Day 97 a huvnae stopped aw day! (broad Scottish accent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😉) and it actually stopped raining!!

So it’s already half 6 at night and I’ve done so much I almost can’t remember it all but don’t worry…. I’ll find a way 😆. There was a time where this blog was the only thing I did in a day and I composed it in my head as I went along. You can imagine tonight I’m screaming inside my head that it’s already half 6 and I haven’t even started it yet!!)

I’m not sure this is true today 🤣 I talked a lot to a lot of people!!
Went to the cash & carry with Holly today (8am!) as the pub beer garden opens on Monday 6th July so she needed to stock up
Due to COVID-19
They’ve introduced barriers around each till lane now to keep customers separate and we had to observe a one way system on the way out.
Abbie the camper out to good use today!!! Booze all lying flat under the nuts…. no breakages!

Then popped into Asda in Irvine for a one way system shop around and we were back in Gateside for about 10.45. Unloaded Abster!

One of the most memorable characters in Gateside passed away on 11th June and today his funeral procession left Dalry and headed up through Gateside, down Reek Street and out to Main Road before heading on to the new Clyde Crematorium. There was a really good turnout for Rab Clements as people lined the road to pay their last respects. Funerals are still restricted to close family only due to COVID-19.

RIP Rab ❤️

I told Kenny next door that I’d help him with his CV as he wanted it updating so we did that next… only took me about 3 hours but it was just one of those things that prob took an hour and half to get set up and in the flow. Holly then made lunch and Craig came up for that. Did say he keeps getting freebies because I’m helping out!! 😬😆

Back home for around 2.30 and then went for a pupper walk with Claire who’s on holiday!

It’s quite hot now
Rosie wanted to play!!
Love the way they all stand waiting for something…. just go and play… there are 3 of you!!!
This little Madame almost refused to come out of the burn…. now she wants to play!!

Then back home I had another 3 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions. All still going well but not booked anyone in yet. Have had some lovely chats though!

Sadly Scotland’s 4 day run of no COVID deaths came to end with 3 recorded today taking us to a total of 2,485. There are still 450 people in hospital with 19 in intensive care as of midnight last night. It feels like people out and about have maybe forgotten the severity of this virus through lack of visibility of it or sheer boredom of not getting out. We need to remember what COVID-19 is capable of and never dismiss it. Someone read that we should act like was have it so as not to pass it on to others and that way we would not recklessly spread it. Worth thinking about it.

I’m now sitting with my feet up in the sunshine in the garden. Everything has sprouted in the rain. We can hose the garden every night and yet nothing brings the plants on like a 4 day hurricane (I exaggerate obviously but you know what I mean…)

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 96 still raining but the house finally got the lockdown treatment that the gardens’ been given up until now 🧺🧽🚽🚿🛁🧴🗑😆

The rain is just incessant…. it pretty much rained all day yesterday and all through the night and it’s still going this morning. I’m still living in my sorts and flip flops but just inside…. it seems really strange being on lockdown inside the house when we’re so used to being outside all the time.

So the poor dogs have been left to their own devices this morning…. while me and Craigie have been cleaning maniacs!!!! So much more fun when we both do it. When you bust a gut in one room it’s so cool to walk though another room that’s sparkling….. he’s a good lad 😍

The only downside is that we have to live in the van now as the house is too clean and we can’t possibly touch anything…. woe betide any man or pupper who messes up now. Woe betide…… (I had to look up the meaning of that…. I’d typed wow betide!!)

We had a nice wee lazy lunch whilst catching up on a few episodes of VEEP that we’re rewatching. much care was taken not to make any mess and clean up after lunch instead of waiting until later… how long will this angelicness last….. I made that word up too…. 😇😉

Finally got Bhru and Freya our about 2.30 when Craig went off to work and we met Sox and Gizmo in Spiers grounds. It’s pretty muddy for the first time in lockdown I reckon. Calaidh’s away out to work with Craig
Gizmo is the monster fluffy German shepherd!
Sox has the ball….
Everywhere is so dark just now as the skies are so heavy with rain… when will it end???
The burns pretty swollen with the last few days of rain – they weren’t sure to start off with
Bhru decided to brave it!!
Some wee thistles on the way back
Dull, dull, dull…. 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨

It’s now 17.35 and it’s STILL pouring. It’s teeming down….. the weather had a head on impact to Covid-19 lockdown as I just want to lounge about and watch movies all day!

In some shock news I just made a couple of enquiry calls for Pawsitive Solutions today to see how I liked it……. 🤫 Maybe I was lucky with the two people I called but I loved it. Loved to chat to them and hear the happiness in my own voice. I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified when I messaged to say I’d like to be considered for the vacancy they have, only to be asked to make two calls this afternoon 😱….

The hardest thing was making that first call. I’m sure they won’t all be as easy as that but it was so lovely to feel a part of something with a purpose and to realise that I could do it. I’ve been completely robbed of my self confidence over the last few years, actually as I write that I realise that I wasn’t robbed of it… circumstances in previous jobs led me to doubt in myself and wipe myself out. I’ve spent the last 22 months (not that I’m counting…) trying to rebuild myself piece by piece. It’s been the hardest journey of my life but today I “ate that frog” and stepped out of my comfort zone to do something that used to come naturally to me. To chat with people, make connections, make them feel special, make them feel good about themselves and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I am however, now completely exhausted and might not be able to talk again but Craig will love that when he’s home 😆🤣

All I ever wanted was to climb the corporate ladder and be a part of senior management for a large successful company…. I climbed that ladder relatively quickly and the view from half way up made me ill….. I needed this ❤️
I just didn’t know it at the time
I knew that I should be able to do this wit my eyes shut…. I just had to keep telling myself that.
Great news for Scotland today 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️
Sky News
Non essential shops opened in Scotland today! Seems to have been big queues! it’s the start of lockdown easing in Scotland.
My friend Gayle’s wee shop opened again today and she seems to have had a great first day back!! She had it all painted and a new sign up during lockdown and it looks amazing! Love this place and so proud of everything she’s achieved! She wanted a gift shop in Beith and she did it! 💜

So I just got another 2 enquiry calls to follow up! Don’t worry I won’t post about every single call I make but it’s been a big step today! I’m now gonna get dinner ready and chill….

Craig’s blanket is coming along well. Only 11 more squares to do! might even manage it for his birthday though I’ve only got 20 days to finish it… guess I’ll be crocheting tonight! The exact layout has still to be determined by himself…. not taking any responsibility for the positioning of the squares 😬🤭😉🤣


Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 95 lockdown & boy did it rain??! ☔️☔️☔️

How apt is this eh? Except the sun is nowhere to be seen….

Another lovely meditation start to the day… check me, will the real Julie Avery please stand up??

I’ve tried meditation before and yet it’s never clicked like this. I’m really enjoying it.. Another of Suzanne’s (surprise, surprise) I DO NOT WORRY. It was the most amazing relaxation.

I need to focus on the healthy food but I’m getting the rest sussed

So up and usual coffee with dogs followed by Banana Bread…… did I say I made some yesterday?!? Was still lovely this morning. We decided to go to Halfords today to look for a new Apple CarPlay stereo for the van. Set off for Irvine but the sat nav in the van wouldn’t pick up and Craig had to check his phone. A 1/4 of the way there and we find it’s “temporarily closed” which is due to COVID-19…. so we turned around and headed to Paisley which I should have just done in the first place.

I’m so chuffed that Craig fitted it and we didn’t have to pay £80 for Halfords to fit! It seems so much easier to get them to fit it but I thought £80 was a bit stiff….. well that and the fact that Halfords have suspended stereo fit at the moment 🤭🤣🤣

RTFM… which was bloody useless 🤭😆
Looks scary but I’m being very supportive 😬
Work in progress 😬
He’s doing a great job!
I’m just testing out the back seats… I’d just get in the way 🤷🏻‍♀️🤭😆
Google maps from the phone, so clear!! So chuffed I can see where I’m going again! Got the wee Grundig phone holder the other day for £3.99 and it’s great.
Feet up in front of the fire now. Not that I’ve done anything much today but the weather makes you want to coorie in 🥱😴
So many of you have been that person for me. I want you to read that from me to you ❤️
This is so true when you get get into this headspace…. I chose to be happy as I do not worry.

Thought this was interesting in COVID news….

There have been reports of 658 new cases in the area in the two weeks to 16 June
Great news for us in Scotland!! ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 our number of deaths still sits at 2,842 with the number of cases increased by 8 to 18,236. There are 460 people in hospital with the virus and 5 of them are in intensive care. Thoughts are with their families as I am conscious that these are real people and not just numbers 💜
My excuse for not doing housework this weekend….. 😬

We are being super lazy this evening and ordering pizza from La Dolce Vita in Lochwinnoch. The healthy eating will come…. one day soon! 🥴😬🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Yummy yummy in ma tummy!!
Had a family zoom quiz with the Avery’s this evening!! A good laugh!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡😬

Day 94 I choose to feel good ❤️ check me 🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

It’s 9.03am and I am sitting in Grans Chair in the sunroom feeling thoughtful. In a good way….

I decided to pick another meditation this morning and do it before I got up. I kinda let it pick me as it was the first one suggested on YouTube. I am amazed by the timings of these meditations as the minute they are finished, I get interrupted… almost as if everything else is on hold until it’s finished. Today was I CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD – SUZANNE ROBICHAUD it’s a short 15 mins and a great way to start the day. I choose to feel good. I choose my thoughts. I choose to feel happy. ❤️❤️

Strangely after choosing to be happy, I want to talk about the effect that lockdown easing seems to be having on our country which is not necessarily positive. The fact is that I truly don’t understand it. There is nothing about this that makes sense? Why do people think it’s ok to congregate in huge crowds? Have we all been so sheltered from the virus that we have become complacent and think we can’t catch it? Are we just so desperate to get back to normality that we don’t care?

