Day 99 trip to Auntie Jac’s for her birthday-eve 🎉🎉🎉

As I near my day 100 of Scottish lockdown for coronavirus I’m conscious that lots of people seem to have other counts. We took it from when Craig couldn’t go out to work any more and it seemed like the first day or lockdown for us! Anyhoo…

Lovely way to start the day!
Guess where I went?? The Little Coffee Caravan as I’m heading up to Auntie Jac’s for a wee day out before her birthday tomorrow.
A wee oat latte for the drive and some Blondies to take up with me!
And we’ve arrived in Kennet!
Jac has the most amazing sea thistles, outs haven’t bloomed yet. Must be warmer up north!
I got to have a look round their TWO camper vans to get some ideas. Was great to see the pop top roof in real life.
We went to Culross for a wee walk.
Made her pose!
I stood in the middle of a rail track for the first time in lockdown 🤣🤣🤣
Culross Pier
Socially distanced Selfie!
This was the best of a bad bunch of photos… must only take face shots from now on!!
We found a lovely wee beachy bit and it was warm so sat and watched the sea float by for a bit… see the stones to the left… we walked over there and they got covered sooooo fast!!
Sat on a rock… the tide was coming in pretty fast and we both got wet feet getting back to the beach!!
Some wee thistles
Some real thistles!
Someone photo bombed my thistles!!
A wee boat!
Would love to have explored this bit far too many nettles for my legs!!
Popped into the community garden, it’s beautiful 🌺🌺🌺
Still think this looks like we went abroad??!?
Just been repainted by a kid and his mum
Used to have a rose bush like this in East Kilbride 🌹🌹🌹
Can’t rmbr what this was called
Then had a wee walk through the village

Then we went back to Jac’s for lunch as the cafe in Culross just looked too busy and freaked me out a bit… corona-wise! Had a wee seat in the sun before heading out to Asda and B&M Stores for a wee wander. The shops were surprisingly quiet which was nice. Maybe because it was warm?

M’auntie and m’uncle, just before I left! Love this photo!

Had the loveliest wee day! Such a treat to see the sea and the sun!

So tonight was the last of the village deliveries for the pub as the beer garden opens back up on Monday so a slightly more normal service is resumed. I was late!!! Didn’t get home until about a good half hour after they started 😬🤣 I’ve really enjoyed being a part of their food delivery service and they have cheered up lockdown for so many people. Holly’s meals every Thursday night….. wow!!

While I was in between deliveries I booked my first Pawsitive Solutions job for Craig next week!!!!! Have made 6 or 7 calls so far (lost count!) and that’s the first one to call back and book. So had to find out the process to be followed while trying to juggle deliveries. My multitasking took a hammering!

Me & Leo (the pub dog) – he says I’m his favourite… not Craig… he’s very clear on that!
Then Kenny steals his dog back and shows actually he is the favourite

So an end of a coronavirus wee mini era tonight with the last delivery done but it’s 22.43 and I’m still writing this… it’s been the craziest busy week so far but that’s ok. A wee day off tomorrow maybe?! Not looked at coronavirus updates today as no time sorry will catch back tmro. Night all! Xx

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