of a simple FB post.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 601 a lovely trip to the coast on a truly stunning day ☀️☀️☀️

What a beeeeeeea-U-tiful day! There was a stunning sky at 7.30am because of course I didn’t manage a lie in again today. why would I after a strenuous workout yesterday?!

Beautiful clear sky

It’s cold so we have the stove on for the first time in ages.


We had coffee while I sat in Gran’s chair. Basically that means that the side of me next to the fire is roasting and the side of me at the door is freezing. 🥵🥶 she says trying to edge in to the fire… 😬🤣

I was swithering about what to do with my day when Claire messaged to ask if I was taking the dogs out. Told her I was toying with the beach so she said she’d come too!

Funny how they swap round!
Portencross car park

There were cows in the field and their feeder was right up at the gate to the beach. Now this is controversial as I know I don’t own the land but you’d think we could have access to the beach from the car park without having to negotiate a herd of cows. Thankfully I saw them as we drove past so knew to have the dogs on the lead. People near beaches must get inundated with visitors so I do understand but it’s just another path that’s getting closed off. It’s not often I’m a wee big negative but this makes me a bit sad.

Isn’t this just totally stunning 🤩
Throw the sun Auntie Claire!
The Isle of Arran wearing a fluffy white wig!
Look how blue the sky is?!
Sand worms 🪱
Panoramic- click in it to view in full
I love this house 🏡
Loved this long grass!

We watched the lifeboat come flying out to this ship, speed round the back of it and then off out in front as if leading it in somewhere. Was a fascinating few minutes trying to figure out what was going on!

Claire bought me Turkish Apple Tea for my birthday so I took that down in the van and we had that with some Marshmallows that Craig had got me from the Marshmallowist.

Claire with Arran on her shoulder.
Side shot Sunday

It’s been a stunning day. Everything seems much brighter when the sun shines. The colours are so vibrant in the winter sun.

Ready to go home now mumma!
Calaidh being a beauty
Conked out!!

Had the best wee trip out, came home, wrote most of this and then into the pub next door for wee Rachel’s 12th birthday party!

It’s now 8.20pm and I’ve just quickly made breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and packed my sports bag for the morning.

My diet has been pretty shocking since Wednesday. Now when I say that, it’s nothing like it was but I’ve had more sugar than I’ve had in the last 3 weeks.

I feel it. There’s a bubbling anxiety that I’ve not done quite what I wanted and I’m not as calm as I’d want to be at this time on a Sunday night.

But actually… there’s nothing wrong, everything’s ready and I’m writing a list for the week. There’s no need for it. I need to screw the nut the next few weeks to get back on track and cut the sugar back out.

It’s a lovely calm and cold evening out there tonight. The moon is so bright.

So I hope you all have the best week. Be kind to everyone you meet as you’ve no idea what’s going on in their lives. ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️