Let’s face it, I’ve been living the life of a hermit for the last 18 months. I have no desire whatsoever to even go to a crowded shopping centre let alone the crowds that have been gathering in some places. Maybe I’m not the best person to talk about it as more than 6 people can be too many for me! 🤭🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆 some examples in the news just now…

People are leaving beauty spots totally littered
My lovely friend Kat lives in Filey on the coast…. she took this photo. Yeah stuff made it to the bins but take it home if it doesn’t fit. Don’t just dump it.
Freya is trying to stop me writing…. with kisses on the nose 🥴
It’s hard work all this cuddling…. she’s moulting just now so you end up a hair fest by the time she leaves!!
Bhru looking super cute!
One jumps down and another jumps up…..

So yeah back to the big groups, my thoughts are always interrupted by dogs!!! I don’t get it and it makes me sad that people can be so selfish and not care about each other. The track and trace app they talk about is t gonna be of any use to anyone. How can you tell everyone you’ve been close to when you’ve been in huge crowds like this. the virus has to spike again as a result. Surely. I promise to be more cheery moving on!

Sky News yesterday
This made me laugh!!
Just this ❤️

I always knew there would be a time when my struggles made me realise my potential. I’m actually grateful for the chance to have my eyes opened to the world and to nature and realise there is more to my life than the corporate grind. I have gone through long periods of being terrified of not being employed by a big successful company. Yet here I am now. Life is so much simpler and yet it still goes on. I am happier. I think I can speak for Craig when I say we are happier. Life is for living.

Went off out with the dogs this morning once the heavy rain stopped but always guessed the heavens might open again and they did but it was amazing!! Instead of getting all upset that I was getting soaked, I put on a tune that Craig and I used to listen to every weekend to kick us out of bed!

Caliban’s Dream

Absolutely soaking but so amazingly happy listening to “and the rain tossed about us in the garden of the world, but a flame arrives to guide us….” my meditation this morning had been about watching the flame of a candle and the wax burning down the side!
Still taking photos in the torrential rain!
Yes even “just” daisy’s looked beautiful today.
So dark on the way home but it was stopping
The garden is blooming in the rain

Home, showered and clothes straight in the machine. Then got going on some housework, made Banaba bread (which seems to be a lockdown staple!) and then made a fish salad for late lunch when Craig came home from work. I seem to be on fire today!!

It was bloody good. It looks a wee bit well fired on the outside but that’s just a crispy crust….. yum.

So I’m not really sure what happened with the rest of the day (I say that and it’s only 17.37 just now but I have had the loveliest 2 hour nana nap…. yes…. again!)

Craig, Freya, Bhru and I have been in the sunroom watching the rain, looking up Overland Bound stuff on line and generally just chilling. I feel very blessed to have my family around me and Calaidh must just be in a huff in the other room 🤭😆

I feel a movie night coming on. We’ve been watching reruns of Veep which is really funny and the laugh has been good. Saturday night always feels like it should be a blockbuster style movie!! Trying to make a lockdown Saturday night a bit different from every other night.

So yes… a lovely, lovely, lovely day.

This has been so true today
I lived with what felt like constant daily rejection in my working life… for one reason or another. It just wasn’t who I wanted to be. I’m much closer now 🧡
I am waving over the top today 🙋🏻‍♀️💜
Family and friends 💜💜💜💜💜

Now just as a wee funny….. I have no control which picture from this blog becomes the main focus when it publishes to FB. I hope by putting this last it won’t be this picture FB picks. If it does…. I’m sorry Dad but I loved this too much not to share. 🤭😬🤷🏻‍♀️

Dad says he can’t read the paper with his mask on 😆
Mum also sent me pics from their garden… giving dad another chance not to be front and centre!!

Thanks again everyone for sticking with me on this. I’m feeling the love today and hope you are too.

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 93 shopping in a campervan (there’s a theme here eh?!) 🚐🖤

Apparently we had the long awaited thunder and lightening last night but everyone slept through it! Kenny next door said the lightening was amazing at about 1-2am as he was on night shift.

This is so true! We’ve all been like Mr Bean waiting for the storm to come!

The weather in the Outer Hebrides was crazy yesterday! They had huge hailstones and thunder and lightening while we sat in almost 30C heat!

Hailstones in Stornoway yesterday taken from FB Western Isles Weather page!!

Lightening in Stornoway!
The thunder storms washed away the Rhenigdale Road on the Isle of Harris!

Anyway enough about the weather that we didn’t have…. Abbie the camper went to Asda today! Still loving driving and pure hunners o’space to put the shopping! Did Asda first, then B&M Stores and then Home Bargains on the way home.

Check me… reversed into the space! it was dry and hot when I went in and torrential rain when I came out. Did wonder why there were buckets all over the floor in Asda that were catching drips….. till I saw out the window!

This is the first week I have noticed some very high prices in Asda. It’s been my go to shop for lockdown. Being unemployed now 🤦🏻‍♀️😬 I find Lidl and Aldi super cheap but you can’t get everything so I chose what I think it is the cheapest of the chain supermarkets. I noticed that a weeks supply of Piriteze hay fever tablets was £9!!! I have never seen it £9 in my life. Yeah you expect to pay a bit more for the branded version but not that much.

That’s more like it… £1.99 in Home Bargains.
I love this Hawaiian Tropic body lotion in the summer…. Home Bargains £3.99…. Asda £12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can that actually be possible?!? It used to be £6-7 on Amazon but £12. I’m honestly thinking of contacting Asda about the price hikes as I thought that was shocking. (Can you tell?? Maybe???) pure ragin’ so a wiz 🤬🤬🤬🤬 £12??????

Anyway, (calming back down) just thought I’d mention it so you can keep an eye out when you’re shopping. I enjoyed my wee trip today. Fairly certain it was the driving in between that was the highlight. Oooooh that reminds me, when I took the pics of the van outside Asda my headlights were still on…. uh oh… first car in a whole lotta years that doesn’t beep when you open the door with the headlights on. Accident waiting to happen???? Wonder how long it will take me to flatten the battery?!? Better get her camper vanned up inside sharpish so I’m self sufficient when I do break down…… 😆

Stopped at the Little Coffee Caravan on the way home and bought some brownies for us and next door! Bought a lovely Oat Latte too!

Poor Little Coffee Caravan folk… I made them pose for a selfie 😆
Came home to have it in the garden! Rain had stopped!
Gimme, gimme
Cake?! Did someone say cake?!
Then headed out for a socially distanced dog walk
Everyone’s sad the field has sheep in it…. well I am.. they don’t understand why we walked this far and they can’t go in. 🐑🐏
These signs have been popping up on the grass verges… couldn’t understand why?
Now it makes more sense!! Who knew this was a thing 🐝🦋🐝
Lovely flowers in the meadow garden in Reek St
We sat and watched this unfold on BBC News from about 2.30pm. It seems to have happened in the Park Inn in West George Street around 1pm.. So far we’ve heard of 3 dead and 6 in hospital including a 42 year old policeman who was one of the first responders. It really hits home when it’s in your home city. Seems not to be terror related.

Not gonna lie… I had a lovely long nap this afternoon (News was still on tv) until Craig phoned me from the bottom of the garden….. yeah phoned me… say the guys next door popped in for a wee drink.

Louise had the dogs eating out of her hands…. literally.

Look closely at Calaidh’s face…. it’s like she’s saying “check Leo…. showing off”. He’s such a clever boy!!!
He got tired tho and captured him nicely between two wine bottles!!
Calaidh never gets bored if there’s a ball around…. look into my eyes mumma….
Freya in a rare moment of sitting down!!
Bhruic having a snooze with one eye open… watching me…
Now you woke me….

In virus related news….there were so many people out over the last few days, crowding beaches and parks. Everyone is pretty horrified at the amount of rubbish that seems to be left behind….. all over everywhere the crowds have been.

Everyone is really shocked by the amount of litter left by crowds of people who are going out in the sun since the Coronavirus restrictions have eased.
Made out of rubbish left behind… the number of deaths in Scotland. Hope the folk who left the litter have a long hard think about this.

So it’s been another lovely day. I’ve enjoyed it. Not quite sure where all the hours went but that maybe shows I relaxed a bit.

Nana naps rule!!!!!

Thinking of everyone involved in Glasgow today at such a sad time for our city 💔

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 92 feeling the sunshine & the love ☀️❤️☀️❤️☀️

What a beautiful day! When Craig checked our trusted weather app this morning it showed a high of 25C and 5 hours of thunderstorms this afternoon. I am sitting outside in the baking heat with no sign of a cloud in the sky but must remember this is Scotland…. 4 seasons in one day when you least expect it so let’s see how it goes!

So grateful for the heat of the sun ☀️☀️☀️

We’ve had a busy morning so I must be due a nap about now but it’s too hot to sleep and waste time indoors. I set an alarm for 6.45 this morning. We decided to go and visit Tartan Campers in Dundonald this morning as I’d spoken to them yesterday and they were so welcoming and suggested we pop down for a visit.

I never took any photos. Yes I’m as shocked as you are!!

I’d phoned yesterday and we’re so pleased that they are local to us. Fully believe in supporting local businesses now. not that I didn’t before but I think I’m just more aware of it now.

They dropped everything to talk us through what they do and they understand that not everyone can afford everything at once so will give us a breakdown quote. It was really nice to take her on a wee drive again and this time with Craigie as passenger.

Loving the drive! (Was gonna day lovin’ the ride there but I thought better of it… I love that writing this makes me laugh at myself sometimes!! 🤣)
So home and took hoddit, doddit & ploddit to the burn for a play around, too hot to walk them loads.
Still loving these wee weeds! 🌸🌸🌸
So beautiful!! This is what I want for my meadow garden!
Open the gate!!

