Day 150 already and how our lives have changed…🦠🦠🦠🦠

So… 150 days since our Scottish lockdown for COVID-19 started. The day Craig had to stop work and stay home. Can hardly believe it’s been that long yet the year is flying by faster than normal. How are we doing to cope with a lockdown in the winter months?!? Doesn’t bear thinking about…. cold and dark every day, think we’ll need to get lots of lovely candles and twinkly lights. Maybe put a Christmas tree up at the start of October? No too soon…. just looking for some way of brightening up the winter months!

I find it really sad that we don’t hug and kiss each other in greeting anymore. I guess that’s a thing of the past now. It was a lovely way to show affection for people, even formally shaking hands and now we just kinda faff around and say hi… would shake but can’t you know… it’s a bit awkward!

Not wanting this to be a negative blog but just thoughtful about how much our normal lives have changed. Mine wasn’t very normal anymore anyway but it’s more acceptable Joe to be in the house. I like that my neighbours are always next door now, even if they are working, it’s nice to know that most people are in the village and not scattered around Central Scotland. Craig’s been really busy with work and continues to be, we’re now taking bookings for October!!! It’s something to do with that dynamo he has following up enquiry calls for him…. 😆😬 actually it’s more likely due to lack of sessions possible during lockdown!!

Now this made me laugh!!
This is so very true… I am most often my worst enemy and I have to work to be my best friend more often.

It was torrential rain here this morning… I decided to take the dogs down to Loch Shore at Kilbirnie Loch to give them a good run.

It doesn’t show how wet it was! Q
We had lotsa fun with the frisbees
The puppers had a paddle!! they were soaking already anyway!
Calaidh was too hot after all the running around
I wouldn’t say I’ve felt fear today as such just a bit of overwhelm at the amount I had to do.

I made calls for Pawsitive Solutions and did an Infection Control and a COVID-19 training course for Beith Trust. It was really interesting!!

I then spent the rest of the morning and into early afternoon looking at cheaper electricity deals for our local Memorial Hall! It was worth it as I’ve saved £320 a year by switching from Scottish Power to bulb. Anyone keen to switch, I have a code that gets you £25 credit on your account and same for me. I will pay £25 into the hall account so they get £50 credit as I’m not benefiting from that as that wouldn’t be right. Chuffed to have saved that on the first thing we looked at. Did take a while but it was worth it!

There are days where I have honestly done them all but today I was determined
Speaking my truth is so calming for me. Where I would never speak up, I do now.
I do still have to work at this. I get very worked up at differences of opinion especially when I think I’m right. I actual boil with frustration as I want to speak my truth but realise that I’m not going to win and that’s frustrating. I need to learn that keeping the peace is better than being right.
I think my healing has been so focused on speaking my truth that I feel angry and upset when I can’t get that point across. If I can learn that peace is best then the power comes from how I control that.
100%… I’ve had to leave some Fb groups and protect myself from negativity… I find myself getting all wound up by statements I disagree with etc… they don’t actually matter and I just need to let that go

So I’ve been on reduced meds since 1st August and only really had one bad day. I can feel myself way more alert to emotion than I was before. The irking… the fury boil over…. the sadness… but it’s ok. I am aware of it. I haven’t bitten Craig’s head off yet which is always a bonus…. although you might find him under the patio. #jokes

I love this pic

It seems apt to have a Covid-19 stats update on day 150….

So a lazy night for me I think… I’m tired, it’s been a busy week (yes I know, not compared to some but it’s a lot for me!) I’m in granny’s chair, feet up writing this and then might have a nana nap…

Love this but I just need to put a reign on the fierce at the moment. 😆
I think this might just sum me up

Stay safe everyone 🥰🥰🥰