Day 128 waiting for sunshine.. it was hot and then it rained…. again!!

Morning everyone, starting early today. Awake with a start at 5.18am but long gone are the days when I had to drag myself out of bed at 5.30 to get to work in time…. so a wee check on COVID-19 news then back to sleep. (my mind is always on blog content although it might not seem it some days… 😳😬😆)

This is huge cause for celebration!! Shows our strategy is working. Obviously new outbreaks might change this sometime in the coming weeks with the new cluster of cases found in Glasgow.

Sad to see this headline – when you think back to wall the warnings we had from Italy and then Spain we should have had time to react but I still don’t know if anyone believed it would hit us that hard?
This says it all about wearing masks
As does this!
New mask arrived today, present from Auntie Jac…. as you can see the sun is actually shining 😎
Yay! Expecting some summer today….. we hope!
So puppers packed into Abbie the camper along with a secret stash of toilet rolls ready for a guid walk. Freya not interested in posing at all….
Just throw the frisbee!!!
Wee sneaky van shot!
Kilbirnie Loch… this is where I was sitting the other day, the rain has filled it a lot as I could walk out to that rock
Frisbee action!
Mean and moody waiting for the sun!
Being arty
Thistles and nettles 😆
Calaidh loving the waves!
Check Bhru in deep.
There’s now a sign saying don’t go on the jetty… I did before I saw the sign…
Found a whole lot of rubbish so decided to do a litter pick randomly had a litter picker and bags in the van!
Picked up 3 bags of rubbish. Did my bit!
A bit of Loch froth!!
Trying to put off going home!
Freya wins worlds longest tongue 👅👅👅
View from the van
Flowers in the garden 🌸🌺🌼🌻🌺
Loch Morlich pretending you be Bournemouth beach!
Got the tent out in the back garden to air and it has poured with rain every since…. it’s now wet… hey….
BBQ with the neighbours…. check the dogs looking at Craig… then the heavens opened…

We ended up sitting in the shed at one point until we gave up and the guys went into the pub. I’m now having a wee seat in front of a cheesy chick flick.

Stay safe everyone 💜🧡❤️

Day 127 and it has rained all day, every single minute of it 😔☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

What a miserable day. It’s just poured down constantly every minute of the day. I held off to walk the dogs so we didn’t all get soaked but not much point in that as it didn’t stop

I did some coronavirus investigation this morning as it’s been a few days since I read anything.

Not good news but expected
News coming out of the Port Glasgow area at the moment
Proves the importance of track and trace
I found this fascinating. Its amazing to see how COVID-19 has affected the whole world

Started making calls about 9.30 and mucked about on the pc for a while. No bookings today but there’s nothing else for it when the weather is so rotten.

Has anyone tried this before? I found it in Aldi yesterday and we love it…. so had a couple of nice coffee breaks ☕️☕️
All of you…. for reading this far!

One thing that we’ve been seeing a lot of, since the easing of lockdown, is complaints from locals on fb groups about how badly tourists are treating the landscape. I’ve had to leave some of the groups I’m on as my anxiety will go through the roof if I think I can’t go anywhere in case locals are watching me. Some locals have got really angry. I can completely understand why but locals are upset but it’s sad that all of us responsible campers seem tarred with the same brush. Overland Bound tells us we should leave the area better than we found it.

I think there’s a bigger issue that local councils are not geared up to manage the rubbish that staycations are causing. There can be many piles of rubbish around bins which shows that people want to do the right thing but there isn’t the capacity to manage it. I copied this below from a local near Durness. Rather than the emotional anger of some residents, I think he states his case very clearly and succinctly.

I hope this can be resolved
Tennis ball standoff at lunchtime was the most exciting thing to happen in our house today!!!
Even Calaidh was getting bored waiting
She’s looking at me saying “come on mum, do something!”
Bhru is one cheeky pup!!
All the while Freya and I are having puppy cuddles and she’s bored too!
Our walk was pretty miserable too… most exciting thing to happen was a cat almost dares to run out in front of them! Took me all my strength not to have us all disappear up the tree after the cat💪🏼🐯
Just bleugh… soggy…
Check arty thistle with rain drops
Close up! Love this new camera
This is so true and I never react to being yelled at…. the work I’m starting to do now is so different. Maybe I am very different too as I manage my expectations very clearly these days. Life is for living. Not for covering your ass 24/7…. although I do keep it covered… 🙊
So I’m taking a leaf out of this book!

This feels a brief blog today but I’m actually really tired…. the bad weather seems to soon you in and (I’ve just looked out the window, it’s 6pm and it has finally stopped raining!!!!!) praise the Lord!

Another cosy evening in front of the fire I reckon. Tomorrow is due to be a good day!! Here’s hoping!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 126 volunteering, food shopping & the return of the Gateside Hookers!!

Boy did I dream last night….. some nightmare about vampires after me or something so woke up feeling very unrefreshed. Busy day today so got up and straight out with the dogs though couldn’t be bothered in the slightest….

It’s windy but a beautiful morning!
The clouds are amazing!
Sunshine through some lovely weeds at Overtoun of Broadstone
Top of Reek St
Gielsland Road to Beith
Gielsland Road to SanMar
Check this wee guy having a snooze in the sun
Mean and moody
Eating grass after a good run resembling some form of crocodile?!

Then off to pick up the food from the Beith Trust and off our volunteering! Have a new addition this week so got to have a lovely chat with my regulars and meet a lovely new lady. I took 9 toilet roll pack as a gift for one house (I told her not to laugh when she saw what the gift was….😆) and saw another one of my wee gfits on someone’s wall!

Just inside her front door

She is struggling to get new clothes to wear so I said to leave it with me and I’ll see what I can pick up this week. Would never see anyone stuck!

So back home to let the dogs out and a wee bite of lunch before heading out to the Little Coffee Caravan on my way to the supermarket. A nice Almond Milk Latte and a lovely chat with them.

Pretty rotten pic of it 🤭🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 but I only rmbrd at the last minute!

Did a Home Bargains and Aldi shop. Aldi has clear almost shower curtain like partitions between tills that hang down from the ceiling to kind of mid thigh level… not seen that anywhere before.

Head back to the house and was so shattered I needed a wee seat… with my feet up, well it would be rude not to! Only managed about 20 mins!

Katie who lives on the other side of the pub had asked on fb for anyone who wanted their nails down so she could practice gel coat application. she messaged me to ask if I could go this evening so went along at 5pm as for the first time since March I was actually busy tonight…. check me!

Check me with pink nails and some flowers! I’m not a pink person and yet I love these!!!

Back home, dinner and then the great return of the Gateside Hookers at 7pm in the pub! So lovely to see the crochet gang!! Of course it wasn’t anything other than crochet!….. what did you expect?!?! We all tried Ceders alcohol free gin that the pub can now get from the brewery! Amazing the giggles you can have on alcohol free?!?

Very difficult to get a social distanced group selfie…… that bag in the foreground (no…. not me!) is the huge bag I carry Craig’s blanket squares around in! Maybe one day I’ll finish it…. I politely ignored the words “naw, yer no gettin’ a picture as it’ll end up in that bloody blog” 🙉🙊

So again be rude not to post it. 🤣🤣🤣 Awee

A wee bit of normality tonight!

Stay safe everyone 💜🧡❤️

Day 125 reflections on my mental health journey ❤️

It’s currently 6.03am and I’ve been awake since 5.07 precisely. Had a great sleep, out for the count until the traffic outside woke me.

I’m reflecting on my day yesterday and how I’ve gone from doing nothing to being absolutely terrified making 2 or 3 calls a day for Pawsitive Solutions to making 12 yesterday and booking 6 in one day.

I think this is the journey that I am on. There was nothing wrong with the rules I was given to live by until I went to work in a fairly toxic environment

I was brought up to be a good girl. I’m sure we all were. I very rarely put a foot out of place as I wanted to live up to the expectations that my parents had. I didn’t want to upset anyone. I didn’t go boozing in my mid teens, didn’t go to crazy wild parties, was always a bit of a home bird and felt panicky when I was away from mum and sad for any length of time.