My Emotional Freedom Tapping group was moved to 11.30 today so joined from the comfort of Gran’s chair instead of the bedroom as Craig went out to a job. We talked about ‘disappointment’ this week and how we can feel disappointed if someone doesn’t reciprocate our loyalty or doesn’t treat us quite how we would like to be treated. It shows us that this is ok and that we should accept that people will not put our requirements first and foremost in their minds but that is ok and it’s how we deal with that that matters. We shouldn’t allow it to cause us stress. We should try to see it differently….. either ask for exactly what you want rather than hinting or accept that it comes from a place of love rather than criticism and don’t let it upset, worry or anger you.

I got some lovely feedback about the blog today. I can’t tell you what it means to have someone say that they enjoy reading it. They are such a lovely group of ladies, I’m lucky to have been a part of this!

I’ve thought a lot recently about why I do this and it’s twofold:

  1. It helps me make sense of all the crazy thoughts and feelings I have. It helps me clarify moods in my own mind and it’s focussing me on the present. Look for the beauty in the day, look for the positives as they are everywhere, even on the bad days. It helps me target my triggers…. what is it that upsets me and why…. what sends my mind spiralling out of control?
  2. Secondly if it helps others understand the complexities of life with mental health then it is worth every moment I spend doing it. We all lead stressful lives and just some react to it more than others. If I can show people how crazy my mind can be then maybe you relate or maybe you just treat others with a little more kindness as you really have no idea what’s going on in anyone’s mind. The happiest and most outgoing people can be the ones that are breaking the most.
Wee Rachel popped in for a visit and got Bhru’d 🤣
She’s some dog!!
Our wee meadow garden is coming on a treat though you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a pile of weeds…….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😳🤣
Cal having a wee sunbathe
Bhru getting some shade
I’ve done some weeding and a poo pick and was so hot I thought I’d better have a wee lie on the hammock before Craig’s home!

Pub food deliveries tonight! 3 hours of smelling the lovely food before I get my chicken tikka masala!! Followed by chocolate cheesecake…. diet going well?!?! So looking forward to it though.

I’ve noticed the main road is much busier today and Craig says the traffic was much busier today. He was down in Ayr and he said loads of people were heading down to the beach. It’s almost as if yesterday’s announcement of further lockdown easing has given people reason to go out more. It’s a wee bit sad as I like the quiet village with no other traffic…… I really quite like lockdown but who knows what the future brings!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 91 volunteering in a camper van 🚐🖤 way to go!

Honestly felt dreadful this morning when I woke up. I had a great nights’ sleep but had been dreaming really heavily.

I dreamt I was helping at a coffee shop my mum worked at in Penicuik. For those Penicuikians it looked like Jean’s cafe up Lambs Pend…. and mum never worked there just to be clear 😆🥴😳 so weird!

I was making tea and coffee from an urn and people kept asking for lattes and cappuccino but I couldn’t do them…. every paper cup I picked up to fill with coffee or tea had a powdered cup-a-soup in it. Or the cup was ripped, or dirty. I couldn’t find any teaspoons, biscuits etc and people kept waiting and walking out, angry with the poor service.

So thinking about that I guess I’m worried about failure and letting people down? Even now in the afternoon I still feel like I failed everyone and it was just a dream!!!!! Go figure?!?!

I was also worrying about buying the van and how many things I will want to do to it blah blah blah 🚐 I should have stuck with the Beetle…. what was I thinking, how will I drive it, should I take the Beetle out to food bank deliveries in case the streets are busy and I can’t get turned….. on and on and on and on…… it is no wonder I’m so exhausted half the time!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So I decided to do a meditation before I got up to see if I could get rid of the anxiety before I went out on deliveries. Craig went to let the dogs out to five me peace. I did another of Suzanne Robichaud’s meditations:

I am home, I am healthy, I am safe

While it was a great meditation my brain would not let Suzanne’s voice win this morning. I argued almost every step of the way…. I fought the relaxation. I felt anger as I couldn’t relax. I know this happens at time and it’s ok but I was so tense and just couldn’t switch it off but I kept going and didn’t stop it. I angrily got up after it and had a coffee and a shower and out on some new 3/4 length denim shorts and set off……

Maybe the shorts helped?!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣 although I’m guessing it was the meditation even although I didn’t maybe seem tuned in to it at the time. What a turnaround…. as soon as I set off out.

It feels amazing to drive and it’s like an extension of me. You know how you know a car is right for you when it feels so easy to drive. Everybody had a good nosey when I went down to Geilsland and I had so much space that I could take all my deliveries in one go without having to head back to base in the middle. I drove up wee single track roads, reversed up hills and round bends, negotiated Meadowside in Beith which has fairly narrow streets and it was easy. One thing I didn’t do was take any photos of her in situ…. 🤭

I don’t say this very often but I am sooooooo proud of myself. I’m guessing the mediation helped even if I didn’t realise it at the time. I have smiled and laughed, joked and sang to music while I’ve been out today. I felt like my old confident self. Awwww so glad that I turned the morning around.

So deliveries all done and back home in the sunshine for a cuppa with Claire on her tea break. My neighbours are all desperate for the hairdressers to open back up and yet they all look lovely as they are. I’m the only ragamuffin that doesn’t care and ties it back and hopes for the best…. 💇🏻‍♀️💇🏻‍♂️💇🏻

So the chat about hairdressers comes from the new Scottish Government advisory released at lunchtime today.

So it’s all change again. It’s good to see businesses opening back up but it’s going to seem strange at the same time. I think we’ve become so conditioned to stay at home that I’m not sure I know how to do anything else anymore. I think most of all we’ll be looking forward to getting away camping sometime soon, maybe even for Craig’s birthday in July but we’ll wait and see.

(I’ve added the link to the government announcement below for anyone who’s interested.)

Scottish end phase 2 early phase 3

Turning into a lovely day 🌥⛅️🌤☀️
Headed out after dinner for a lovely walk with Claire… she’s the shadow!
The sky was amazing!!
Saw these lovely purple flowers for the first time
Playing in the burn but only for a few mins as the coos came over to say hi 🐮
Spot the coo on the hill!
Another wee hold up as the cows moved into the field
Then Bhru decides to bark at them!
This field looked like it was painted green, the colours were so vivid

Then Claire invites me into the garden for some juice…. I had some and it was lovely and then we stupidly start building a garden archway as she couldn’t figure out the instructions and I wouldn’t let it beat me. The instructions were shocking!!! We had to redo a few parts and it only took us about an hour and a half but we did it!!!!

Claire models the finished article!!
Muscle to put it in place!!
Yep it’s a bit wonky but it needs tightened and some extra muscle to get it further into the ground!!

Next tine she asks if I want juice I might pass……. 🤣🤣🤣 honestly it was so great to giggle and we’re both damn proud we did it. She has a second one to build so beware unsuspecting neighbours.

All in all a great day!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 90 a lovely lazy day looking at camper van stuff 🚐🖤🙈😬

There were dogs again this morning…. dogs that wanted to move before I did which was fine as I knew there was nothing much doing today. But boy did it rain???!? The forecast was for light rain before 12 when it would get heavier a bit it was coming down straight this morning….. that really fine rain that soaks ye again 🤭😬😉

So Abbie the camper is away for the day to get a full valet down in Glengarnock so I’m just lounging around looking for ideas of things I might need to get the conversion started.

Missed this yesterday

So we went through all the extras we got with the van! Amazing stuff. I bought the Outwell awning with the inner tent and carpet and got 2 Outwell camping storage cupboards, 2 ground sheets, 3 windbreaks and 2 Outwell doormats!! Honestly amazing!!

This is about my height!!!!
Took the puppers out for a walk when the rain stopped for a bit
And there were coos!! Not had Coos for a while.
We came back the Road way today. The back road was really busy with cars for some reason and it’s hard to get 3 dogs off the road to let cars past when the grass verges are so long after the rain…. moan moan moan 😂
There are going to be hundreds of thistles in the next few days. This was the first one I saw blooming in a row of bushes…. be prepared for pure hunners o’ pics!!!
Plodding among, singing a song….
Someone has planted the flower tubs. I’m guessing it was the horticultural society rather than the council.
In coronavirus news for Scotland. Think the kids next door were told 2 days in school and 3 days home schooling and my friends wee boy who starts school this year will only be in for 2 days a week but now looks like it could be full time.

I read last night that Scotland has had 6 days with no COVID-19 deaths which is great news and shows that being in lockdown is still managing to suppress cases.

It was announced by Boris Johnson today that England will move to a new phase of lockdown from 4th July. They are opening pubs, restaurants, cinemas and hair salons. (They already have shops back open) Gyms, nail bars, swimming pools etc all to remain shut.

Most importantly he is now relaxing the 2m socially distanced rule to 1m.

Nicola Sturgeon has advised

Craig read yesterday that a wee shop in Achiltibuie got serious grief from 2 guys from Manchester as Boris is the Prime Minister of the whole country therefore the shop should open to serve them. Boris rules the country so we should all be following England. Sad that he got called everything under the sun for trying to explain Scotland’s position.

These are difficult times but we all just need to be kind to each other and get along. If we break the rules in a country then we should accept that it might not be an easy ride. We should respect the differences the countries have just now.

I know that everyone that reads this is…. ❤️
We all are and we need to remember this 💜
We can’t change any of this just now, we can only ride the waves that the virus is sending us
Doesn’t remind me of anyone in particular……….. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙈🙈
So on to pastures new for us. Can’t wait until we can get away in the van exploring.
This is soooooo me 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh yeah so picked the van up from the valet and they made an amazing job of it. It’s just got that new car look about it now. Not that the outside is any different as it’s raining again but the tyres are black walled and looking smart. I just love driving her. Village taxi could be my new job?!?!?

So I’m back to looking for bits and pieces on eBay and Amazon and Just Kampers and Pinterest and you name it……….. obsessed much?!??? Eh yeah!!!!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 89 Abbie the camper-van-to-be has arrived!! 🚐❤️

Busy day today so not much time to write the blog but will make up for it all tomorrow! (I have to say here that I had actually written not much time to right the blog…….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😱😱😱 thank god I read it back!!)

