Day 127 and it has rained all day, every single minute of it 😔☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

What a miserable day. It’s just poured down constantly every minute of the day. I held off to walk the dogs so we didn’t all get soaked but not much point in that as it didn’t stop

I did some coronavirus investigation this morning as it’s been a few days since I read anything.

Not good news but expected
News coming out of the Port Glasgow area at the moment
Proves the importance of track and trace
I found this fascinating. Its amazing to see how COVID-19 has affected the whole world

Started making calls about 9.30 and mucked about on the pc for a while. No bookings today but there’s nothing else for it when the weather is so rotten.

Has anyone tried this before? I found it in Aldi yesterday and we love it…. so had a couple of nice coffee breaks ☕️☕️
All of you…. for reading this far!

One thing that we’ve been seeing a lot of, since the easing of lockdown, is complaints from locals on fb groups about how badly tourists are treating the landscape. I’ve had to leave some of the groups I’m on as my anxiety will go through the roof if I think I can’t go anywhere in case locals are watching me. Some locals have got really angry. I can completely understand why but locals are upset but it’s sad that all of us responsible campers seem tarred with the same brush. Overland Bound tells us we should leave the area better than we found it.

I think there’s a bigger issue that local councils are not geared up to manage the rubbish that staycations are causing. There can be many piles of rubbish around bins which shows that people want to do the right thing but there isn’t the capacity to manage it. I copied this below from a local near Durness. Rather than the emotional anger of some residents, I think he states his case very clearly and succinctly.

I hope this can be resolved
Tennis ball standoff at lunchtime was the most exciting thing to happen in our house today!!!
Even Calaidh was getting bored waiting
She’s looking at me saying “come on mum, do something!”
Bhru is one cheeky pup!!
All the while Freya and I are having puppy cuddles and she’s bored too!
Our walk was pretty miserable too… most exciting thing to happen was a cat almost dares to run out in front of them! Took me all my strength not to have us all disappear up the tree after the cat💪🏼🐯
Just bleugh… soggy…
Check arty thistle with rain drops
Close up! Love this new camera
This is so true and I never react to being yelled at…. the work I’m starting to do now is so different. Maybe I am very different too as I manage my expectations very clearly these days. Life is for living. Not for covering your ass 24/7…. although I do keep it covered… 🙊
So I’m taking a leaf out of this book!

This feels a brief blog today but I’m actually really tired…. the bad weather seems to soon you in and (I’ve just looked out the window, it’s 6pm and it has finally stopped raining!!!!!) praise the Lord!

Another cosy evening in front of the fire I reckon. Tomorrow is due to be a good day!! Here’s hoping!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