When I was 17 we took a family holiday down south and my brother and I had to get the train back up at the end of the second week as we couldn’t take a third week or our Saturday jobs. As the train moved further away from mum and dad I grew increasingly anxious and spent most of the next few days in floods of tears because they were so far away and I missed them. I kept thinking of the huge distance between us and it was gut wrenching! Now, I wonder how many of you reading this are thinking “holy shit”…… most 17 year olds would be organising the party on the way up on the train!! Hmmmm I say that and wonder how we organised anything back then as no mobiles… I guess, get home, make the calls, then party. Nope not me…. mum and dad ended up coming home early as I was in such a state. I will always remember we were at Auntie Marion’s for dinner on the Saturday night after work… phone rings. Mum and dad are home. My anxiety/panic fly straight out the window. Balance has been restored. No, I don’t need to drop everything and run to them, having a lovely time having dinner at my Auntie’s….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😳😬

All I ever wanted to do was to please others. Make people feel good, make them smile, make them feel proud or happy as a result of who I was to them.

I did not count in this equation. I did not matter to me.

Then go and put this girl into the big, bad corporate world. Where most people eat folk like me for breakfast.

I hid it well for a very long time. I kept going. I fought the fights. I won some battles. I was the golden girl for a good few years who could do no wrong. I was in my happy place. Making everyone proud of me, pleased with me…. blah… blah… you see how it worked.

I had no idea what I was doing to myself at the time. I was gradually destroying myself from the inside out. Over the years I grew horribly defensive, about everything. I had to be that person at work… I had to supply reasons in the blink of an eye as to why my team should not be to blame. I had to cover all angles, all aspects, control the work of others who have their own personalities and did things differently. Defence became my best form of attack. I began to believe that I was truly worthless…. I did not matter. I took the full force from Senior Management, absorbed it all, probably blew it up out of all proportion too but tried my hardest not to pass it on to my team. How the hell was I expected to motivate them if I made them feel like shit too…. I needed them onside, to get the best out of them at all times.

I’m actually shattered writing all of that. I lived this for years.

I dieted, drank wine to numb the pain, ate like a pig, spent money that I didn’t have. All to try and make me feel that wee bit better.

None of that worked.

Then boom… in September 2018 it all falls apart when I just can’t stop crying at work and I have to leave. Jeez I’d been crying for years but not on that scale. My mind was empty. I couldn’t read the simplest of emails without hitting the roof and having no idea how to even deal with it.

Yesterday has changed something for me. I can see the healing, I need to forgive myself for all those bad years. For everything I did that will stay with me for the rest of my life but I can’t let it define me anymore.

I’m sure there will be some hiccups along the way…. but I am not that person anymore. I’ve very open about my mental health struggle but have always read that true healing comes from vulnerability. Don’t think you get anymore vulnerable than this….

There are still triggers along the way that bring out “the worst” in me but I have learned how to deal with them. I need to identify them early on and work to manage them until each one becomes second nature.

I want to lift everyone else up too but from a different place this time. I think I did it all before because I felt I had to. Now I will do because I choose to.

For anyone who needs to see this. I needed this for a long time.

It’s now 6.46am and I could sleep now… maybe I’ve bored myself?!?! It’s out of my head now and I can relax before I see what the rest of today has in store for me!

So given all this clarity I have today, what a great time to have a Kinesiology appointment with Shelagh Cumming.

I didn’t feel any particular need to work on anything specific today so we agreed on continuing to clear the way to my future.

At one point I had to say “I am worthless” over and over while Shelagh worked her magic and all of a sudden I said “I am worth this!” It’s not often you get one of those wow moments but I did today! There are 3 things that are going to help me in facing my future head on.

  • Writing (surprise!) Where I can explore a particular feeling or reaction or attitude and to try to understand it. I find that I can forgive myself when I write all of this down.
  • Work as making the Pawsitive Solutions enquiry calls just now is helping me gain back a confidence that I had lost.
  • Expressing myself which allows me to be fully open and honest, no secrets just a vulnerability that leads to healing.

And finally….. (never start a sentence with “and”….) my body has suggested the time has come to cut out high sugar and high fat foods and eat more fresh fruit and veg and to enjoy it. I’ve been talking about weight gain for ages and Shelagh always says it’s not been the time as there have been other issues to deal with…. today is that time. That’s my homework!

I can’t tell you how much this relaxes me from reading this. Trying to be everything to everyone else was so knackering

So after all this soul searching since the early hours of this morning I am pretty shattered. It’s a good shattered though. The sun is shining although it’s blawin’ a hoolie outside (very windy) so I have washing on the line but have to keep making sure my smalls don’t end up in the beer garden 🤭😆 If the wind would die down I think it would be pretty hot.

That leads me to a funny story this morning…. we were thinking of going away camping this weekend (we can’t now as the guy who is picking up the roof top tent can’t get here till 7.30pm on Friday night and the Jeep’s in the garage that day too) so I was checking the weather forecast for Millarochy which is on the banks of Loch Lomond.

I couldn’t believe that while this weekend looks ok at home weather wise… Milarrochy about an hour or so North was showing 25C on Friday and 29C on Sunday!!!!!!!! I mean wow!!!!!!!! Yeah…… naw….. I was looking up some place called Mellrich in Germany. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆 explains a lot….. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Out a walk with Bhruic and Freya today as Calaidh at work
Blue sky!!!!!!
Thought this was quite arty…
Photobombed and then wee’d on…….. 😳
Now I’ve talked a labour this before but another very busy cow field?!?
Pure hunners o’ coos!!
Had to take a picture of Jim & Sandra’s hydrangea. A different colour again!

Back home, feet up and just gonna enjoy the heat in the sunroom away from the wind outside. Still keeping an eye on the washing. Still have to choose bathroom tiles…. I’m drawing this out somewhat and will end up with the ones we saw first…

Now this made me laugh!!!!

And finally…. that must have been the push we needed…. we have ordered the bathroom tiles!!! We actually got a really good deal given some we were looking at…. the difference in price per square metre is shocking…. so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Now settling down to watch something to pass the night away and just got the washing in before it rained.

Another good day today with a lot of revelation in it for me. Will have an alcohol free beer to celebrate! Cheers!

Stay safe everyone 🧡💜❤️

Day 124 a lovely wee afternoon tea with lovely friends who will now be famous 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

Just could not sleep last night, was up and down like a yo-yo after my night on the tiles…. I think I redecorates the bathroom loads of times in my head last night. (That’s all about choosing tiles for the bathroom and not being sick through alcohol just for those of you that might not have read yesterday’s blog!)

So up and out with the dogs first thing as the forecast was for horrific rain all day! It’s never as bad when you’re out in it but got them out before the worst of it.

Calaidh had a good forage in the field!
All “peched oot” after their run… puffed out in English!
Look at this wee face!
They were both asleep until I tried to take pics… love that withering look I get.

Calaidh was whisked off out to work with Craig so I settled down and starting making Pawsitive Solutions calls. Time flies when you’re having fun as it’s soon after 12 and I have to doll myself up as I’m going out for Afternoon Tea at 1pm with friends!

Very remiss of me to forget to take pictures but I arrived on the dot of 1pm and I’m used to being early… we met at Padaro in Lugton which is 6 minutes from the house so it’s typical that the person closest is the latest?!? To give you an idea of the quality of the food, this plate of cakes is what was left once we had finished!!!!!! Yes, even Julesie the dustbin couldn’t eat everything. I mean… lightweight or what?!?!