After trying to make lots of different arrangements she is finally here! And I’m so chuffed with her.

Parked outside the hall just now so I don’t have to try me any reverse parking 😬

So all good. Been a good drive in her and she feels right. I am very conscious that she is so much bigger than the Beetle and I’m carrying a huge backend around with me but hey I’m used to that these days! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 plenty of driving and I’m sure it’ll become second nature pretty soon. When Craig and I started looking at camper van type vehicles our checking balance was always….. could you drive that to the Co?? And yes I can easily drive her to the co-op and not look out of place. Maybe once I have practiced reverse parking………… 😬

I bought the owner’s drive away awning as well but the she was so lovely and has given me all sorts of exciting extras laid out in the back. I’ll get into that tomorrow and see exactly what’s there. As I’ve said before the owner was one of the main reasons I went for this van as I trusted what she told me and I’ve been really lucky with the extras I’ve got!

Note the lovely Beetle is still up for sale… one careful lady owner remember 😬😘

So yeah, I’m sure this will be the start of lots of lovely adventures when we are into a further phase of lockdown easing. I’m sure I’m going to want to do loads of conversion stuff inside so it’ll be exciting to plan that. Have lots of ideas already but we can fully check all the measurements now that we have the physical vehicle rather than guessing what fits. I look forward to making her my own. 🚐💜

Arranging the insurance was interesting…. a lot of insurance companies are not interested in insuring the unemployed. The guy actually came back on the phone to ask when I was planning to go back to work…. now isn’t that the multi-million dollar question…. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆 he said that would be more favourable finding quotes.

Anyway, he managed to find a company to take me on…. but it’s the first time really that I’ve had to admit to being unemployed and that’s hard. I wanted to say retired but I realise that’s pushing it at 47…. I wish 🤣🤣🤣

We can’t wait for this to come. Now we’ll be fighting over which car to take!!!

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 88 Father’s Day and I got to see Mum & Dad for the first time in a very long time! ❤️❤️

Phase 2 of Scottish lockdown allows us to meet other indoors as an extended household. Finally I can go to mum and dads and what better day to go is Fathers Day and to totally surprise them!

I came through to this 🐶❤️🐶 and the coffee wasn’t even ready, I mean come on…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Set off at 11am hoping to catch them at the end of their online church service and just before they might have gone out somewhere. I don’t know where but that would have just been my luck! 😬

The traffic was surprisingly busy on the motorway. I took Bhru for company who was no company at all as she slept the whole way! Not that she would have chatted to me but I just thought it would help…. it’s the longest drive I’ve done in ages! It rained on and off all the way but Bhru was there so I was ok…. 😆

Got to the outskirts of Penicuik by 12.04 so I parked up in a wee lay-by just to give me an extra 10 mins. It’s so weird being in a completely different place when you’ve been home for 88 days pretty much. I headed into the estate to get there at 12.15 and pretty much timed it perfectly.

They had their backs to the front window so I drove by and parked up at their neighbours. Got Bhru out the car and headed over… walked up to the living window and knocked! Mum looked around, saw me then finally registered who she was looking that. There might have been a few wee tears!

Struggled with a selfie lol
We sat outside for a wee bit in the sun until it started to rain again! Bhru found a slick that she was desperate for Dad to throw! you can see how much darker it was getting…
Bhruic had a wee drink out the water fountain
And made herself at home!
Bhru saying hi to her Grandad 🤦🏻‍♀️😆🤣
My brother had made them bread so dad was sure I turned up just because I wanted the bread… it was just a huge bonus!

So we had a lovely chat and catch up and threw some sticks for Bhru and then mum and I went to the new Mauricewood Walk. It’s a woodland that’s had paths built into it and during lockdown the kids have added wee fairy houses etc

Loads of stones at the entrance have actually grown over, they are lovely
Mum and I on our walk
The trees have lovely wee hanging ornaments
Check this lovely wee fairy door
A lovely mobile
Tie a ribbon on this tree and make a wish
This lovely wee hoosie had Amelia written inside it!
McDonald’s drive thru!
Was just a lovely walk

We stopped off at mum’s friend on the way home just into the garden to say hi. Was so lovely to see her and her lovely garden!

Back at mum and dads

Needless to say I couldn’t take half the pictures I wanted as I was driving but everything looked so green and fresh after all the sun and the rain, it’s like going on holiday for a long time and coming home and everything looks a wee bit different and very green. I did take a few photos of flowers at mums!

This used to be at my Nana’s front door

So back home for 3.30pm and feet up to write this and relax. A lovely day out!!

Definitely counting blessings today.

Took a few photos of the midsummers sky last night while we were out at the fire pit.

You get the gist 🤣 it was lovely sitting out last night until after 10pm with the fire pit burning away. The wind died down and the sun went in but it was still warm.

Though I did have a weeeee blankie!
And ending with this…. can you see us dressed like this?!?! One of my neighbours sent this and said she can’t wait to see us out and about in it!!!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 87 what a glorious day! Scorchio! ☀️☀️☀️

After such a lovely evening, yesterday didn’t end well for me and carried on into a dreadful nights sleep.

So my anxiety went sky high at 9.30 last night. Felt sick, shaky, breathless and really sad. All of a sudden, literally with the snap of fingers I started to cry! Tears just pouring out and I couldn’t stop them. I went to bed without telling Craig as I didn’t want him to see the tears as I knew I couldn’t explain them. He was on the computer with the guys. So I tried to read and kind of cried myself to sleep but then tossed and turned for hours.

I had 8 of these last night 😢

In the hours I was awake I thought what might have triggered it and as us over thinkers do, I have a list of potential reasons….. 🤯😬

  • I’d been looking at FB and went down a rabbit hole with a post about suicide and read far too many of the comments from some very sad people. Their reaction to the post was a trigger as it reminded me how bad I had felt at the end of last year… the hopelessness, the worthlessness and I wanted them all to know it would be ok.
  • When I went to bed at 9.30 I let the dogs out in the garden and the wee party was still going on next door so I felt a bit sad I don’t drink anymore and wasn’t joining in
  • I’ve been trying to arrange to get my new VW T5 and while I’m excited by it, I have a huge fear that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, questioning whether it’s right…. blah, blah, blah
  • I’m so tired all the time that I don’t have the energy to watch my weight and can’t be bothered eating healthily etc and I feel fine until I have to put real clothes on like I did today.
  • The bottle of Nosecco I drank might have something in it that kept me awake
  • I think that might be all, not necessarily in this order but hey…. I’m sure I could muster up some more.

So I ended up through in the sun room on Grans chair and did sleep for a few hours then went back to bed and slept till half 7.

So you can imagine that I woke up this morning thinking it was gonna be a dreadful day, I’m tired, anxious, sad….. and then I read this…..

Whether you believe this or not it really struck a chord with me this morning. I was heading for the mud and struggle…. I felt awful and knew the day would be bad. But I read this and realised I had to rise above the drama. The drama I was creating in my head. It’s not every day I can do that but I have really tried and of course the sun helps.
I got this from my friend Tracey. She’s copied it from a friend on FB and thought I should see it. Again makes a lot of sense.
Bloody hard work this journey 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

So that’s just the start of the day and it’s not even 9am…. no wonder I’m knackered! I messaged Claire next door, bright and cheery said it’s the weekend and the sun is shining and the dog train will be leaving soon if you fancy a walk. So we got a great blether and a walk in this glorious sunshine….

We went to the burn past the J&B whisky bond
Bhru with her sore paw didn’t want to play at first but had to be in on the action!
Cheeky face!
Then all of a sudden she wants to join in
They played down here for about an hour. It was so lovely to watch them amuse themselves!
Playing in the burn 💜💜💜
Walking nice for Claire so I could take some pics! (No like me huh?!?)
Lovely dark purple thistles
We met a lovely lady with a red Merle border collie who had some treats!!
My favourite trees
Homeward bound
One of the Shetland ponies has had a baby!! Sooooo tiny but a really pixelated pic as it was so far away!
I’m lying out on the back deck writing this with my pups by my side
I’ve just had the loveliest wee half hour swinging on the hammock… with a blanket… how decadent!!

So I’ve had a very lazy afternoon, tried to sleep but haven’t managed it. Suddenly knocked out by hay fever that I haven’t had since my 20’s but all in all I’ve had a lovely day. We’re down on the back deck cooking steak on the new fire pit and waiting for the sun to come back round!

Ok yeah the steaks look a weeeeee bit weeeee but it’s a big fire pit and we’re just testing!! Doing chicken kebabs as well.
Now sitting out round the fire for the night!!

I’ve worked hard today not to wallow in the mud…. it’s ended up a good one. Now to chill and relax and enjoy the sunset when it comes!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 86 I dreamt I got a job working as a extra on Coronation Street?!?

Such weird and vivid dreams in lockdown. Bed around 10.45 last night after a Gateside Inn amazing Enchilada! I didn’t want it to ever end… so maybe it was the food still churning around?!? I don’t even watch Coronation Street (UK soap on ITV) so god knows where that came from?! It was really stressful as it involved me running around a lot trying to get props for the show and I seemed to spend a lot of time on a hamster wheel…. wonder what that may have reminded me of?!? Old job perhaps? Maybe? Just a thought………… 😬

So another lazy morning for me… I’m happy enough but can’t see to get motivated to do anything much. We’ve been looking for ways of getting the camper van so that’s taken up a wee bit of time. No plans yet.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the path less travelled from my meditation yesterday and I’ve found that lots of stuff on FB is pointing me to to the same thing. Without change nothing will change.

