Day 126 volunteering, food shopping & the return of the Gateside Hookers!!

Boy did I dream last night….. some nightmare about vampires after me or something so woke up feeling very unrefreshed. Busy day today so got up and straight out with the dogs though couldn’t be bothered in the slightest….

It’s windy but a beautiful morning!
The clouds are amazing!
Sunshine through some lovely weeds at Overtoun of Broadstone
Top of Reek St
Gielsland Road to Beith
Gielsland Road to SanMar
Check this wee guy having a snooze in the sun
Mean and moody
Eating grass after a good run resembling some form of crocodile?!

Then off to pick up the food from the Beith Trust and off our volunteering! Have a new addition this week so got to have a lovely chat with my regulars and meet a lovely new lady. I took 9 toilet roll pack as a gift for one house (I told her not to laugh when she saw what the gift was….😆) and saw another one of my wee gfits on someone’s wall!

Just inside her front door

She is struggling to get new clothes to wear so I said to leave it with me and I’ll see what I can pick up this week. Would never see anyone stuck!

So back home to let the dogs out and a wee bite of lunch before heading out to the Little Coffee Caravan on my way to the supermarket. A nice Almond Milk Latte and a lovely chat with them.

Pretty rotten pic of it 🤭🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 but I only rmbrd at the last minute!

Did a Home Bargains and Aldi shop. Aldi has clear almost shower curtain like partitions between tills that hang down from the ceiling to kind of mid thigh level… not seen that anywhere before.

Head back to the house and was so shattered I needed a wee seat… with my feet up, well it would be rude not to! Only managed about 20 mins!

Katie who lives on the other side of the pub had asked on fb for anyone who wanted their nails down so she could practice gel coat application. she messaged me to ask if I could go this evening so went along at 5pm as for the first time since March I was actually busy tonight…. check me!

Check me with pink nails and some flowers! I’m not a pink person and yet I love these!!!

Back home, dinner and then the great return of the Gateside Hookers at 7pm in the pub! So lovely to see the crochet gang!! Of course it wasn’t anything other than crochet!….. what did you expect?!?! We all tried Ceders alcohol free gin that the pub can now get from the brewery! Amazing the giggles you can have on alcohol free?!?

Very difficult to get a social distanced group selfie…… that bag in the foreground (no…. not me!) is the huge bag I carry Craig’s blanket squares around in! Maybe one day I’ll finish it…. I politely ignored the words “naw, yer no gettin’ a picture as it’ll end up in that bloody blog” 🙉🙊

So again be rude not to post it. 🤣🤣🤣 Awee

A wee bit of normality tonight!

Stay safe everyone 💜🧡❤️