So Ruth has been a friend for years and those of you who’ve been in my life for a while will know her as “one of the gym girls”. A group of us met at a Callanetics Studio in East Kilbride back in gosh, maybe the late 1990’s?! I hope Ruth will jump in here…. Ruth and her sister Moyra are just the funniest people in a funny haha way not funny weird (you loving the grammar Ruth?!?) I have some of the best laughs with these ladies and they can make you laugh through the saddest of situations. I met them both with their other sister Lorna today as Ruth had a voucher for afternoon tea from before lockdown.

It was so lovely to see them and catch up and get a good giggle. Life is lovely when you laugh and I could listen to them bat off each other for hours. Thanks so much for inviting me and we promised a return in East Kilbride.

The weather was atrocious when they drove down so it’s my turn next time. They had wondered if they would make it into the blog… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 I said that all 25 or so of my readers would now know all about them!!!!

A lovely wee afternoon.

Focus on the positive of this rather than the negative
There is always laughter and love!
Again having to get dressed more than lockdown joggies showed me that my scales do think there are 2 people on at the one time!!! When will the health and fitness regime kick in to help me lose some of the podginess?!?!? Is that even a word?

So back to the house and have been making calls since 3.30 and it’s now 6.30pm!! I booked 6 jobs today, how amazing is that?!?! I’m pretty shattered now if I’m honest but I’m a good way. I’m very, very proud of me today. It’s been the closest day to a full working day in a very long time and I managed it. Ok I didn’t start till after 10 and had a 3 hour lunch break… when I put it like that I realise it’s nothing like what I used to do…. but it’s pretty damn good for what I do now!

I hope that this is true. I would love to think that my story helps others
Now this made me laugh out loud……

I did read today that the Spanish holiday quarantine seems very unfair given that Spain had 12 deaths I’ve the last 5 days and the UK had 426. Not sure how true this is but I think the quarantine is being implemented due to the high number of cases in Spain in recent days.

So I’m officially knackered and going to join Craig in the pub for a Diet Coke to celebrate my successful day!

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜🧡

Day 123 whirlwind of a day but feet up now! 🌈💜

Morning everyone, after yesterday’s rushed blog (due to having a lovely day to be fair) I decided to start today at 9.09am…. it’s a Sunday morning and lockdown has eased enough that life is starting to feel a wee bit more normal. It’s hard to remember that not long ago we were actually only allowed out to the supermarket as little as possible.

I walked around Tesco in Kilbirnie yesterday and realised how quickly masks have become the new normal. Everyone was wearing one and they are starting to become a fashion statement with some! Lots of people are wearing the blue medical look ones which are disposable but I’ve found the cotton ones way more comfortable. I found myself signing into mine yesterday… I mean seriously?!? You know, as I write that that I think how lovely that I was singing (even if the sone was annoying me!) not that long ago I’d have been an anxious mess.

Shock news as Spain surged into second wave. Folk returning to the UK will now need to quarantine for 14 days. Think a lot of people are pretty angry about this but I think we’ll see a lot more of this in coming months. Shows that maybe we are better to stay at home.
Sure there’ll be more of this to come.
768 new cases yesterday in the UK
Lasted info on cases and deaths. Never have understood why there’s no recovered numbers for England but hey… 🤷🏻‍♀️

So felt I hadn’t done a covid-19 update for a while so wanted to get a look. Pleased to see Scottish deaths haven’t picked up much over the last month or so. Guess we all have to wait and see if we have a second wave particularly once we get into Autumn.

So we have decided to put our Roof top tent up for sale today… now that we have an extra 2.5” lift on the Jeep suspension the lifting it on and off is a beast of a job and I can’t help with it now. Even on my tiptoes!!!

Was amazing to wake up to the views from the roof!
Last June on Clachan Sands, North Uist, Outer Hebrides

The end of a era but the money will go to the conversion of Abbie the camper and we’ll go back to our ground tent if away in the Jeep. It takes away a huge amount of camping stress for us as the getting it on and off became such a big job.

Treated myself to a new hoover as ours was hanging by a thread! To be fair we’ve had it for about 10 years so it’s had a good innings
Pet hair I am coming to get you once and for all!!!!!
Though I did think this bit looked like a light saber…
Ta dah! It went together in about 10 seconds so the instructions were Julesie proof!!

Would you believe the roof top tent was sold within about half an hour!!! How amazing is that?!?

Woo hoo!! Tent… not husband and dogs though was tempted 🤭😆😬🤣

So we’ve been out for a bit looking at bathroom tiles. Almost every part of our bathroom is broken so we have decided to renovate while keeping the same bath, toilet and sink but retailing to freshen it up a bit (and fix the bits that are broken!)

First mask selfie together!

Took a million photos of ideas so we can come home and play about with on online app that lets you see what floor and wall combinations go together.

It’s turned into a lovely day and the roads are so much busier now that shops have opened back up.

Popped into my neighbour Claire’s for a coffee for the first time in since March! No more relying on good weather and having to hang over the fence up a ladder. Not caught up in ages so great to get a good natter. Came home and looking at bathroom tiles again!!

I think this is lovely and can honestly say that I am really trying to reinvent myself. 🧡
I’m finding the growth is a pain but it is time to move on and face the future head on
I’ve said all along that I’ll look back on this and realise it was all necessary to improve my quality of life and give me a brighter future
So very true
I will always be this person

Going to go and watch a movie now I think and have a chill out evening. Again…. nothing else for it! 💜

Stay safe everyone 💜❤️💜

Day 122 snuck up on the dog hair & blitzed it & having friends round for the first time since lockdown! 🌈

Did my best work sneaking up on the housework this morning, it wasn’t planned but I took the dog hair in the house by storm… it was EVERYWHERE!!

My new solution for the sunroom couch… well there’s no hair on the cushions!?!?!
Our little doggy door stop died a death and finally had to be binned… dogs eh?!? Who’d have them?!
This was before I hoovered… I scrubbed my converse on the rug!!!

In between the housework hours I did a wander round the garden seeing what came on in the last torrential rain showers!

Our hydrangea
The whole bush!
Claire’s hydrangea poking through the fence!
And this one!
The sweet peas are finally budding
Tomatoes coming on great guns!
Puppers 2 & 3 walked while Calaidh was at work with Craig
Bhru struggled to find a stone in the swollen burn!
Some wildflowers
Yip thistles again
Our local bull… tried to get him to look up for a pic but he was having none of it!

Came home from the walk and went to Tesco in Kilbirnie for supplies for our visitors tonight. Got myself a lovely selection of Alcohol Free drinks! Knew I was being really snarky when I got home, really short tempered so decided to go for a wee lie down. Got into bed while Craig was working in the office, had all 3 dogs coorie in with me and I woke up at 18.16pm!!!!!!! A much nicer person I might add…..

Huge rush for shower, changed, dinner and some eyeliner and mascara on, check me….


Spending the evening with our neighbours Jim and Fiona in the sunroom with all 3 dogs… why is it they always need to be exactly where we are all the time…. might be they had their eye on the cheese and biscuits. So lovely to see them (not the dogs) and get a good chat! Jim realised he was in Grans chair just before he went home so spent the last drink reclining before getting himself up to standing ready to leave. Everyone loves Grans chair!!


So it’s now 23.22 and Craig’s just relit the fire but I’m going to bed…. a girl can never have too much sleep in one day. It’s been a good day, it feels good to have the house clean and been lovely to see our friends after all this time.

Stay safe everyone 💜💛🧡

Day 121 nails done 👣💅🏼& monobrow tackled for the first time since lockdown, now chilling by Kilbirnie Loch

We’ve been wearing masks on ships on Scotland for a few weeks now but England only kicking in that rule today.
Up and out early with the dogs, was a beautiful start to the day!
Bhru’s paw was much better today, check the clouds 🌥⛅️🌥
Some lovely flowers in the morning sun
Actually said to myself as I walked up to these….. “nope don’t need any more photos of thistles”… almost walked away and thought… hmm can never have too many thistles! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 bonnie Scotland!
Let Bhru and Freya run in the field, they’re there somewhere!! Calaidh wanted to stay with me.
Much better zoom on this camera
Maybe makes the pics a bit too sharp? Not sure?
Bhruic looks like an old lady here!!
Ominous clouds
Top of Reek St. heading home

So I had big plans this morning to head out to Largs for a wee chill out by the sea while Craig’s at work but that all went out the window…. and for good reason it turns out.