I posted this yesterday. Craig and I then watched a tv show where they talked about a company called Clovis that was a kind of Google/Apple type company that manufacture smart watches…..
Finished watching tv at about 22.25 and I see this at 22.31. A company called Cloverhurst (not Clovis but close!) doing smart watches… how weird is that?!?!?
Then this 3 mins later???? Do you think our phones can listen?!?!? Sooo weird as I’ve never looked up watches ever. Anyway… more positively next….
My Auntie Jac sent me this…
Then I got this email…
Then saw this on FB…. and I know I will be that person
Then this…. nothing else matters to me now
Then this….
Then this…. I thought this was really especially lovely
Then this…
Then this… which justifies me sitting with my feet up at 13.35pm 😬
Ok will leave all that behind
I am no longer hurt by the painful ending…. excited for the new beginning 💜
Then this…. said before this is hard to do but keep chipping away at it and it really does help.
When I speak my truth I feel calm. This was one of my new core beliefs through CBT.

So a good day for seeing signs to take the new path and turn the page for the future. I think it’s ok if I don’t fully know where that leads me yet as when I find out I will know.

Craig was working this morning so he took Calaidh with him and I took Bhruic and Freya our for a walk. (when he came back he said Rouken Glen Park was heaving…)

It’s a funny day… hot in the sun but cool in the shade (I can hear Craig rolling his eyes at this!!!) but the clouds looked amazing and as if it was about to rain
Arty buttercups 🌼🌼🌼
I hope you can appreciate the angle I have to get to for these pics… with two dogs 🙈😬😆
Freya and Bhru in the distance with Geilsland in the background
Bhru was still limping a bit today, just had to take it easy
A wee cool down in the burn and I love how they run to it then wait for me to catch up… Bhru is off hunting for a stone!
Bhru found a stone, check the state of her!!
Tongue out Friday!
A wee drink on the way home as they were gasping!
And it would appear the delivery fairy brought us a weeeeee present. A fire pit for the back decking. Bhru’s not impressed
By 3pm it was getting really dark!
So dark!!!!

Thankfully it only rained a few spots as we sat in the beer garden for next door Kenny’s 49th birthday. Had a lovely wee afternoon chatting and catching up! Didn’t think to even take pics as we were so busy talking! We were so lucky the rain stayed off.

One thing I find about drinking alcohol free drink is that you can’t drink as much as you did alcohol as it bags you up. Maybe it’s just because you know you’re bagged up because you don’t get drunk?? Could be that…..

So I’m home now with a Bhruic by my side and my feet up in front of the coal fire

Cuddles 🐶
Added to the bridge in the village today. Such a lovely thing to do

This seems a short blog today…. it’s been a strange day for me, very relaxed but reflective followed by a lovely time with good friends.

So grateful for everything that I have now but quietly excited for what the future might hold.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 85 the Scottish Government announce phase 2 lockdown easing 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I tried my hardest to be sunset queen last night…. the sky was stunning!

It was honestly beautiful!! I was out in the street for about 10-15 mins and then hanging out the upstairs window…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Another lazy morning in our house didn’t wake up until 9am. Lockdown sleep strikes again. It’s lovely weather today, hot so outside for coffee in shorts and vest top. So warm with a lovely gentle breeze.

My peonies are starting to bloom!
The Sambucas is flowering now too
So is the Ceanothus
I am actually reduced to taking pictures of my washing…… 😳😬😆 but this is the blanket that I crocheted for myself getting a wee freshen up. Still love the colours… way more interesting to work on that “man blanket” 😬

At lunchtime today Nicola Sturgeon, our First Minister, announced phase 2 of Scottish lockdown will start tomorrow Friday 19th June so I took the phase 2 rules from the Scottish Government website as surprisingly Sky News don’t even see it as a top story… Their top story is that Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary would only “take the knee” for the Queen and his wife. “Take the knee” has become synonymous with the Black Lives Matter campaign but I’m not entirely certain that I care whether Dominic Raab would do it or not. Anyway, I waffle (yes…. again, stand down all you lovely hecklers!)

Had to cut the heading to fit this in as seeing extended family is important!!!

So that’s a bit of a change and I think the biggest thing for me is now being able to try and meet up with my mum and dad. We can now go in someone’s house as part of an extended household and there’s no way on this earth I could have visited mum and dad in Penicuik and not needed a wee 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣 now the problem is solved!! Those who know me well would realise my overactive badder can kick in before Harthill Services on the M8!! Look forward to getting something arranged but we still need to be socially distanced.

My lovely friend Gayle gets to open The Little Gift Shop again on Monday 29th June so will be looking forward to seeing her and getting back to the shop! Have put a link in here below as she is doing some online sales at the moment. It’s such a life saver in our wee town on Beith and it had turned into the place to shop and have a wee chat. We’ve all missed it!

The Little Gift Shop

So back to my day…. Craig had his business partner over for a meeting in the garden today and they took the dogs out for a big walk as they wanted to do some filming. Craig strapped the go-pro onto Freya as there’s a harness that the dogs can wear. Might have to user that a bit more in the future!

Listening to work talk was a huge trigger for me as I wonder what I will end up doing…. I am worried that I don’t feel strong enough, brave enough or really confident enough to do anything. Yet I know who I was and what I used to do. I know that I am more than capable…. I just need to build up my self confidence in my own head. When they went out for their walk I had a really antsy feeling of not sure what to do, where to put myself…. so with a bit of good advice, I decided to try and other of Suzanne Robichaud’s meditations – Fear of failure or success.

It was sooooo good. I sat out on a seat in the garden, felt the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair (hecklers shut it!) The meditation takes you through full relaxation and makes you think of a time that you felt a failure. Focus on that and then get rid of it all. You then see two paths and should pick the path less travelled as that is the exciting path, the one you don’t know… so be excited travelling it as you have no idea what you might find.

It was so freaky as I had been worried about getting interrupted as it was a 46 min meditation. It ended with “I am awake”, my phone battery died immediately and the phone switched off and Freya came running up the garden. It was meant to be, all finished in time!!!! Perfect.

Suzanne Robichaud Fear of Failure Meditation

So then I did a poop scoop and started to clear the garden so Craig could pressure wash it in the afternoon but oh, wait…. we have a second BROKEN HOSE!!!!!!!! (🤫) so thats Craig’s afternoon ruined…. it a lucky escape more like. Hose being returned to Amazon!

I then had a emotional freedom tapping group zoom chat with 4 lovely ladies that concentrated on a feeling of being lost. Shelagh Cumming runs this for free during lockdown since no one can leave the house. Feeling lost is something I think we are all suffering from just now. It really helped to explore why you feel lost and then through EFT, realise that it’s ok and it’s nothing that should be worried about. We had a good giggle on the call today…. it was good for the soul ❤️

So all in all it’s been a bit of a shaky day for me but I’ve worked really hard at trying to overcome the wobbles I’ve had. I guess the return to reality for most is going to be a bit difficult as it highlights that I have nothing to go to. I have always known that this is the right path for me and that I will find the right thing for me and that it may not just be one thing. I can only go with my gut feel just now and try not to worry. Worry doesn’t change anything.

I’m in the pub helping with deliveries now. It’s Kenny’s birthday today and he’s having to “work” in the kitchen and work tonight but his banter’s good. He’s 49 today… older than me! Wee socially distanced party tomorrow if the rain keeps off.

Now this made me laugh!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 84 and I almost slept through Volunteering 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈😬🥴

Jeezo what is it with me and sleep just now?!?! Just can’t get enough……

Last night after the torrential rain had stopped, I went to let the dogs out before bed and poor Bhru puppy could hardly get up off her cushion. She’d been quiet all evening but never really thought much of it. It was quite nice if I’m honest. Just thought they were knackered from the walk. I got a fright and shouted Craig…. he heard me on the 3rd holler. He lifted her up and checked her over and it seemed to be her rear right paw. She was such a wee sorry souls with big sad eyes. We brought her in with us last night so we could keep and eye on her.

This could be the reason for the very long lie….. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️

The dogs sleep in the wee room above us and sometimes we hear them bark at folk passing by or each other…. you can generally tell when they are awake. Mostly thru vocal Bhruic….. she likes to warn us of impending danger… but having her in with us, poorly and feeling sorry for herself…. NOT A PEEP from the doggos…. silence! Just shows how good Calaidh and Freya were.

I heard Craig reaching for his phone and thought I’d check the time. 9.18am and we had been fast asleep and I was volunteering at 10am!! Picture the scene, I’m moving around like a slow headless chicken… not making much sense at all but I got there, ready to go at 9.50am with my head screwed on facing forwards. Just.

Through the week I was asked if I could head to Beith Trust HQ for 10am instead of 12. Suits me as I am usually a morning person and prefer to be up and out earlier rather than later. Most days 😬 I did my first run and ended up with the lady that loves a good chat. She tells me so much about the area and I always come away having enjoyed a good chinwag. Today we talked about a Gateside man, Rab Clements, who died last Thursday. She asked me if I knew him and it went from there. Rab was a loveable rogue who always had a word for everyone but was always on the lookout for a gift of a dram in the pub or something for nothing. So shocked to hear of his unexpected death last week but he wouldn’t have wanted to suffer a long illness. Anyway I told her the story of the boat…. 🚣🏽‍♀️🙈🥴😆

In 2018, if you remember, we had the best summer. Craig was determined to find ways to keep the dogs cool and went off to buy them a paddling pool…. a blow up kids paddling pool…. hours of searching Ayrshire and hey presto a pool for the dogs. Lasted 20 minutes…. seems our dogs have claws…. who knew?!? Not to be put off bu this oor Craigie went off and bought another one…. the same…. 😳 but this time being super clever he bought two at once just in case. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 another two the same as the first one….. so… number 2 paddling pool lasted less than 10 mins. Bhruic pawing at the water went straight through the fragile plastic bottom in about 4 paw splashes. Like we never knew that might happen. By this time was are almost at £60 on paddling pools.

