Day 98 volunteering in shorts in the pouring rain 🌨 the little gift shop 🥰 then the best 2 hour nana nap ever! 🥱😴😬😆

You don’t need to read this anymore as it’s all in the title….. 😆 I’m kidding of course there will be a million more witticisms for you to look forward too… 😉🤣

I have a feeling this was written when we could grant ourselves all our hearts desires but the sentiment still stands with the caveat of “as long as you stay safe!” 🌈
So enjoy July to the full while keeping at least one highland coo between you and the next man!

Coffee and the last of the Banana bread to start the day while Craig and I talked all things camper van…. it seems to be a lovely morning so shorts on ready for Beith Trust food deliveries. Out at 10 and got Abbie filled up ready to go… such a difference having the space in the van rather than trying to put in all in the Beetle 🚗🤣

Had 9 deliveries this week and reversed and drove around country lanes like a pro…. I’m still surprised that the size of the van doesn’t bother me. It is so easy to drive!! Love love love!!
Managed to get a pic of her out working! Only 2 tractors and a huge trailer to negotiate around here… in reverse!

So had my usual lovely chats and there a good few now that I look forward to catching up with. They all live alone and are shielding and can’t get out of the house so it’s really nice to take a bit of time and chat about what’s been going on. One lady gave me another book to read!

She found it in the house this week and thought I might like to read it. She’s my local historian!!

Was out for over 3 hours today as one of the addresses was wrong but had a lovely chat with a man in the wrong house! Then had to drive out to Kilbirnie for the correct one. So all good, taking it in my stride now and enjoying the catch up with people. Yet again the heavens opened just before my last 2 deliveries. The sky had gone black and the rain pelted down. So my shorts and T-shirt combo wasn’t the best but at least there was less to get soaked! A wee drowned rat made the last 2 deliveries then off to the Post Office and finally to the little gift shop!!

I did ask Gayle if I could take her photo and she’ll kill me as she has her eyes shut (just pretend they are open!!) but she looked amazing and it was sooooo good to see her after all this time! (I only took one pic…. not like me I know Craig!)

The shop has been really busy since she opened on Monday. She has loads of new stock but says that so much of it has gone already. I’m so pleased for her! Another few folk came in while we were gabbing and said they were so pleased she was back.

She had the new plexi glass screen around the till and this to meet you at the door. Anything you want you can have to make you feel more secure. She has set up a one way system so you end up at the till.
Main display table!
Full of lovely, lovely stuff!!
I hope I did this today. ❤️💜
All day!
I realise this more and more every day.
I am working on this too!
And this takes time… a whole lotta time. My fear of failure still jumps to the front of everything but I have to remember that I am enough. The things I do are enough. If I speak my truth I will be calm…
Starting a wee bit of work this week is probably the thing I’m most afraid of. Was meant to have a training call today but was so shattered when I came in. I’ve done A WHOLE LOTTA TALKING these last few days and all way, way, way out my current comfort zone. The old me talked all the time… the new me likes a bit of silence and alone time. (I can hear some of you cheering and thinking yeah, when will the silence kick in?!?)
I needed a moment…. settled down on the couch after a quite bite of lunch and managed the best 2 hour nana nap!!!! Out for the count!
Check the Calaidh pup sprawled on out the other couch while Bhru and Freya were with me! Craig walked them today as the heavens opened and they were all dripping wet when they got home! I only know this as there were big puddles everywhere and the dogs were still soaking when I got home an hour later!!

So I forgot to tell you a wee drama that came to light yesterday morning…. remember Craig was cleaning on Monday when we went crazy and did the whole house. Well… Craig is very thorough when he cleans. He’s really good but he can be pretty ruthless…. everything is moved, put away, not always in the right place, maybe just a random space he found but that’s ok as his cleaning is exceptional. Oh and he does use really good tea towels sometimes but again, he gets a good finish so shouldn’t complain.

He’d bought me two new iPhone charger cables for the van which I hadn’t fitted yet so I did a quick hunt of the house on Tuesday morning when I left for the cash and carry…. no sign… not unusual as they would be surplus to Craig’s cleaning requirements so would be stashed somewhere safe. Went back into the room to say bye and as he was awake I asked if he’d seen them…. no… maybe in the basket of surplus stuff he’d taken into the office… I checked… nope not there…. I hear the voice shouting “Eh Jules……. (🤦🏻‍♀️) were they still in the amazon box?” Eh yeah………… “hmmmmm I think I might have burnt them” he says. 😳

Burnt them. In the fire. Gone. Brand new. Oops. The old me would have been horrified at the waste… the new me… laughed and shrugged my shoulders. The right person did it. Asked him today if he’s ordered replacements. Yes. Good. DO NOT BURN THEM THIS TIME!!!! 😘

Another giggle this week has been the very-cheap-in-the-sale-coz-of-bashed-box handheld hoover for the van….. it’s a Ryobi which is apparently “a good one” as my Nana would say! Gets it home and needs a Ryobi battery pack for it to work but as it’s a good one it’s worth getting.

Battery comes, it’s a big one but it’s “a good one”…. how do you charge it?!? Hmmmmm it needs a Ryobi battery charger!!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ honestly. Craig said yeah had no idea when we got such a great deal I’d spend more on everything else than I did on the hoover….. it’s done now and I will use it to rid Abbie of every little Border Collie hair I can find!! (Wish me luck!)

In COVID news today, Scotland saw one more death taking us to 2,486 with another 8 new confirmed cases taking us to a total of 18,259 cases in total.

The total UK numbers show an increase in cases week on week with 176 deaths yesterday taking us to 43,906 in total. Leicester is still on a local lockdown due to a spike in cases over the last week there.

The US is still suffering from increased cases and hasn’t yet come out of the first wave. Oh and they seem to have bought up all stocks of the Ebola drug remdesivir which means that UK and Europe won’t have access to stocks until October. Maybe be a bit better if the world worked together on vaccines?!? Just saying…. 🌈

They are warning that we need to be very careful in winter if there’s still no vaccine. Could be scare mongering but worth being aware of.

Just this.

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