So first fail of the day, I was meant to meet my new friend Edel for a dog walk at half nine. We’ve met on Shelagh Cumming’s tapping group on a Thursday. So I gets a message at 9.27 to say “I am here”….. oh my actual god. I should be at Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch with the dogs to meet Edel at 9.30am! So after trying to flee about like a headless chicken, we decided to make it next week. Felt so bad but she was lovely about it! So then I thought I’ll catch up on a few Pawsitive Solutions calls then head out…. ended up on the phone till 10.45 then taking Holly and wee Rachel next door to Kilbirnie so Rachel could play with her friend. Then rushed about to get back to Viv’s Nails & Beauty for my appointment at 12pm!!!

Lovely Viv! She lost her lovely dog to cancer during lockdown but fell pregnant too so has something amazing to look forward to!

Turns out Kilbirnie is a riot with roadworks and lorries getting stuck on the redirection route so the road to Largs would have been a nightmare today. Who knew?!?!? Shows you sometimes that when you think your plans are ruined that it sometimes for the best….

So I’m sitting here just now….. writing this

Sitting on a campervan mat by the side of Kilbirnie Loch. The sun is desperately trying to come through, it’s warm and there’s barely a ripple in the water.

I want to try and explain the calm I feel sitting here…. I used to come here when I was off sick on the lowest days and watch the water. It’s only 5 mins from the house but it just takes all the stress away… not that I have much at the moment (check me) but some alone time is lovely…..No dogs, no dog hair (😬🤣) just the green and blue and the grey of the rocks. So simple but for me this is what life’s all about. The perfect beauty of our world before humans go and spoil it. I wish we could set up camp here for the night!

Craig’s just called and he’s heading home from work so I’ll head back and get some lunch sorted! Least we’ve stopped taking photos of our food…… 🤭😬🤣🤣

Abbie the camper by the Loch

Great idea for lunch….. Straight into the pub…. awful picture but bloody good feed!

Yeah I know…. food pics

So now we are in a food coma and going to have a quiet night in front of the tv…. a la coronavirus lockdown. It’s been a lovely day and Craig is already snoring on the couch. Be rude not to join him with my new eyebrows and painted toes!!!!

Flowers in the pub from Craig’s mum who was in yesterday!
So many of you did this for me, I hope to rerun the favour when others need it.

Stay safe everyone 💜💕💜

Day 120 Bhruic’s moulting now too so I am moving out until it’s over… (not told Craig yet 👍🏼😬😆)

I was up at 7.20 and on a call with Sonia who runs Pawsitive Solutions calls at 8am. Going to cover all the calls for a few weeks when she’s on holiday 😱😱😱 it’s fine and I will be ok, I may need 3 weeks off to recover and don’t expect much from me in between 🤣🤣🤣

You wouldn’t think I used to hold down at full time job, getting up at 5.30, out by 6.30 and not home till at least 6.30 or 7pm at night?!? How times have changed…. I’m exhausted by making a few phone calls!!

Anyway, back to the dog hair, I had to run my neighbour to the garage in Barrmill this morning and I came back home to this.

You’d think there’d been a massacre?!?

So Bhruic has joined Freya in the moulting gang and it’s coming out of her in barrow loads!!

A wee 10 second brush gave me this?!?!? I mean wtf?!?

So I think the only way I can cope is to move into the camper van for a few weeks…. as empty as it is. This hair casting malarkey is not gonna be fun. I’m off…. bye…. oh right ok, course I actually can’t do that I just need to try and shut my eyes and get over it. Even the grass outside has a white dog hair hue to it?!?!?! 🤬😤

So in an effort to avoid, Auntie Jac came down today and we went to her friend Anne’s house to deliver some paint. Jac and Anne up cycle furniture. Jac’s business is Transforming Treasures and Anne’s is something I can’t quite remember and Auntie Jac hasn’t replied quickly enough!!!😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤣. Anne has the enormous cuddly German shepherd who’s fluff-ball coat is firmly attached to his body and there was absolutely none of it anywhere that I could see. Except on him. Just as it should be. Good dog.

Cydo is just stunning and not a hair out of place 😆😘

However, at the same time I was being a very bad daughter-in-law as I was meant to be babysitting my in-laws Chihuahua Cookie at 1pm as they went for lunch with friends in the Gateside Inn….. got home at 1.30pm.

Lots of cuddles with Cookie…. who’s hair is firmly attached to her body too. Good dog. Just as it should be.
Me and Jac rocking the new masks from the little gift shop in Beith.

Had to take Cookster back into the pub for 3pm as I had my Emotional Freedom Tapping Group. So managed to Cookie sit for a whole hour and 15 mins. Was lovely to see my mawlaw and pawlaw even for such a short time.

Check out my friend on the tapping group today before the last 2 joined… she was giving off some serious spaceman light vibe which was actually just the blind behind her head which was letting some light it but freaky…. she was told this would make it into the blog but you can’t see her anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Lovely Shelagh in the top left corner has agreed to continue our wee group on the first Thursday of each month as we’ve all enjoyed it so much and have really helped as a group. (Anne I took this pic before you joined so you had a lucky escape!) it was really only set up to connect through lockdown but it’s been so good to meet regularly with likeminded people. 💜

Then…. I had another 5 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions! Only got through to 2 and booked them both! Oor Craigie is going to be busier than a really busy thing!!

I’ve had to find my brave
I got sent this today for a wee smile 😂
I get these emails from the Universe every day…. do not laugh…. I can see you, stop it! Thought this was good enough to share
Craig was working in Stirling today so had Calaidh pose outside Stirling Castle. Not a hair out of place on the wee pup. Good girl, just as it should be… check the blue sky too?!? We never saw any of that here!
Sharing with you all from my pet hair covered home.

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 119 dog walking at 6.20am in the pouring rain…. check me 🌧🌧🌧 oh I had to type this whole thing twice 🤬😤

Couldn’t sleep this morning and woke up with a banging headache. Tossed and turned and got angry cause my head hurt so I decided that when Julie’s awake the whole house is awake! The dogs pretended to be wide awake but there was less spring int heir step… no wonder, is a very long time since they had a walk at 6.20am!!

Set off in the pouring rain and just past the pub about 10 steps when I realised Bhruic was limping again. Thinking it was her back paw again I brought her back so she could rest it.

She’s a wee sorry soul
Only three of us on the dog walk
Spiers Grounds were really dark though my new phone camera shows it way more clearly
Despite my Sunday afternoon selfie training from Rachel Miller i still forgot to look a the actual camera… never gonna win selfie of the year, certainly not in that get-up!! Sporting my new Overland Bound hi-vis vest
Someone building a wee hideout! Pretty cool
Fuchsia still going strong, it’s ages since I first took pics of these. Again it was much darker in reality but the camera shows up the vibrant colours in the rain!
Just posing round the fuchsia while I take photos!
The Japanese tree in the Coronation Garden. Spiers School motto was QUAD VERUM, TATUM which means WHAT IS TRUE IS SAFE

When I attended cognitive behavioural therapy I felt worthless and we established that this was one of my core beliefs. I worked to turn this around and my new belief is that if I speak the truth I will be safe. Maybe need to pinch QUOD VERUM, TATUM ???

This way!
The woods look great in the rain
The Beith Trust have been doing some work in the ground of Geilsland and you can now see the big house from the road… it looks really imposing from this angle. They have also used the wood to make some kind of rustic seating area, it’s lovely!
“Let’s go home now Calaidh and get out of this rain” says Freya
This garden in Reek Street is stunning with giant daisies!

