Day 132 this is not a weather forecast but boy it is pouring!!!!!!!

I’d love to analyse my dreams last nights was at school and I was sick with anxiety and depression but just kept fainting everywhere and no one cared except for one guy they kept sending to pick me up? He had no choice and always looked pissed off he was left to deal with me. I was trying to clear out my office (?!?!) at school and no one would help and I just kept fainting. I couldn’t think straight to move on with anything. I was meant to meet my Gran (sadly not longer with us) in front of a local supermarket in Penicuik where I grew up but I couldn’t get to her so left her sitting waiting outside all night and no one knew…… not a clue where that comes from?!?

Anyway back to the real world… well as real as mine gets just now!

Abbie the camper was booked into the garage today to get the work done on her rear barn doors and bumper where someone reversed into the previous owner. Out to the garage promptly for 9am in the pouring rain, only to be told they are running a few days behind so they can’t give me it back until next Friday….. next Friday?!?! It’s only Tuesday this week?!? Maybe I was a tad naive in thinking a one day turnaround and I would have her back tonight?! 🤔🤭😳

This is our weather forecast!!! We’ve been issuing this app since we went to the Isle of Shuna back in 2017 and I have never seen this much rain forecast in one day

Nothing else for it but to batten down the hatches and raid the freezers and huff that Abbie is not getting her paint work… booked it over 5 weeks ago so been waiting a long time. They are struggling to get some kinds of metallics due to Covid-19 so I can’t be too pee’d off…… will let it out here…. 😩🤬😡🤬😤

So I’ve only 2 enquiries to follow up this morning for Pawsitive Solutions and the day is my oyster. A damp squib more like but let’s look at the “pawsitives” (see what I did there…..) a chance to tidy up inside without any desire to rush off somewhere else…. yay! (Ok I’m still mad at the garage so being sarcastic here too…) I will get over it. I promise.

I will do something today that makes me blossom… not sure what yet but I’ll report back.
Even reading these makes me feel calmer.

I follow a lovely page on FB Positively Happy 🦋 where Zoe shares lots of these lovely quotes. A nice start to the day.

Right enough sitting around I am getting up out of Grans chair and getting at it… whatever it turns out to be!!

Enquiries called and another 2 booked ✅ home insurance ✅ lunch ✅ took Jeep parts down to the garage when they arrived and saw the extent of the local flooding!

Back road from Gateside to Barmill
Both sides of the road struggling to cope
Fields flooding
This hill was like driving up a waterfall!!

Back home after being the best wife ever going out in Stormageddon for the Jeep….

Well I’ve had the most productive afternoon, making the most of the torrential rain and bloody miserable day. I’ve run through my whole budget spreadsheet to see where everything stands considering I am unemployed at the moment… so who wants to start paying to read this #joking!! All good. Nothing to panic about just yet. I just love a good spreadsheet. I’ve also calculated that I’m currently booking 28% of the enquiries that I follow up which I think is no half bad.

I’m now watching a junkie romcom on tv while I finish this, well seeing Craig is still out at work just now. I’ve finally managed to get the puppers outside and Calaidh is looking around as if trying to suss our what’s going on?!? Yip she’s back in already…. I would be too…

Such a valuable lesson we’ve had this year.
I know this now

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