Day 157 up at 5.30am doing housework!?! Gotta crash soon….. 🦦😂

So yes…. Craig has a ridiculous 4.30am start this morning for the gym… I say ridiculous but I am hugely proud of him for getting up at that time especially for exercise!

I woke when he got up and finally got out of bed around 5.30am to blitz the housework. I hadn’t really planned it that way but it doesn’t do any harm just to launch into it and battle through until it’s done. Had to empty the new Shark hoover 3 times again 😱😱😱

Sunroom, living room, kitchen, bathrooms all de-dog haired!! For the short term…. Craig came home from the gym at 7 and I was elbow deep emptying out the fire place! He came in looking for the dogs…. they were still upstairs in their little dog room in the eaves….. He made coffee and tried to get me to sit down and I started leather cleaning the suite…. when I start I need to keep doing or I just don’t want to start again!!

I said to him, “just imagine what our life would be without the dogs?” enjoying the calm and the time alone together…. the works “dull” was out his mouth before I’d even finished!!!! Cheek…. they have all be warned not to mess up MY lovely clean house. He let the dogs out after coffee and I swear they extra fluffed all over the place…… I could barely look!!

So we were off out by 9am
It’s a lovely morning, the sun is warm, the breeze is cooling and there is a wonderful smell of fresh MANURE hanging heavily in the air!
Lemme in the field
This made me laugh! They run in the field while I walk down the road (clever thinking!) but they keep checking up on me!
Freya waiting for another run!
They pick up some speed when the race each other.
The white girls in motion!
Thought everything looked lovely this morning
Yip more clouds. I love walking around looking at the scenery
My counselling trees
View over to Isle of Arran and Goat Fell
For all you Gatesiders on here… this is a new road into the horse field at the top corner opposite SanMar and next to Overtoun of Broadstone. They have a new access in front the Broadstone Farm Road just opposite the limekilns. The road was very muddy and poor Bhruic was sick in the middle of it all… oops! I’ve not been this way for a wee while so couldn’t believe the progress they had made as this was a wooded ravine.
My meadow garden (no not weeds Craig!) looking lovely in the sun

Back home for a poop scoop and be very glad there a no pictures! Then had Craig’s Business Partner Lorna in for a meeting so great to catch up with her. At 12 I had a nail appointment so now have lovely rest toes and 2 eyebrows again yay!!!

Then had 6 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions. When I think back to how scared I was making these at first and now I actually quite enjoy it.

It’s now 4pm and I am still awake…. not bad going. We’ve been invited into the pub at 5 for a few drinks with Kenny next door… few diet cokes for me!

I did find some COVID news yesterday after I published the blog saying that yesterday was the highest rise in new cases since 12th June with 1,522 new cases. This was an increase of 1,048 over Wednesday. There were a further 12 deaths taking the total to 41,477 UK wide. Scotland had two of those.


Stay safe everyone 🧡💛🧡