Day 151 dog walks, visit to the sea, first massage and the best nap! 🦮🌊💆🏻‍♀️🛌❣️

Other than walking the dogs and going for a massage I have literally nothing to do today! No list… nothing. Of course it’s me who’s talking here so the list is still bubbling away under the surface but none of it actually needs done.

I’m tired today. Again…. I know.. I say it all the time.

Lovely run in the field with Bhru and Freya as Calaidh is away to work with Craig.
Bandy legged Freya!! Reminds me of when she was a puppy…. she waddled like that at the back.
Tried some arty pics with the new Portrait mode on my phone
This wee weed looks a big pathetic a bit it’s amazing how they just blow about in the wind despite being so fragile
Buttercups or Freya?!?
Tired now, stop taking photos!
Homeward bound
This is the front door and the van parked right across it so I can hoover it out!
Love that I can actually hoover the carpet!!!! Love my new Shark!!
Really randomly took a wee drive out to Largs. It was really busy and I had to queue to get in the car park.
In Costa all masked up. Got a wee scratch on the inside of my nose which is looking magic in this picture 🤣 either courtesy of dogs or glasses or dogs digging glasses into my face more likely!!
The new queuing system. Stay 2 m apart and the service area separated by plastic screens.
Yay Costa and a CalMac!!

It was at this point that my massage appointment got pulled forward by a few hours. Instead of waiting until 3 I could go at 1.15pm! Never seen me move so fast…. it was 12.39pm!!

Did get a few pics in tho!
Had a back, neck and shoulder massage at Harmony in Beith! Was uh-maaaaaaz-in’!! My first massage since before lockdown and Norma managerd to help create a bit of extra space between my ears and shoulders!!!! So good. Just a shame the little gift shop next door wasn’t open at the same time!

So home, then into the pub for a few drinks… Coke Zero for me of course and my favourite Spicy Hula Hoops then back into the house, feet up and planning a lovely nap now!

We just need to learn not to be so hard on ourselves
I saved everything for good. This is the biggest change I have made… living for the moment and not for what the future holds
Just got this through from Amazon saying we hope you enjoy your gift and thanks for ordering from us, Amazon! How lovely is that?!?! I’m sure I didn’t buy it…..

Now this is funny….. I’ve been asleep for almost 2 hours and was having a skin through our After Dry January FB group where someone thanked one of our lovely members for a gift they had just received….. you can hear the penny dropping from here can’t you???!! Sure enough this was in the package too!

What a lovely thought as we are all nearing 600 days alcohol free!!

I must point out here that I had the 2 days where I had wine. The day the pubs closed for lockdown and the day it opened…. I have still gone 598 days without a drink since 2nd January 2019 which I think is pretty damn amazing. I might have some Nosecco tonight to celebrate!

I would never have done it without the support of the amazing FB group. I’ve met some amazing virtual friends who’ve helped me along every step of the way.

Couldn’t agree more with this!
I really love this 🧡💛

Stay safe everyone 💛🧡💛