Day 88 Father’s Day and I got to see Mum & Dad for the first time in a very long time! ❤️❤️

Phase 2 of Scottish lockdown allows us to meet other indoors as an extended household. Finally I can go to mum and dads and what better day to go is Fathers Day and to totally surprise them!

I came through to this 🐶❤️🐶 and the coffee wasn’t even ready, I mean come on…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Set off at 11am hoping to catch them at the end of their online church service and just before they might have gone out somewhere. I don’t know where but that would have just been my luck! 😬

The traffic was surprisingly busy on the motorway. I took Bhru for company who was no company at all as she slept the whole way! Not that she would have chatted to me but I just thought it would help…. it’s the longest drive I’ve done in ages! It rained on and off all the way but Bhru was there so I was ok…. 😆

Got to the outskirts of Penicuik by 12.04 so I parked up in a wee lay-by just to give me an extra 10 mins. It’s so weird being in a completely different place when you’ve been home for 88 days pretty much. I headed into the estate to get there at 12.15 and pretty much timed it perfectly.

They had their backs to the front window so I drove by and parked up at their neighbours. Got Bhru out the car and headed over… walked up to the living window and knocked! Mum looked around, saw me then finally registered who she was looking that. There might have been a few wee tears!

Struggled with a selfie lol
We sat outside for a wee bit in the sun until it started to rain again! Bhru found a slick that she was desperate for Dad to throw! you can see how much darker it was getting…
Bhruic had a wee drink out the water fountain
And made herself at home!
Bhru saying hi to her Grandad 🤦🏻‍♀️😆🤣
My brother had made them bread so dad was sure I turned up just because I wanted the bread… it was just a huge bonus!

So we had a lovely chat and catch up and threw some sticks for Bhru and then mum and I went to the new Mauricewood Walk. It’s a woodland that’s had paths built into it and during lockdown the kids have added wee fairy houses etc

Loads of stones at the entrance have actually grown over, they are lovely
Mum and I on our walk
The trees have lovely wee hanging ornaments
Check this lovely wee fairy door
A lovely mobile
Tie a ribbon on this tree and make a wish
This lovely wee hoosie had Amelia written inside it!
McDonald’s drive thru!
Was just a lovely walk

We stopped off at mum’s friend on the way home just into the garden to say hi. Was so lovely to see her and her lovely garden!

Back at mum and dads

Needless to say I couldn’t take half the pictures I wanted as I was driving but everything looked so green and fresh after all the sun and the rain, it’s like going on holiday for a long time and coming home and everything looks a wee bit different and very green. I did take a few photos of flowers at mums!

This used to be at my Nana’s front door

So back home for 3.30pm and feet up to write this and relax. A lovely day out!!

Definitely counting blessings today.

Took a few photos of the midsummers sky last night while we were out at the fire pit.

You get the gist 🤣 it was lovely sitting out last night until after 10pm with the fire pit burning away. The wind died down and the sun went in but it was still warm.

Though I did have a weeeee blankie!
And ending with this…. can you see us dressed like this?!?! One of my neighbours sent this and said she can’t wait to see us out and about in it!!!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️