Back int he house for 7.45am showered and dressed (stupidly in black clothes… not the best when you have a house full of mounting dogs… was covered in hair by 8.30!!) and took a call for someone booking for Pawsitive Solutions. So that took me right up to my volunteering deliveries!

Had lovely chats with everyone again though this time either in the pouring rain or just inside the door way trying to keep dry. Got a lovely wee gift for my favourite Elvis fan… think she was pretty surprised and chuffed by it!

Then on to my next 2 lovely chatty ladies. During the week they all had a special delivery from Beith Trust… they got homemade Jam, tablet and a lovely wee card. Think this was from the huge donation I took in a few weeks ago from one of my lovely deliveries. They were so chuffed to have got it and one lady said that Beith Trust seem to care more about her than anyone else does. While this is sad, I’m so pleased to be a part of making her week slightly brighter. I told her that lovely things happen to lovely people!

I need to get into some Covid-19 news now as I’ve not said anything about it for a good few days.

22 new cases in Scotland and a total of 580 in the whole of the UK.

Thought this was a really interesting article from Sky News as it answers a lot of questions that we have at the moment. We’ve all become aware that this virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon sadly.

I’ve met some lovely new people as a result of coronavirus lockdown through volunteering and Shelagh Cumming’s tapping group. People that will remain friends. While it’s a sad time for many it’s been a blessing for me.

As an aside I would like you all to know that I’ve just had to type this whole blog twice. As I was adding in the Sky News article I tried to delete something and is said “DO YOU WANT TO DISCARD DRAFT” …… I said yes 🤦🏻‍♀️ that is the WRONG answer… the answer is

Never ever ever do I ever want to say YES to discard draft…. but I did.

So I’ve now been on this for 3 hours… it’s much faster second time around I have to say. so I’m going to leave this here… walk away now so I can’t do anymore damage. I will be sitting on the couch in front of the fire with my feet up! I may crochet… I may watch tv but I will not be writing this blog a 3rd time!!!

More than the bear Craigie…. more than the bear!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 118 awfy busy and a bit meh (cause needs investigation…)

So the meh bit first…. weighed myself before I went to bed last night (for some really strange reason I mean, why would you?!?) and was truly horrified at the result. Shocked. I am now over 14 stone and I’m only 5ft 4”…… I’ve put on half a stone since I was doing all those crazy steps back in the first stages of lockdown. I just can’t get into the right headspace at all to try and cut back but I’m disgusted with myself and horrified how much I’ve put on during lockdown. The first thing in my head is that I’m not even drinking so how can that weight gain be possible?!? (I know fine well why it’s possible…… 🤦🏻‍♀️😤)

So after a lot of soul searching today I’ve realised that I’m in the huff…. I have no energy to watch what I eat and track it, no desire whatsoever, the thought of it causes me huge stress. And yet…. I know how easy it is. I know it can be done but I am having a huffy childish strop in to myself because I don’t want to…. why me?!?

Extreme weight gain or weight loss is a part of symptom of depression. Not having the strength to prepare meals and eating on the hoof all the time. I had to choose to eat more on the hoof than I would have done eating full meals!!!

Anyway, sorry to the moan as there are a lot worse troubles at sea, I just thought writing it out might help and it does…. get over it Julie, just start tracking what you eat and the weight will fall off!

Never too late lardy ass 😫

So my day….. god knows how I managed a full time job when I’ve been so knackered today…. up at 8 to take Holly my neighbour, to the garage to drop off her car then down to the cash and carry so she can stock up the pub. Home for 11 and had 7 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions so got into that… called everyone, 3 answered, 4 didn’t so I took the dogs out for a walk…

Turns out it’s a glorious day!!
Pups had a play in the burn
Freya never even made it in!!
Check this guy out?!?! He’s a monster!
Someone has painted this wee bench on the Gielsland road, it’s almost falling apart but this has given it a new lease of life!
Spotted this lovely bush… no idea what it is but the colours are stunning…. the blue berries really add to the colour.
The Beith Trust, Gielsland
More of my favourite thistles on the way home
The bee didn’t move at all while I was trying to take this while keeping 3 border collies off the main road, and talking on the phone!!!
The flower tubs on the way in to the village are full of sweet Williams now. Lovely.

So came home and called a couple of folk back and booked both jobs woo hoo hoo. Then ran next door back to the garage to pick up their car and by the time I got back realised I was late, for a very important date!!

Rachel, 2 doors down, and I are going to take over the Treasury of the Memorial Hall Gateside from Helen Craig who’s held the post for years.

We had a wee socially distanced meeting in Helen’s garden over a Becks Blue alcohol free beer! The sun was so hot… it was lovely.

Back home for 5.30 and had another call with someone I’d missed earlier! Then washing in and more out, dishwasher full, lentil soup on and then dinner! It’s 8 pm already…..

It’s funny given how hard I used to work that I am stressed out my box when I don’t get some down time in a day. Almost 2 years off sick really takes its toll and I’ve suffered from a lethargy all day that I can’t shake.

On a positive note I’ve not stuffed my self full of food which is something. I am how we, sick of the sound of my own voice after all that talking…. yeah yeah I know loads of you are sick of the sound of my voice too…. 😝

I confess to being too tired to look up Coronavirus news today…. I will try tomorrow I promise and I will also try to be a bit calmer and relaxed and a lot less moany!!!

If I recap it’s been a good day but I just didn’t get any chill out time and that still means a lot to me.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 117 it’s all about Craig (well you know it won’t be coz it’s my blog 😆) but today he’s the big 4..5! 🎂🎁🎉🎈

So yeah today my Craigie turns 45. We had a lovely wee night in the pub yesterday and today is just a lovely day together to see where it takes us.

Birthday boy was wide awake at 7.20 so we got up and had coffee while he opened I’m his mountain of pressies!

Hmmmmm where to start… bed head boy?!
I made him open all the ones that I’d run out of paper for… then it looks much better. Calaidh still looking out for her ball which is just out of shot! 🎾 and Craig now knows that the drone and “gin still” he has on his Amazon wish list as still there…. 😬
There is a teensy weensy chance that I may have bout him a few too many clothes 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️and yes I made him pose for every one….
The bar was set high yesterday after his foody creations so this is bread stuff with salmon, cheese and spring onion omelette! Check me who can never be bothered cooking
I did laugh out loud at the state of it when I made it as his was so nice yesterday… I got some leakage (common problem at my age and a bit scruffy… again…) 🤣
We took a wee trip down to Tianna Falls with the dogs as Craig had never been
He found a way over to the waterfall itself…. wouldn’t catch me doing that!!
Of course the pups had a blast!
This could be like footballs SPOT THE BALL 🎾🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
It’s high up this time!
Olympic jump from Calaidh!
Throw it!
The side of the mill, still can’t believe this is down there.
Zoom on my new phone camera is amazing. This tree is up the top of the waterfall and looks like it’s gonna come down at any moment!
Jeepey with its new tyre on the back. First picture of it out in the country for ages
Heading home

So, a wee bit about Craig….

We met in summer of 2007 and we just knew. You know that way that you know. We’d been together 10 days and we used to say we wished we could say it’s been 10 years as we knew we would be together. I’d been married before and Craig was everything I had on my wish list for a man. He is kind, caring, loving and I could leave him in a room with strangers and not have to worry about him as he can chat to anyone.

My struggle with mental health had been bubbling under the surface for a very long time but didn’t finally break me until Sept 2018 (told you I’d get back to me eventually…) the nature of my job meant I built a defensive wall around me, everything said to me was a criticism and I blasted back in return with a offence. Ok I still do sometimes but I’m learning to change that behaviour. I never listened to his advice as I saw him as an extension of myself and I was worthless so his advice must be too. I guess I tried to push him away as I always felt I didn’t love myself therefore how could he love me? So many special events in our lives are marred by my reactions to “how much did that cost?!?”

