Day 93 shopping in a campervan (there’s a theme here eh?!) 🚐🖤

Apparently we had the long awaited thunder and lightening last night but everyone slept through it! Kenny next door said the lightening was amazing at about 1-2am as he was on night shift.

This is so true! We’ve all been like Mr Bean waiting for the storm to come!

The weather in the Outer Hebrides was crazy yesterday! They had huge hailstones and thunder and lightening while we sat in almost 30C heat!

Hailstones in Stornoway yesterday taken from FB Western Isles Weather page!!

Lightening in Stornoway!
The thunder storms washed away the Rhenigdale Road on the Isle of Harris!

Anyway enough about the weather that we didn’t have…. Abbie the camper went to Asda today! Still loving driving and pure hunners o’space to put the shopping! Did Asda first, then B&M Stores and then Home Bargains on the way home.

Check me… reversed into the space! it was dry and hot when I went in and torrential rain when I came out. Did wonder why there were buckets all over the floor in Asda that were catching drips….. till I saw out the window!

This is the first week I have noticed some very high prices in Asda. It’s been my go to shop for lockdown. Being unemployed now 🤦🏻‍♀️😬 I find Lidl and Aldi super cheap but you can’t get everything so I chose what I think it is the cheapest of the chain supermarkets. I noticed that a weeks supply of Piriteze hay fever tablets was £9!!! I have never seen it £9 in my life. Yeah you expect to pay a bit more for the branded version but not that much.

That’s more like it… £1.99 in Home Bargains.
I love this Hawaiian Tropic body lotion in the summer…. Home Bargains £3.99…. Asda £12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can that actually be possible?!? It used to be £6-7 on Amazon but £12. I’m honestly thinking of contacting Asda about the price hikes as I thought that was shocking. (Can you tell?? Maybe???) pure ragin’ so a wiz 🤬🤬🤬🤬 £12??????

Anyway, (calming back down) just thought I’d mention it so you can keep an eye out when you’re shopping. I enjoyed my wee trip today. Fairly certain it was the driving in between that was the highlight. Oooooh that reminds me, when I took the pics of the van outside Asda my headlights were still on…. uh oh… first car in a whole lotta years that doesn’t beep when you open the door with the headlights on. Accident waiting to happen???? Wonder how long it will take me to flatten the battery?!? Better get her camper vanned up inside sharpish so I’m self sufficient when I do break down…… 😆

Stopped at the Little Coffee Caravan on the way home and bought some brownies for us and next door! Bought a lovely Oat Latte too!

Poor Little Coffee Caravan folk… I made them pose for a selfie 😆
Came home to have it in the garden! Rain had stopped!
Gimme, gimme
Cake?! Did someone say cake?!
Then headed out for a socially distanced dog walk
Everyone’s sad the field has sheep in it…. well I am.. they don’t understand why we walked this far and they can’t go in. 🐑🐏
These signs have been popping up on the grass verges… couldn’t understand why?
Now it makes more sense!! Who knew this was a thing 🐝🦋🐝
Lovely flowers in the meadow garden in Reek St
We sat and watched this unfold on BBC News from about 2.30pm. It seems to have happened in the Park Inn in West George Street around 1pm.. So far we’ve heard of 3 dead and 6 in hospital including a 42 year old policeman who was one of the first responders. It really hits home when it’s in your home city. Seems not to be terror related.

Not gonna lie… I had a lovely long nap this afternoon (News was still on tv) until Craig phoned me from the bottom of the garden….. yeah phoned me… say the guys next door popped in for a wee drink.

Louise had the dogs eating out of her hands…. literally.

Look closely at Calaidh’s face…. it’s like she’s saying “check Leo…. showing off”. He’s such a clever boy!!!
He got tired tho and captured him nicely between two wine bottles!!
Calaidh never gets bored if there’s a ball around…. look into my eyes mumma….
Freya in a rare moment of sitting down!!
Bhruic having a snooze with one eye open… watching me…
Now you woke me….

In virus related news….there were so many people out over the last few days, crowding beaches and parks. Everyone is pretty horrified at the amount of rubbish that seems to be left behind….. all over everywhere the crowds have been.

Everyone is really shocked by the amount of litter left by crowds of people who are going out in the sun since the Coronavirus restrictions have eased.
Made out of rubbish left behind… the number of deaths in Scotland. Hope the folk who left the litter have a long hard think about this.

So it’s been another lovely day. I’ve enjoyed it. Not quite sure where all the hours went but that maybe shows I relaxed a bit.

Nana naps rule!!!!!

Thinking of everyone involved in Glasgow today at such a sad time for our city 💔

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️