Day 131 a nice wee shopping trip with a whole lotta rules for our safety 😷

Wide awake at 4.30am trying to solve all the worlds problems in my head… must have fallen back to sleep and then couldn’t move at 8am! Got straight in the shower and Craig asked what’s wrong….. nothing, why?!? He says it’s early and you’re in the shower? Hmmmm cheeky sod!!

So it’s the start of a busy week. I’m making most of the Pawsitive Solutions calls this week as the girl is on holiday. First things first, need to get the monster pups out. It’s actually a lovely morning which surprises me.

Who…. wants…. to go…. for a…. walk…. Freya doesn’t seem that phased 🤣
Blue skies!
I take a pic through this wee hedge gap quite often, it’s just a wee window on the world!
It wouldn’t be my blog without a wee thistley pic… and a made up word!
Passing Broadstone Farm
A tightly knit pack today. Calaidh and Bhru didn’t want odd lead in the fields and wanted to stay with me.
View out towards Goat Fell

So back home and sat down and the desk with a coffee and made Pawsitive Solutions and Best Buddies calls until just before 12pm. Then went to the shops with Holly next door and her girls Louise and Rachel.

So strange us all out in our masks. All shops have for slightly different policies but you need to queue outside if there are too many people in the shop and most have hand sanitiser you must use on entrance
My first charity shop since March!!!!!! This is huge as I love a chazza. Was looking for some tops for one of my food delivery ladies who can’t get out and she loves charity shops too. This was Cancer research in Linwood. Check the socially distanced queue!
Signs on the floor
Then we went to KFC for lunch, kids choice. We had to follow arrows and footsteps on the floor to get in, use the machines to order and wear masks to pick the food up at the collection point.

We had a really nice wee trip out and it wasn’t too bad from a scary virus point of view. The car park at Linwood was the busiest I’ve seen it since lockdown started but there are enough shops open that everyone was scattered about.

So back home about 3.30pm and following up the calls from earlier until 6.30pm. Booked another 2 jobs for Craig!! Then went into Claire’s next door for a quick coffee and home to write this.

It’s been a good day but I’m really tired as no time to rest and I still feel I need that most days still. Finally sat down in front of the tv…

Don’t get them wet!!!!
A dig at Boris changing the rules like the wind maybe?!?

A quick one today but….

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️