So we’re in the Gateside Inn one teatime and I got chatting to Rab saying “wait till you hear about the one about the paddling pool…..” . Little did I realise what I was about to step into but Rab said he had a boat, a wee rowing boat type thing, in his garden and we could have that to fill with water for the dogs. So we kinda laughed and said hmmm not sure that might work, maybe a good idea and I kid you not the next day he was round with another 2 guys and the small sailing boat on a trailer on the back of a car. You wanted a boat, here she is!!!! Craig was out working so I tried to stop the impending dumping of said boat but it was off the trailer faster than a blink of an eye and this boat was ours. It was just short of 10 feet long!!! It was huge and it was very heavy. Needless to say it sat in the car park until I got someone to come and take it for free and it’s now a sandpit for a 3 year old in the Garnock Valley. To this day we still get pulled up for being taken in by one of Rab’s best of intentions but kinda hair-brained schemes!

So we had a good laugh about that today and I was so pleased that I actually had Rab’s home address on me to give it to the lady today so she could send a card. She’s known Rab since he was a wee boy which I thought was really lovely. Given that I’m not local here I was chuffed I could help.

So back to base and off out with my next run and I’m very proud to say that the lady I bough hair clasps for was actually wearing one of the ones I got her!! Despite now owning about 30 clasps due to her food deal in B&M, she put one of mine on when she knew she was seeing me today. ❤️

She made me smile ❤️

So I have to say after 2 1/2 hours of volunteering I came home and needed a nap. I honestly never saw it coming, started crochet and boom big zzzzzzz again.


I’ve tried to catch up on coronavirus news since my nap and honestly there’s very little to report today. I read the other night that Dexamethasone has really helped some patients during the worst time of their COVID-19 illness. It’s just a common steroid but it seems to have turned some people around from the worst symptoms. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses as the rest of the world work on finding a vaccine.

Sadly, our UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, was filmed on camera walking within 2m if someone and putting his hand on his back…..

We all make mistakes but these guys need to be on point 100% as the country is watching them. How can the Health Secretary tell us what we need to do when he’s so obviously ignoring it. It shouldn’t be this hard….

We are sitting outside now, it’s quiet… all we can hear are the birds tweeting and there’s Michelle’s 40th birthday cake at the front door!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Off to eat cake. Thanks Michelle.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 83 wide awake all night… go figure?!? 😳

Yes in total contrast to yesterday and maybe as a result of yesterday, I feel like I was awake all night. When you get up to the loo before 11.30pm you have an idea that things are not going to plan. Next time I got up it was dark so sometime between 12 and 4 but I didn’t look at the time and then again for the 3rd time when it was light. It was 5am, I was wide awake, making up for yesterday! (Or it could have been the Fanta zero Raspberry I drank before bed?? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣)

So yeah wide awake. My friend Tracey who lived “over the back” from me I Cuikenburn, Penicuik, until I was about 5 or 6 now lives in Vancouver, Canada. She had sent me a YouTube link to a new meditation by her friend Suzanne Robichaud, a Hypnotherapist. I’ve done several of Suzanne’s meditations in the past and I love her voice. I thought I’d share it with you as you might like to try it. I’m not a huge meditation fan but I thought I’d try this at 5.30am…. it was so relaxing……… so calm….. AirPods in so as not to disturb Craig and I totally relaxed and switched off. I did fall back to sleep again until just before 8am.

It’s called Letting Go of What Others Think Say and Do which I think will apply to all of us at some point or another.

Suzanne Robichaud meditation

Now this is very hard to do as it’s not out natural reaction but it becomes necessary in order for you to move on. It can be very sad, sometimes heartbreaking but it needs doing to preserve your own energy.
Bhru trying to sit like a lady pup for a change while we made breakfast

So coffee and pancakes with butter and jam for breakfast… hmm this diet’s going well…. NOT! Of course in every spare minute that I have I’m looking for campervan equipment and accessories… it’s becoming a slight obsession. So I decided to do some crochet this morning too just to keep the mind calm as I had a Health Kinesiology appointment at 10am with Shelagh Cumming.

Over yesterday and today another 3 squares for Craigie’s blanket

I love a Kinesiology appointment. ❤️💜🧡

I haven’t mentioned in my blog but I’ve had lots of joint pain, elbows since I went to Curves, wrists for a long time, knees since I did couch to 5K and now my ankle, walking the dogs. As you can see my body is definitely telling me that exercise is not for me?!?! That’s what I take from that?!?

Actually there’s a very good chance that could be caused by a fear of the future and wondering what on earth will become of me… could be my body’s way of fighting everything that’s happening to me just now. So today we worked on “moving forward with ease”. The easiest way to explain it is by pasting the Health Kinesiology website info!

Let the experts explain it!

I know many of you (guys) will roll your eyes at this bit but it really does work for me. I find the online sessions even better than the face to face, though I miss Shelagh’s hug at the end. I wouldn’t get that on a face to face session now either. Wonder if we’ll ever get hugs back? 🤷🏻‍♀️😞

Next job WEEDS! 🌱☘️🍀🍃🌱Craig very kindly (😳🥴😆) stole my phone for some weeding action shots! Oh my god the weeds have taken over and it doesn’t seem that long since I did them. The weeds are my job…. I think I’ll have to try and find a way to change that. 😬🤣
It does look so much better. It’s super hot today, feels like it’s gonna thunder 🌩⚡️
Tomatoes are coming on great in the greenhouse
Just popped up to my lovely neighbour Michelle to drop off a wee pres for her 40th birthday!
Turns out they were out in the garden so went in to say hi and bump elbows with an air kiss!!
CHECK OUT THAT CAKE!!!!! It’s amazing!!! It actually looks even better in real life… so fresh! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
A lovely pic of Michelle and Keith. She had to cancel her 40th party last Saturday in the Gateside Inn due to lockdown so it’ll have to be her 41st instead next year.
A wee close up of her cool birthday shoes! Love ‘em.

Michelle is got to be one of the few people who gives YOU a present on her 40th birthday…. she saw this and thought of me!

My first thing for my new van!
Pups enjoying the shade in the garden, it’s too hot for them to run around today.
Check this gorgeous cheeky face! The petals are from flowers that were wilting in the house.
And look what she was hiding!!! She’s dug a huge hole under the bench at the sunroom window! The photo doesn’t do it justice….. huge!
X 3 🐶🐶🐶🙈
Socially distanced walk with Claire after her work decided at coffee this afternoon!
The sky was really mean and moody and it’s sooooo hot!
Lots of fun in the buttercups
Needed a drink and a paddle
Water baby
Action shot!
Bhru got filthy as usual
Bhru with her muddy stone
There’s a tree fallen down in Spiers
Ominous sky on the way home

And then the heavens opened! About half an hour after we got home, we were so lucky. Perfect watering for the garden…. jeez how old are we getting when we love the rain at the time of night to save us having to water everything?!?

Stoatin’ doon!!

So a better day today, more energy that yesterday and really enjoyed our walk and hit over 10k steps. I just need to keep taking one day at a time and realise that some days might be slower than others.

A huge thanks to you all for supporting me 💜

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

Day 83 clean bed wouldn’t let me out 🛏😴🤷🏻‍♀️😬😴

There is nothing better in life than a clean bed… well there is…. there’s a lot better but you know what I mean. That fresh, clean feeling…. no dog hair…. well again I lie as there’s always dog hair but again, you know what I mean! Finally got to bed about 10.45 last night after chasing the sunset for a bit.

The problem with living in a village is that there are power lines everywhere and you have to jump up and look over hedges and bend funny angles to try and get a pic without huge power lines! 🥴😆

I just went for power line overkill in this one… thought I’d pretend it was the Scotland flag. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 pushing it? Maybe?! 😬

So today I am tireder than an awfy tired thing. I woke up at 8.15am which is late in itself… looked at the phone for a few minutes then turned back over and was woken up by someone scouring the bedroom for something. The phone torch in every drawer, the wardrobe… so I manage the words “whatcha lookin” for” or something to that effect… was more of a grunt to be honest. He was off out to walk the dogs. Of course I had to get up to the loo and it was 11.18am!!!! I still couldn’t really open my eyes and so that gave me another hour or so while he walked the dogs. I stood up about 12.10 and shook my head and got back into bed. Finally managed out of bed at 12.20pm! Just.

So needless to say I am as much use as a chocolate mantelpiece today. (This is a bit of a family joke as my Great Uncle Bill was overheard explaining to our French relatives that some was as much use as “un mantelpiece de chocolat” and it still makes me smile!

Even now at 4.10pm I could still shut my eyes and go back to sleep! (Bloody predictive text said I could still shit my eyes!!) I had to cancel meeting a lovely lady for dog walk at 2.30pm. I need a rest after a walk down the bottom of the garden.

Craig, on the other hand has been like a man possessed. After dog walk he went out to finish the sleepers down at the new decking.

In my zonked state this pic misses the main bit I was trying to take a photo off!!!
Here’s Freya showing it off now! wee goofy!
View from the back of the new deck…. you so know now that his mind has turned to the wood store area and how he can tidy that up now. This job is just never done!
So I sat down and started tying up the sweet peas… easy job except I think they all might be dying…

I talk a lot about having to listen to what your body tells you and it’s ok to have days where we can’t do much. It’s hard to imagine this level of exhaustion is possible when you are well. We all feel tired, we all get to the point where we need a rest but this is a kind of foggy, cloudy, exhaustion that sleep does not satisfy. A deep seated exhaustion. But it’s ok…. I have nothing that needs doing….

I’m in Gran’s chair, reclining and not moving except for food, loo and bed!
Crocheting takes a back seat to blogging but it calms my mind so been working on Craig’s blanket.
Then I got Calaidh cuddles!
Can be very hard for us to do but so rewarding when we listen.
I do still look back and I need to stop that. It’s not who I am anymore ❤️
Maybe tomorrow?

Sorry it’s a short one today but I’ve been at this on and off for 2 hours… time for a nap!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 82 as inner domestic goddess finally raises her head 🌪🧽🚿🧺🛏😌

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I sometimes do my best work when I surprise myself into it…. rather than planning housework let it sneak up on me. One of those rare occasions when you are on a roll…. cleaning like a mad thing and just can’t stop. Until you do and then you crash like you might never move again….