But he stood by me. All the way. He’s very supportive of my not drinking. Lockdown has brought us closer together and we’ve been really lucky to have that time to spend with each other. I’ve definitely learned to communicate better over the last few years and Craig tries not to get a parcel a day from Amazon or Jeepey so all is good. 😬😆

We said 2020 would be our year and in a very different way than we expected, it actually is.

I am so grateful for the life I have now vs the life I had a few years back. I no longer feel any need to define my success. I just want to be healthy and happy and for my family and friends to be healthy and happy.
And for my garden to bloom
And beautiful!
I feel that this is true for us ❤️

So we have had the loveliest lazy afternoon. Craig has got his rear view mirror camera fixed in the Jeep and has been playing with some of his birthday toys….. and I have gone to get his birthday tea after a 2 hour nap with the pups!

Just waking up…. 😳😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
Sitting at the KFC drive thru!
Have to say the boneless chicken was awfy good!!

So feet up and fire and candles on watching Yellowstone on tv…. a regular lockdown evening after a really nice relaxing day!

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜🧡

Day 116 dog walk in Eglinton Country Park & birthday drinks and cake 🎂

We were late in bed last night and I’ve been reading Lincoln Hall’s book “Dead Lucky, Life after death on Mount Everest” (bit of light reading for my fragile mind?!??? I just went to get the book as I couldn’t remember what it was called…. just said out loud yip not gonna find it in the bathroom 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆)

I’m at the bit where he’s just died….. I’ve read it before and it’s a remarkable story of endurance and recovery. The horror of what he went through is something I will never experience but tried to sleep last night wondering how it felt to be alone up on Everest, the highest person in the world for a whole night… alone…. by yourself. I didn’t get the best of sleep….. 😳

Last night I said I was not gonna be one of those people that posted their food. Ok I lied… I had no idea what Craig would churn out for breakfast this morning. Wow!

It’s fried bread with a veggie and cheesey omelette inside it. Needs a name! Was amazing.
All packed into the Jeep ready to go to Eglinton Country Park
Like butter wouldn’t melt 🙄
COVID-19 rules for the park
Godsake another photo?!?
Now where’s the frisbee??? The other two are off!
What’s that coming over the hill??!
His masters voice 🥰
More thistles!
Calaidh cooking down, Bhru just wants to play and Freya is just waiting for something to happen!
The woods looked lovely
Such a lovely day!
Someone needed a wee drink!
These wee flowers are so pretty 🌺🌸🌺
Another bit of river!
The fjord was a great place to play
Look at me!!
Such a beautiful sky and everything so green
What a stunning day!
Still thirsty!!
Jeepin’ home!

Think the camera on the new phone is amazing. Everything seems so much brighter and clearer though it always helps when the sun shines!

Nothing betting than zonked puppers!! 💜💜
She was even snoring!!!
Craig aced lunch…. prawn sandwiches to recreate last year when we were in Oban and got sandwiches at the green seafood shack on the pier! he is making post the food pics….. he says I have a lot to live up to for his birthday tomorrow…. hmmmmm
We had a wee surprise get together for Craig in the pub! He said it was just as well he sussed the surprise as he would have guessed there was something going on when he saw me drying my hair…. cheek!!
Somebody got a socially distanced birthday cake!
I got to eat the star!!!
Neighbours! Rachel, Nikki & Holly.
Me & Rachel!

Think Craig’s had a good night and I’ve enjoyed my Diet Coke…. I may not sleep tonight after all this 😉

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 115 the sun is shining on day 1 of Craig’s birthday weekend☀️☀️☀️

Jeez we were up with the larks this morning! 6.20am then out with the dogs by 7.30am. I love an early morning walk but can seldom muster the enthusiasm to actually get off my lardy ass and get out with them. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️

Everything is so quiet, only a few cars passed us and we get the early morning sun while we plod along.

Me and my girls 🐾🐾🐾
Freya just wanted to play and the other 2 were eating grass just out of shot!

Back home for 8.30 and the day stretches ahead of us. So good to know we have 3 days holiday where we can whatever we want, or nothing….

Craig started trying to help Freya with her horrific moulting…. go figure how the wee pup with short hair is the one that moults like a beast?!?!?

This was only the first time around!
Glove for reality check on the size!!

We’ve the lovely laziest day. Craig fixed the bathroom light that’s been broken for a while! Then we had a wee nap in front of the fire…. was always gonna happen waking up at 6.20am.

Went to Lidl for the food shopping this afternoon and this was the only thing I really noticed with regards to Covid-19. They weren’t controlling people in and out the shop and no hand sanitiser stations etc. Up to us to Stay safe and Save Lives obviously.

By the time I got back via a wee teeny country road (lovely drive but not the best idea as Abbie the camper got whacked by branches a few times 😳 and no space for anyone to pass be it man, dog or bikes let alone cars!!) it was already 4.30pm. It took me about 2 hours to wrap Craig’s birthday pressies as I bought him soooo much 🙄😬 (my poetic licence again!!)

Now I’m not gonna turn into one of those people who posts pics of dinner but these potatoes were in the ground 25 mins before they were on the plate! it’s also the first healthy meal we’ve had in a good wee while. We really need to get back on the healthy eating train!
I believe this 100%
Sadly this is a bit too true at the moment. We listened to Boris Johnson this morning and it all just sounded like words, we have to plan for the worst while hoping for the best. As I type that I realise it actually does make sense but he’s much more waffle and words than he needs to be.
Advice from the World Health Organisation

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 114 wee drive in Abbie the camper van with m’auntie & wee evening in the pub (alcohol free of course) 😆

Up at 7.30 had a coffee then set about tidying up the mess from dinner last night, really must remember to do it at night before I go to bed but was so shattered after a busy day that I couldn’t be bothered at all… regret it in the morning though.

Jac came down for 10am and we decided to go out for a wee drive past The Little Coffee Caravan as it would be rude not to!! Even toyed with taking mum over some cake yesterday but it wasn’t opened when I passed. So I got an almond latte and a Cadbury’s Fudge blondie and it was soooooo good!

Had a lovely wee chat with them again about the puppies they are getting soon! I recommended a dog behaviourist 😆

We then drove to Stewarton to pop past one of Jac’s “painty pals” (Anne) who up cycles furniture. Was a nice wee drive and saw a part of Stewarton I’d never been to before. Love a new road, me!

Check this big guy called Cydo. He is huge!!!!
Even this doesn’t show his true size!! He’s certainly the biggest Alsatian I’ve seen!!
This is Anne’s other wee teeny toaty dog Bubbles and my large knee!!

It actually rained ALL day. We drove from Stewarton through to Ardrossan, sat at the beach and shared a sandwich and back up the coast back home. No pics as everything was so bleak in the pouring rain. The sea was the same colour as the sky and we couldn’t see it for rain on the windscreen! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😳 it was a lovely wee drive though.

Back home at 2pm and had another 2 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions and since Kinesiology this week I barely feel any real anxiety. Nothing like the stomach churning, toe curling experience that I’ve been feeling since I started. It’s such a relief as I genuinely love chatting to the people.

So that’s “work” finished for the week and we have a whole 3 days together as this is Craig’s birthday weekend as he’ll be a whole 45 on Monday!

We went into the pub late afternoon and caught up with a few neighbours. Had a good laugh!

Yeah I’m still wearing my shorts pretending it’s summer….
This is Gemma the lovely barmaid one the pub sporting her mask
I have no words…

Actually important to note that I finally have taken the plunge and upgraded my phone. The spare one is been using has been getting screen flickers at the bottom repeating pictures from the top and the size of my photo box was slowing everything down. I now have a humongous sized memory and am going to take a lot of my phots off. This is the first pic I took with the new phone which nearly broke the lens…. 😬🙄😆 but whatever a difference in clarity!

Interesting to note that day 111 post will still not publish………. I will never stop trying as it’s become somewhat of a mission with me.

