Day 83 clean bed wouldn’t let me out 🛏😴🤷🏻‍♀️😬😴

There is nothing better in life than a clean bed… well there is…. there’s a lot better but you know what I mean. That fresh, clean feeling…. no dog hair…. well again I lie as there’s always dog hair but again, you know what I mean! Finally got to bed about 10.45 last night after chasing the sunset for a bit.

The problem with living in a village is that there are power lines everywhere and you have to jump up and look over hedges and bend funny angles to try and get a pic without huge power lines! 🥴😆

I just went for power line overkill in this one… thought I’d pretend it was the Scotland flag. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 pushing it? Maybe?! 😬

So today I am tireder than an awfy tired thing. I woke up at 8.15am which is late in itself… looked at the phone for a few minutes then turned back over and was woken up by someone scouring the bedroom for something. The phone torch in every drawer, the wardrobe… so I manage the words “whatcha lookin” for” or something to that effect… was more of a grunt to be honest. He was off out to walk the dogs. Of course I had to get up to the loo and it was 11.18am!!!! I still couldn’t really open my eyes and so that gave me another hour or so while he walked the dogs. I stood up about 12.10 and shook my head and got back into bed. Finally managed out of bed at 12.20pm! Just.

So needless to say I am as much use as a chocolate mantelpiece today. (This is a bit of a family joke as my Great Uncle Bill was overheard explaining to our French relatives that some was as much use as “un mantelpiece de chocolat” and it still makes me smile!

Even now at 4.10pm I could still shut my eyes and go back to sleep! (Bloody predictive text said I could still shit my eyes!!) I had to cancel meeting a lovely lady for dog walk at 2.30pm. I need a rest after a walk down the bottom of the garden.

Craig, on the other hand has been like a man possessed. After dog walk he went out to finish the sleepers down at the new decking.

In my zonked state this pic misses the main bit I was trying to take a photo off!!!
Here’s Freya showing it off now! wee goofy!
View from the back of the new deck…. you so know now that his mind has turned to the wood store area and how he can tidy that up now. This job is just never done!
So I sat down and started tying up the sweet peas… easy job except I think they all might be dying…

I talk a lot about having to listen to what your body tells you and it’s ok to have days where we can’t do much. It’s hard to imagine this level of exhaustion is possible when you are well. We all feel tired, we all get to the point where we need a rest but this is a kind of foggy, cloudy, exhaustion that sleep does not satisfy. A deep seated exhaustion. But it’s ok…. I have nothing that needs doing….

I’m in Gran’s chair, reclining and not moving except for food, loo and bed!
Crocheting takes a back seat to blogging but it calms my mind so been working on Craig’s blanket.
Then I got Calaidh cuddles!
Can be very hard for us to do but so rewarding when we listen.
I do still look back and I need to stop that. It’s not who I am anymore ❤️
Maybe tomorrow?

Sorry it’s a short one today but I’ve been at this on and off for 2 hours… time for a nap!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️