So let’s focus on the positive… the sunroom, kitchen, hallway and bedroom are all done. Even Craig found his feather duster and gutted the office. To be fair to him he started first and I couldn’t see green cheese.

What is it about women…. men can sit all day and not bat an eyelid while we run about like headless chicken and tidy up round about them. They move……. and rather than sit down and watch them, we jump on the bandwagon and see how much we can do in the space of time they are doing productive stuff. We just can’t help ourselves. 🤨

So clean bed again tonight…. and I’m conscious that by blogging about life in lockdown that everyone will see just how often I do the housework. But hey… I said I was always be honest so….. let’s just pretend that sometimes I might forget to post about housework as it’s too mundane. More important things to discuss. 🤦🏻‍♀️😬🤣🤣🤣 there, yeah that’s settled it, I can relax… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

So I have avoided the subject mostly but really should talk about all the Black Lives Matters issues that are going on just now as it’s taken over Coronavirus news. An American guy George Floyd was killed by police when being held over a forged $20 note. The officer kneeling on his neck for almost 9 minutes ended up asphyxiating him. I don’t know the ins and outs as I haven’t followed it but this seems very extreme for such a crime. America has exploded with Black Lives Matters rallies and protests and the UK has followed. These things always seem to be joined by people intent on destruction so the US has seen looting and violence.

In the UK there have been violent protests and some statues have been toppled. This weekend Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, appealed to protesters to stay out of the centre of London. BLM either pulled protests forward to an earlier time or cancelled them as they expected backlash from far right groups. There have been large groups assembled in London of people protecting statues. Again they say peacefully but there have been violent protests and 113 have been arrested as 23 police officers were injured. Boris Johnson has condemned this as “violent thuggery” according to Sky News.

As people gather to protest one way or the other that virus is still out there and it remains to be seen whether it will trigger a surge in cases. We should still remain 2 metres apart from anyone not in our household.

All we can do is watch from home and see what progresses but it’s a sad state of unrest in the world just now.
This lovely lady is a friend of one of Craig’s clients, she posted this picture and below (in italics on FB) so I thought I should share

In March I was really ill and was told I had Covid 19…I battled through it but was ill for weeks after and haven’t been great since.

12 weeks later this is me now…very ill, in hospital and Covid positive again. Have I caught it again, has it stayed in my system and flared up…no one knows and no one can tell me.

So I’m begging you all for the sake of your family and friends and my family and friends, for the sake of those you love…please, please don’t get complacent.

I’ve Covid Pneumonia, I’m on oxygen therapy to help me breath, I’m in a lot of pain, I miss my family and I’m totally and utterly devastated beyond words 💔
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else but the sad fact is, this could be you, your partner, your child, your parent, your grandparent, your brother or your sister.

My sister who was working hard on a Covid ward in the Ulster also tested positive and has been ill (we haven’t been in contact)…she was doing her job helping patients and risking her life. My poor mother has had the stress of having two sick daughters to worry about. The wards in the Ulster are filling back up and the staff once again, will be under pressure.

I’m a fighter and won’t let this horrendous virus beat me. I’ve been in the fantastic hands of the staff on Ward 3A in the Ulster Hospital since Thursday. They are looking after me so well, I’m so privileged to be receiving their amazing care. I’m also on a new drug trial which I’ve been fortunate to be offered.

But for now, please keep me in your prayers but most of all please value life and stay safe.
Help protect all our key workers and front line staff…we’re in it together.


This feels very flippant to post after everything I’ve said above. We need to know all this but we can’t worry about it indefinitely as it doesn’t do us any good. We can be aware of it and realise how lucky we are that it doesn’t always affect us directly.
This is very hard to do but most people need to do it at some point
Again tough but their loss not yours
We all make a huge difference in each other lives

While I’ve been writing this the sun came out and finally we got some of the lovely weather everyone’s been talking about this weekend. Its so hot, I’ve had 3 washings out and dried during the day…. love it!

Claire and I went out for a socially distanced walk.
We went to Spiers old school grounds, so cool in the shade but it’s in full bloom so I took another million photos!
This tree was a really strange shape obviously grown up to reach the sun under another tree
Love the old gates
Fuchsias are blooming everywhere now
Fuchsia bush
Took this from the inside of the bush!
More fuchsia!
Something different but don’t know what!
This is the trunk of the Japanese tree planted for the Queen’s coronation
Don’t know if you can see this too clearly but the Ivy has pulled the bark off the tree and it’s all hanging off still attached further up
Got this Star Wars T-shirt for £6 to go and see The Rise of Skywalker ( I did type End Game to start off with and knew that wasn’t right….. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆🤣imagine if I’d let that one go?!?! Divorce methinks!) anyway, I cut the neck and sleeves off today as it always annoyed me being too high up round the neck. Was nerve wracking but so worth doing!
Top of Reek Street heading back in to the village – stunning in the sun!

It’s such a lovely evening, it’s 7.20pm and it’s hot. Craig and I are sitting outside shooting the breeze and throwing the odd tennis ball for Calaidh… she’s concentrating on an antler just now beside us on the grass. Bhru & Freya are far more interested in what our neighbours are having for dinner outside 🐶🐶🍜 hmmmmm maybe they are hungry??!? Yip that could be it!

Finally got some peace!! 🙈🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾
Yes ma’am!
I breathe out deeply when I read this. Wow. ❤️

Stay safe everyone 🧡💛🧡 (for the sunshine!)

Day 81 in Asda by 7.15am on a Saturday??! 🥴😬🤣 and a good deed that didn’t quite work 🙈🙊🥴🤣

At 7pm last night, 11am California time we had a You Tube live session with Michael and Corrie from Overland Bound. They are going to run one at a time that suits Europe and the Middle East so that we can ask live questions. They read out our hi from Scotland! To be fair there were only 82 people watching at that point but still! They are such a nice couple and it let’s you see how overlanding works for both of them. Craig has an OB membership number of 13446 and last night they said that couples can use the same number if they have 2 vehicles so Craig is gonna order up some 13446 badges for my VW T5! It’s a great group to be a part of and a reminder that there are still a lot of lovely people out there who want to clear up rubbish on trails etc

You Tube live chat!
I can’t find a photo of ours and can’t be bothered going out to the Jeep….

So I had an eventful night’s sleep last night which doesn’t mean what some of you will think… so stop it right now! Didn’t get to bed until 11.15 which is late for me. Was watching a movie while Craig was online Grand Theft Auto-ing with his mates 🚗🏎🚙 and they were having a blast!! So I’m lying there…. Craig’s in the room behind me and I can hear everything…. every word like he’s shouting in my ear. Now he’s not…. he’s got headphones on, he’s just having to talk over the zooming cars 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 so instead of going throughn and telling him to shut the f up, I took the duvet through the couch and was out for the count. I think it’ll be kinda funny when he tries to find me 😬😆 so god knows what time he does and we humph the duvet back through to the bedroom and then he’s snoring…. by this time I’m so exhausted that I must crash too because the alarm I cunningly set for Asda goes off at 6.20am and I nearly cry… no, not going, tomorrow, hmmm I mean I’m awake now, no, no you’re not, you’re still asleep, but I can open one eye and I feel like I would be ok…. no you’re shattered and it’ll make the shopping hard work… hmmmm what time is it now? 6.32 get up just do it. #lifeinmyhead 🤦🏻‍♀️🥴🤣

So here I am in Asda and it’s a great time to go. Saturday is a bit busier than through the week but still ok, no queue, straight in, no families and no couples.

I just find the weekly shop so expensive these days. To be fair maybe it is because I buy everything in one go and from one shop instead of more sporadic shopping when we were able to move about more?

I do the Asda Scan & Go which is amazing…..No unloading everything through the tills. You scan the shopping on your phone and download your phone at the Scan & Go till. Done. Shopping already in bags! I will never look back….

I was nearly £30 by the time I came out of the fruit and veg section and I didn’t even get that much?! £128 for a weekly shop… the steaks have gone up by £1 since last week so that must be the end of the steak stockpile. Still £3.54 for a rump steak isn’t bad. I bought myself a lot of veggie stuff this week as I’m just not fancying meat much.

Next stop B&M for the mint skinny bars!!

I’m surprised that these have overtaken the Strawberry ones for me. Love these though could easily manage more than one a day!

B&M was pretty quiet and I’ve got a bit bored with it over the weeks so decided to cut it short and head to what used to be my favourite place ever… when we lived in East Kilbride!

Yip Starbucks!! Drove thru… so exciting!
Got Craigie one too to take home. I really am the best wife like ever… 😆
Home, shopping away, dogs let out, dogs fed and enjoying my Oat Vanilla latte…. sleeping beauty is still in bed, mind you it is only about 9.45 and he had a late one driving cars… 😘 love you ❤️😆
It’s dreich the day!
Off out with the gang…. of course it starts to rain but hey, it’s only water…
They were at this bit for ages…. how interesting!
Bhru enjoy some grass around the buttercups
Freya chewing straw like some Midwest cowboy farmer 🤣
Sure Calaidh thought I was gonna do something here 🤷🏻‍♀️😆
Wouldn’t be a walk without lovely coos 🐮🐮🐮🐮
Freya just needs a drink! Tongue out Saturday!
A blue Merle coo?!?
Wee cutie calves. 🐮🐮
Would you believe that I started taking more pics of weeds… they were very pretty in the rain
When I’m down on the ground taking these photos I wondered if passing folk would think I was having a wee in the field 🙈🙊😆
Love the purple hue of the long grass
Ok ok ok I’m done…..
Apart from the dandelions…. yeah I really took photos of dandelions today 😬

So my good deed that backfired a wee bit. A lady I deliver food to with Beith Trust volunteering, had desperately needed clasps for her hair as it was growing out a short style and out of control. So I got them in Asda and it seemed too early to drop them off before 9.30am… so after dog walk I looked everywhere for them and couldn’t find them. Thought I maybe didn’t put them in the bag properly? So I had sweets for the kids next door and I took them up…. 2 small bags of sweets and came away with 2 huge Easter eggs that they were chucking out!! And told not to cook anything for dinner tonight as Hollys in a cooking mood!! I always come away better off…… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So back home I pick up a birthday card I bought at the same time and out fall the clasps! Thank goodness I’ll get them down to her before I lose them again, remembering how desperate she was for them. I drive down into Beith, pull up outside her house and wave as she’s at the window. Not certain she knows who I am but there, plain as day, for all to see, her fringe held up by a lovely yellow clasp!!! She thanked me profusely but had managed to get out thru the week and picked them up in B&M stores for a £1…. she has around 20 clasps plus my pack of 6……. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

The girls looking cute when I get back
A wee lockdown funny… so bored with the shops closed people are ordering crazy stuff on line 🤣🤣
And a good excuse to post a Llama photo 🦙 so cute but apparently high vet bills for their teeth according to a close source 🥴🤷🏻‍♀️😆
We need to stay positive through all this

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙

Day 80… Eighty whole days of COVID-19 lockdown so far in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 it’s hard to believe this is reality 🌍

If you stop and think about this for long enough it can seem extremely surreal. Who would have ever thought this was remotely possible as we started 2020?

