Day 103 blue skies, washing, walks and camper van planning not necessarily in that order! 🌤⛅️🌥

So, so lovely to see some sunshine again today after that incessant rain! Lockdown in the sun seems less restrictive and more enjoyable. Two washing’s done and hung outside and lovely to hear voices back in the beer garden of the pub next door after all this time! It seems to have been a very calm and sedate return so far. Not that our village pub is ever a riot and if it is we are usually in the middle of it.

Had a very productive morning today looking up all things camper van and trying to narrow down some of the equipment I’m going to go for. Phoned a good few companies to discuss their products to try and narrow it down. May have made a wee spreadsheet of comparison costs etc, forgotten how much I love a wee spreadsheet!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but making phone calls had become really difficult for me. Since I’d been off sick and hiding in my wee bubble, I’ve found it really difficult to connect with the outside world preferring text over phone calls so that I could think about what I wanted to say and rewrite it a million times before I sent it! So even calling camper van places feels like an achievement for me! Not to mention the 3 calls I made for Pawsitive Solutions today!!!

I’m proud to say Craig is out working the first job that I booked for him at this very moment. #proudmoment 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So back to the camper, I’ve ordered a plain wood u shaped lounge seating configuration for us to fit. Should be available in a maximum of 4-5 weeks. The lady on the phone was so lovely it made me really glad I’d decided to go with them!

There’s a drawer system that slides out to allow access from outside true van so thought this would be great for hiking boots & wellies

So at least that’s a start and we have somewhere to sleep and something storage. So much easier than having to build it ourselves but so much cheaper than getting it all laminated. We’ll just have to ensure it’s all protected. So we can paint it or paint wash over it or decoupage?!? 😬 I can almost visualise Craig’s face when he reads decoupage!!) 🤢🤔😬🙄

Dog walk in the sunshine was lovely today. It’s very windy but that’s just great for drying the clothes on the line… jeez how old do I sound?!? Calaidh desperately trying to pretend she’s not with us….
Must be interesting?!
Freya puppy in the buttercups! 🌼🌼🌼
The burn’s gone back down a lot
They had a great run around and it was so lovely that it wasn’t pouring and miserable!
Just had to take a pic of the same thistle as I passed it! Wish there was a thistle emoji!!

So I’m not gonna lie I sat down in Grans chair in the sun room and out the recliner up and sat and had a lovely chill with the pups. We all had an hours’ snooze!

Then back out walking again with Claire after she finished work. Went on the roads as I didn’t have the dogs. It’s getting a bit too busy now to walk at the side of the road at 5pm do note to selves not to do that again…
Passed this lovely old barn…. my taking a photo was more a catch your breath moment than anything else 🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆
We did also pass some big cows that were just about to get moved back into the farm
Beautiful skies again… have so missed the sun!

Honestly the pains in my legs from walking is unreal, I’m sitting now with the bag-of-frozen-sweetcorn-that-shall-not-be-eaten under my right ankle and loving it to my left knee once it get too cold. I’m 47 going on 87 I reckon!!! Need to stop eating our sugar and I did fess up to Claire that I’ve only had chocolate today…. 🙄

As I said, Scotland has allowed beer gardens and outdoor cafes to open from today and I can hear the unusual drum of conversation coming from next door. Everyone has to book by phone before they can reserve a table so people can’t just drop in as they only have 5 tables outside to fill. It’s a big change for us as the village has been so quiet for so long but it’s lovely for our neighbours to get some custom again.

Scotland have 9 new cases confirmed today but we remain at 2,488 deaths. Nicola sturgeon hopes she can confirm phase 3 of lockdown easing this week. The UK stands at 44,220 deaths today.

Thought this was a good indicator that we should still stay at home as much as we can
The Bournemouth beach goers and Soho pub drinkers who have taken risks…
I need to remind myself of this as I still concern myself what other people think…

Off to make a dinner of some real food that’s not just chocolate….. 😬😆

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️