So I’m not gonna look up any coronavirus news as I’m really tired. My feet are up, the fire is on, the takeaway is ordered, the pups are crazy, Craig is blowing raspberries at them and driving them wild but it’s my lovely wee world.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 113 a lovely wee day with mum 💜 😷😢 shopping in the Gyle (tho sad to see all the restrictions) and South Queensferry with family & an old friend!!

Alarm set for 7.20 up, showered and heading to South Gayle in Edinburgh to meet mum. Had a lovely wee drive over though it seemed to take forever because I’m not used to driving any distance anymore.

So lovely to see Mum and have a wee day out.

Matching masks from Oceanside Designs!
The new restrictions in place on the Gyle Shopping Centre due to CoVid-19

I have to say that I really struggled with the shops today and we only went to M&S and Starbucks. The changes to a shopping experience are so significant. As you walk in to M&S the huge entrance has been covered over with temporary doors allowing 2 doors for in and one door for out so that there is control over the flow of those entering and exiting. There are stickers all over the floors warning of the 2m distance, spots on floors to show where you should stand when queuing and Perspex all over the toll area like you are paying in a wee bus stop.

I used to think it was sad seeing people sitting round a table on their phones and not talking to each other… now we are actively encouraged not to mix with each other for a very valid reason but it really hit me today.
Every second toilet and sink is out of use (yeah of course I had to use the toilets!!!)
Every second hand dryer can’t be used either

The food hall was heaving and while everyone had masks on it still felt a bit much. Trying to find stuff while following signs on the floor is a bit much even for my expert multitasking!! 🤯😆

Starbucks has no seating area just a controlled queue to enter and a controlled queue to pick up your coffee and controlled exit.
I did….. then I moved to the next dot when the person in front moved off it
Companies must have spent a fortune making signs

We sat out on a wee bench in the car park at the shopping centre and had our coffees before we headed off to South Queensferry to my brothers for lunch.

Wild flowers in their neighbours garden… lovely
Heading down to the sea front
Rory and I took Abbie the camper down to the Bridges while mum and Kenny walked down
The Forth Rail Bridge
The Forth Road Bridges
Auntie Julie and Rory selfie wile we waited for the walkers!
Mum, Kenny and Rory
Lovely to be out together
Wandering around South Queensferry
Then all of a sudden you see this again!
Tried to fit all 3 bridges in one pic!!
Such a lovely wee town
Check these ice creams!!
I am so pleased I thought to message Andrew Gray that I used to work with and realised I was just outside his house. So lovely to catch up if only for a few minutes!! Will definitely come back for that coffee sometime!
Mum and I went to Harbour Lane Studio which is Andrew’s daughters shop.
Such a lovely wee shop
The harbour
The weather was lovely!
The boys went down to play on the beach!

Headed home and got back before 4 as had calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions. Booked another job!! Then Claire messaged and asked if I fancied a walk so had a good long dog walk…… put the world to rights!

Saw some thistles!
We said we were both hobos today…. not in the slightest!!
Calaidh was at work with Craig

So yeah I’m pretty sad today, I had a lovely day but the reality of this virus has really hit me. The change to our way of life seems so huge. The overhead gantry signs all the way over said Stay Safe and Save Lives and I really thought about that…. we have to be careful so we don’t catch it and then pass it on to others. It’s like the stuff of movies, not reality. Sad times but I’m sure it will become the new normal soon.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 112 Abbie the camper has a puss cat invasion while out volunteering 🐈🚐😳🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Woke up with a thumping dehydrated head this morning… always think that’s so unfair when you don’t drink alcohol… but I needed a bottle of water and some tablets along with meditation to help it go.

Did Suzanne Robichaud Mediation for Nothing this morning and it just left you lying in nothing with an empty head. Amazing!! 🛌 ended up falling back to sleep until 9.15 and then rushing shower and hair drying before Volunteering at 10am. Had the usual people on my list.

So the first house had this lovely wee cat. Think it’s pretty young as we have a discussion every week about how I need to watch it doesn’t try and jump in the car… even from the days of the Beetle (still for sale!!).

As I head back to the van to pick up some more bags as realise it’s walking about in the back quite the thing…. exploring. I seriously hope it didn’t scent all over it as the puppers will go nuts next time they’re in!

Headed back to the house and by the time I got back to the van to try and get it out it was climbing up the inside back wall and out and up onto the roof… of course my phone was nowhere to be seen at the time 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬

As the lady goes to get the bag of Dreamies to call it in, it slides down the front windscreen onto the bonnet and jumps down and heads straight for the kitchen door!!!

Looks a bit like this but more white. Cheeky wee thing!

So then onto the second house and no one was in! When he turned up , just as I was leaving, he was so apologetic he’d been out for his walk and forgotten I was coming but his 4 inch long beard had been shaved off and I didn’t recognise him at all!!! Due to lockdown he’s been unable to get it trimmed so took scissors to it himself on Sunday night at 11pm. He couldn’t get it to look right so kept going shorter and shorter until he had to shave it off. It was lovely to see his eyes sparkling as he told the story. While I love a beard it took years off him and he told me some amazing stories about meeting a woman in his older years who’d always wanted to kiss a man with a beard ❤️

Onto the next 4 deliveries, lovely to catch up with everyone and then stayed an hour at one house putting the world to rights with a lady who looks like my Gran but sounds like my Nana!! Then onto my last delivery and the first words were “did you record the wee film of the Gateside Inn for FB?” Nods head smiling much “I thought it was you” she said. Good wee chat there then back home.

All in all lovely to see my wee team!

The Gateside Inn was busy when I got back so looks like people are taking up the indoor pub being open now. There were cars parked up and down the road. Great to see them busy but with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Think the wee video I tried to share in my Day 111 blog killed it as it’s still stuck and won’t post. Spent an hour and a half trying to unstick day 111 and got angry with it so finally gave up for now…. things like frustrate the hell out of me as it can’t be that hard?!?!

Some good news though, booked another Pawsitive Solutions job for Craig which I was awfy chuffed with. The lady was lovely and will learn a lot from Craig’s training!

I’ve decided that I have to plug in with this otherwise one day will never come

So all of a sudden it’s 5pm and the afternoon seems to have disappeared!

Got more pics of thistles in Gielsland grounds today!
If we needed a reminder to stay safe then this is it…. I have to be extra careful visiting the shielding people on a Wednesday if I am out and about more
I am still not fully there yet but a lot better than I was….
I think this is the one thing we take away from coronavirus lockdown. Nothing matters more than the time we spend with people we love ❤️
I know a lot of us really do care. I’ve been saddened by the folk breaking the rules and leaving litter and mess everywhere. Not sure who they expect to clean it up. Would love for the world to be a better place as we move forward.
Put my wee Iona tartan heart in the van the other day, looks lovely! Thanks mum!!

Lots of love to you all. I’m away to battle with Day 111 again and see if I can ever post it 🤦🏻‍♀️🤬🤯👎🏼😬🤷🏻‍♀️

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜❤️

Day 110 manic shed cleaning helps bust anxiety 🙄😬🤣

Craig’s out at work all day today so we got up and had breakfast then I walked the monster pups. It’s a miserable morning… well that’s not fair actually, it’s warm but with smirry rain. In fact after a good dog walk it was positively tropical!

Still managed to see some pretty flowers…. yeah ok Craig… weeds.
Yeah I know it’s just grass but it’s pretty grass 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
If only I had a sled they could pull me back up the hill?!?
Now that things are starting back up again as lockdown is easing the grass verges have been cut back. Least I don’t have to hide the dogs in long grass when a car passes! Mind your tails… 🤣
A hint of blue sky!!
Though Rosedene Cottage looked lovely in the rain 🌸🌸🌸

So my anxiety is still lurking today or at least it was this morning. I have nothing planned, no reason to be anxious and yet I am. I needed something that I could really get my teeth into. Some manual labour that required some focus to stop my mind from whirring round!