A new year, another fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. We all have the best of intentions of making this year count more than the last…. of making this year “better”… being healthier, fitter, just a better version of ourselves. I believe most of us live for tomorrow thinking tomorrow will be different and tomorrow will make up for all our shortcomings yesterday. We never took time to live in the moment. Everything was fast, days flew by, Craig and I were like ships that past in the night. We only had Sunday together and that passed in a flash. Life was just a constant sleep, drive, work, drive, eat, sleep. I had 2 hours at home in the evening if I was lucky.

A year ago I went off sick with anxiety and depression for the 2nd time in 6 months. Wham…. I am here all the time. He’s still working but I’m off sick, there’s days I can barely move but I feel guilty, I “should” do this, “should” do that… but I can’t… and I beat myself up that I can’t. Living with anxiety and depression is awful, a constant battle of worrying about everything and wanting to do everything now and yet not having the energy to lift your head off the pillow.

It’s a real strain on any relationship. The partner looks for reasons, causes, why it’s happening, how to fix it and yet the sufferer is the only one that can change anything with a lot of hard work and mostly time. They say time heals everything but in this case it’s true. A whole lot of days, weeks, months and years. Time to realise the true meaning of life. Time to realise what really matters, who really matters. Time to focus on the present day as the past is full of blame and the future is full of uncertainty and fear. Time.

It took me almost the full year and a half to realise that it is ok to do nothing if you need to rest.

Then….. we are told by our Government to stay at home to save lives and to protect our wonderful NHS from becoming overwhelmed by cases of coronavirus. There’s a virus spreading around the world that is happening to other countries and I certainly naively thought it wouldn’t necessarily hit us in the same way. But it did…… and it hit us harder than most European countries.

On Friday 20th March 2020, pubs, restaurants etc all close. They cannot open on Saturday 21st March and by Monday 23rd, those of us who can stay home and home.

Many of us rush to get all the thing done that have stacked up over the years. We did a huge amount at the start… greenhouse, shed, roofing, garden, painted sheds etc. All of a sudden we have time. We do what we do best, we try to fill that time with as much as possible.

I think the blog became a way of me writing it all down daily trying to make some sense of it all. We are together all the time when we never were before. Maybe the blog allows Craig to understand some of the chaos in my head 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 it makes more sense to both of us written down. Most importantly of all we have time….. time together to get to know each other again. Time to laugh at each other, with each other…. and it’s really lovely. He still leaves everything at his a*se when he feels like it, I still get defensive and witter on about what we should be doing and shouldn’t be doing but we can laugh at it. Our communication is way better because we have been given the gift of time.

When I’m tired and my mind is fuzzy and can’t concentrate he still uses too many words sometimes and I need him to narrow it down to the basics. 😬 When he says “would you like some brown sauce on your bacon roll” I said, “what, sorry, too many words…. 🤣” he now just says “brown sauce” and I nod. Now if that’s not communication then I don’t know what is 🤣🤣🤣

This is me to a tee! It makes me laugh but it’s bang on… 😆

Lockdown has taught us that we don’t need material things to make our life better. We need love, companionship, friends, connection. Lockdown has taken away one of the things that we maybe took for granted. That connection with our family and friends was gone in a flash. No more hugs… we had to find ways of keeping that alive without the physical connection. We’ve had zoom family calls, house party chats with friends, cuppas over fences and up ladders with neighbours and WhatsApp chats like you wouldn’t believe.

You all joined my crazy stay at home world and it made it easier for me. I felt less pressure to be out and about, meeting people, going places, doing stuff… because we can’t, we aren’t allowed to. I like this and I’m not gonna lie I’m scared of what the future holds because I like this. I’m worried I’m becoming a hermit!! When I speak to others though there are many of us that are the same, we have our own little home bubbles and routines that have become our new normal… what will phase 2 of easing lockdown look like for us?

It’s a bit strange being in Scotland as our UK Government say one thing but we have to follow our devolved Scottish Government. I keep reading things in the news and then realised it won’t apply to us right now. It’s splitting the country more than ever. Boris talks about England and it does feel like the rest of us don’t exist. While I’m very proud of the way our government have handled our virus strategy, us Scots still get angry seeing communication with NHS England instead of UK. I’m not sure why but we’ve always been funny about that, feeling like we are not as important. Anyway I digress….

The R number in England (the number of people one COVID-19 sufferer can infect) has naturally increased since the easing of their lockdown restrictions while Scotland is still lower as we are not allowed out as far yet. I’m sure ours will increase with further easing and we just have to deal with this when it comes.

I hope that we all reflect on this time and deepen our relationships with those we love as that, after all, is really all that matters ❤️

I have mostly spent today planning camper van interiors and it’s been lovely. I still have no plan but I have lots of ideas! I’m going to call her Abbie as her reg is ABZ I did toy with just Abs but then thought I’d constantly think of my severe lack of them than anything else…. not a positive connotation! So Abbie it is. 🚐🥰

I got a lovely card from a very old friend today….. she’s not very old but I’ve known her a long time. Well she is older than me come to think of it 😬😆

Sending you a hug ❤️a paper hug until I can give you a real one

Just lovely and so very kind of her to think of me. She says she doesn’t need to ask how I am as she reads this! 😘

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Day 79 deposit paid on my new baby 🚐

I have taken the plunge and put a deposit on a VW T5!!! I am finally realising my dream…. and I don’t know why it’s my dream but I’m going with my gut and it’s all I can do these days…. 🥰

It’s way down South so won’t be picking her up for a while yet. The lovely lady who owns her is gonna run it once a week to make sure the engine ticks over and then we’ll figure out whether I fly down there and drive back up or she drives her up to Glasgow Airport and flies back down. Flights are really cheap at the moment but we have to wait until the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted a bit. This isn’t an essential journey at the moment. The main thing is that I’ve secured her and I love that’s I’m calling her “her”. I promised to love her and look after her and now that I’ve blogged about her she’ll be famous. 😆 well maybe 15-20 people might read about her 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Need to have a think about what to do about the interior. Exciting times!

So the morning started with a Chihuahua being dropped off at the front door in her crate. Cookie is going to Megan at Braw Cuts to get her long claws trimmed and for a wee hair cut!

We don’t baby her at all…….

Now I need to tell a story about the next pic before I just post it up there…. Craig was sitting on the wee couch in the sunroom and Cookie cooried in your the side of his leg. He had one leg crossed over the other with the ankle resting on his knee…. he took a selfie of cookie salt the side of his leg…..this photo is the crease of his bent leg… I swear to you

He sent it to his mum saying he was farting on Cookie…. my boy 💙🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 it was the back of his knee!
Then Craig tried to have a wee nap with Bhru as he got up so early…. and managed not to wake me this morning!
Think he wants a funny man roll in my blog??!
Cookie wants in on the action too!

So all this while I’m negotiating with the van lady…. and then it’s time for dog walk as Craig’s on calls for the rest of the day.

Check me walking 4 dogs! Cookie was soooooo good and walked all the way up to the fields, ran around and walked back. I honestly thought I’d have to carry her some of the way but no, she’s was up there with the rest of them.
She always want to be with Calaidh but the field is so long that she had to stand on her hind legs to look for Calaidh in the grass!!
Even I could hardly see Calaidh!
Calaidh emerges and Cookie runs to catch up! Meanwhile the other 2 are running about up the top of the road
Calaidh and her shadow!
Then we met Muck and Fiona. They were off the lead for a good bit but I couldn’t get them all in the same shot. #mustworkharderatdogpics 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
Our national flower 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💜

This afternoon I joined a kinesiology tapping group which runs every Thursday at 3. Shelagh Cumming runs this for free. They’re a lovely bunch of ladies and it’s so nice to catch up with them. I haven’t been on the group for weeks as I usually am too tired on a Thursday afternoon…. am I going on 48 or 98?!?!

Cookie got a wee cuddle from Caryn on the way to Braw Cuts!

On the way back from dropping Cookie off I popped past my friend Evelyn with the broken ankle as she was sitting at her front window looking sad! She said she was grumpy and understandably so…. told her I hoped I’d cheered up her greetin’ face… 🤭🤣😘 Had a lovely wee chat with her, miss our crochet catch ups!

So it’s now deliveries for the pub and I’ve having Hollys amazing Roman chicken for my dinner later! Can not wait I am starving delivering everyone’s food to them!

Found this online this morning which I thought was really interesting. Most of our cases came from Spain and France.
Thought it was handy!
It is…. ❤️

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️

Ps…. I have to find out what happened to yesterday’s blog as it seems not to have posted…. will go investigate!