Craig’s shed… notice that it’s Craig’s shed when it’s a mess 🤭😬😆
Need to get rid of these gas bottles!
Spotless…. well no it’s not at all but is a million times better than it was. Woe betide any man that puts a thing out of place…. 🤯😬🤣

We also got bags of wood delivered that needed brought in front the car park and emptying so I did that as well. Wo-MAN ON MISSION 😆

So yeah it totally did the job as I’m now shattered having a wee sit down with my feet up. My head is not whirring around anymore as it’s too tired.

I’ve a few Coronavirus stories to share that I found this morning.

Very sad news dining out of Lombardy in Italy where they saw the worst of their outbreak
This makes me review any complacency I may have had. Not only is it a bad illness to get but it could affect your longer term health.
Some more changes kicking in today
I always want to do this but I’d need my phone for taking pictures of course 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m really sad at the changes in our society. The thought that we have to fear each other is going to distance us from each other even more than it does now.
Loved this 💜

Stay safe everyone 💜❤️💜

Day 109 working on the T5 & Jeep in the sun ☀️☀️☀️

Didn’t get to bed until 11.30pm last night…. oh my word it’s almost like a late night!!! We had been lounging in front of the fire since 5pm as well 🔥…. doesn’t that paint a lovely romantic picture rather than saying we were just slobbing in front of the tv?!?! 📺🤭😆

So after about 4 episodes of American Survivor, we finally went to bed and so a we lazy morning for us. Up at 9, coffee, watching the dogs play in the garden.

This happens a lot in our house… Calaidh is obsessed with the ball so either Bhruic or Freya torture her by pretending it’s their most treasured possession!!
This has been going on for about 10 mins now… the puppy stand off…
Calaidh’s wee face 😆
Obsessed much???? ok you get the gist!
House looking lovely in the sun and it’s quite hot. Love when we can get out in the garden

Did a wee family trip to the greenhouse as not done that in a while… life in the fast lane in lockdown huh?!

Grapes are coming along
Tomatoes too!!

So first of all we went round the garden like maniacs chopping everything down that had got too bushy…. I now have more than a brown bin full of garden rubbish…. I can feel my anxiety started to bubble over. (Reading this back and I feel I should say that it’s not just because the brown bin is full 😆) The usual of too many things I want to do but actually can’t really be bothered doing any of them. It’s a constant battle between feeling fired up and raring to go but equally drained and lethargic. I find myself already nervous about the calls I have to make next week which are going really well but for some reason the effort it takes me to do them is gargantuan. (What an amazing word… it feels like climbing Everest with every call I see coming through and yet I actually have enjoyed them event they are done).

This isn’t the one I was looking for but it explains the fight between wanting to everything and nothing at once.
The breathlessness was the real thing for me today.. I should have done a meditation but my head was still on a mission!
I’ll take that!
So I put my anxious head to good use and fill my pill box. One thing I’ve found is that I can forget to take tablets at the best of times and this really helps. I’m well aware of the fact I’m only 47 and have a pill box my Gran would be proud of… it’s a daily reminder to take my vitamins, oil of evening primrose and glucosamine along with my anxiety and depression daily meds. Don’t want you all thinking I’m a loony bin but this is the reality and it needs doing… and besides it’s so much fun to fill the wee boxes!! So that’s that done for another 21 days!
So Julesie the maniac then decides that today is the day that the seats need to go in the back of Abbie the camper van!
Check me…
Ta dah!!!! Still another double seat to go!
But for now I’m having a wee rest in the back of the van with a can of Diet Pepsi and I might not move again 🤭🤣
Honestly I could sit here for the rest of the day!!

But no…. there are seats that need removing…. I’m actually really chuffed that I’m doing this myself and really only need a bit of extra brute force on a few of them that I couldn’t get moving. Once my brute used some of his strength they were fine.

Not gonna lie, this was not a particularly fun job and I found I just got into the swing of a best way to loosen one when it was almost out. Hey, you live and learn!

I was really surprised it was only 2pm as I genuinely thought I’d been loosening these bolts for days!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Enough space for a party?!?!

So Craig’s been busy doing all things Jeep stuff. He’s fitting a reversing mirror and his new number plates.

They say Overland and Borders at the bottom like mine…. can’t see green cheese. To be fair it was his idea😆
For sale!!! Naturally….. and still a lovely 67 plate Beetle one careful lady owner… don’t be forgetting that 😆
So yeah now we need a break and are sitting out on the back decking for the first time in weeks!
How true is this?!
I think I realised that I was pretty anti-social these days 😬
Finally the President of the US decides it’s ok to wear a mask. He’s been so flippant about Covid-19 he’s allowed it to spread across the US. They have by far the highest number of cases now.
That we still have not been directly affected by this virus. Grateful for my new empty camper van and my lovely family and friends xxx

Forgot to say yesterday that mum and dad should have been in Iona for a holiday recently so they sent me a wee gift ordered online from Iona.

A wee care package!
I sent mum some masks from Oceanside Designs and check the one that totally matched her top!!

So another quiet night for us again. It would appear the Gateside Inn have delivered dinner to the front door which is soooo lovely! Dinner, last of the sun then maybe some more vegging in front of the tv…. relaxing in front of the open fire…. 😆

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 108 rest, relax and be grateful for everything day ❤️

My anxiety gave me a hammering yesterday so I already knew that this weekend was going to be different. I am not going to let it win. Craig’s out at work but will be home by about 2pm and we are going have a nice weekend together…. what could possibly go wrong?!?!

The sun was shining first thing but then started to rain 🤦🏻‍♀️ so I put the fire on and made some lentil soup and now it’s sunny again. Not that I’m suggesting for a minute that me making soup changes the weather but it’s just one of those little things that make you smile. (lovely warm day… who needs soup?!? 😳😆)

So I bundled the pups in Abbie the camper van to see if we could find somewhere different to walk. A change is as good as a rest and all that…

Freya’s face says it all… another picture…. just get on with it mumma
I thought this was a spot that was recommended to me but I seemed to end up on a old wood/forestry track that never led to water like I expected
I have to say my concern was how to explain to Craig that one of the dogs had been speared on a stick… although they were clever and stuck to the grass a lot of the time
Still managing to find some flooooors 😆
Not kidding was walking in knee deep grass here but it was stunning. Got the fright of my life when Bambi jumped across our path 🙈🦌
Check mucky nosed Bhruic! She found a stone and her barky stone squeak echoed round the fields 🤦🏻‍♀️ not my dog, honest
Not the prettiest location but I’m sure it will be the first of many!

So the fuel light came on yesterday so I drove to Asda Barrhead and filled up with 74 litres so will see how long that lasts. Got 563.8miles out of the last tank but it wasn’t fully empty when I filled it. So the pups had a wee jaunt. Again the first of many.

Just let me out the van…….

So we all came home and I had a lovely hour and a half Nana nap in Grans chair with my feet up. The dogs were zonked too which I love seeing, just so lucky I didn’t get any of them stuck on a dangerous stick!!!

I know I posted this yesterday but my new “stepping out of my comfort zone” stuff is really tiring me out. It’s lovely to know i have a few days of nothing to enjoy.
Lunch booked in the pub for 2pm and I am gonna be that person that posts a picture of our food…. it was soooo good!
A wee table for two! Diet Coke all the way for me!
The beer garden menu! Saves handling menus and reduces virus spreading. You have to use hand sanitiser before you come in and fill out a track and trace form in order to be contacted in future in case anyone gets the virus and you need to be alerted.
The famous enchilada!!
Craig has waited 16+ weeks for the Steak Pie and it didn’t disappoint
Sticky toffee pudding with tablet ice cream!
Caramel apple pie

As full as you are when you’ve had a pub meal just looking at these pics now I could go the same again….. I have shocked myself 🙈🤭🤣

So I’m sitting in front of the fire with my feet up and I’m going to chill for the rest of the night and it’s only 5pm.

The only COVID news I can see is that Scotland reported 18 new cases yesterday which isn’t the best news. Likely to be caused by lockdown easing but we just have to make sure we’re careful.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