Day 84 and I almost slept through Volunteering 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈😬🥴

Jeezo what is it with me and sleep just now?!?! Just can’t get enough……

Last night after the torrential rain had stopped, I went to let the dogs out before bed and poor Bhru puppy could hardly get up off her cushion. She’d been quiet all evening but never really thought much of it. It was quite nice if I’m honest. Just thought they were knackered from the walk. I got a fright and shouted Craig…. he heard me on the 3rd holler. He lifted her up and checked her over and it seemed to be her rear right paw. She was such a wee sorry souls with big sad eyes. We brought her in with us last night so we could keep and eye on her.

This could be the reason for the very long lie….. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️

The dogs sleep in the wee room above us and sometimes we hear them bark at folk passing by or each other…. you can generally tell when they are awake. Mostly thru vocal Bhruic….. she likes to warn us of impending danger… but having her in with us, poorly and feeling sorry for herself…. NOT A PEEP from the doggos…. silence! Just shows how good Calaidh and Freya were.

I heard Craig reaching for his phone and thought I’d check the time. 9.18am and we had been fast asleep and I was volunteering at 10am!! Picture the scene, I’m moving around like a slow headless chicken… not making much sense at all but I got there, ready to go at 9.50am with my head screwed on facing forwards. Just.

Through the week I was asked if I could head to Beith Trust HQ for 10am instead of 12. Suits me as I am usually a morning person and prefer to be up and out earlier rather than later. Most days 😬 I did my first run and ended up with the lady that loves a good chat. She tells me so much about the area and I always come away having enjoyed a good chinwag. Today we talked about a Gateside man, Rab Clements, who died last Thursday. She asked me if I knew him and it went from there. Rab was a loveable rogue who always had a word for everyone but was always on the lookout for a gift of a dram in the pub or something for nothing. So shocked to hear of his unexpected death last week but he wouldn’t have wanted to suffer a long illness. Anyway I told her the story of the boat…. 🚣🏽‍♀️🙈🥴😆

In 2018, if you remember, we had the best summer. Craig was determined to find ways to keep the dogs cool and went off to buy them a paddling pool…. a blow up kids paddling pool…. hours of searching Ayrshire and hey presto a pool for the dogs. Lasted 20 minutes…. seems our dogs have claws…. who knew?!? Not to be put off bu this oor Craigie went off and bought another one…. the same…. 😳 but this time being super clever he bought two at once just in case. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 another two the same as the first one….. so… number 2 paddling pool lasted less than 10 mins. Bhruic pawing at the water went straight through the fragile plastic bottom in about 4 paw splashes. Like we never knew that might happen. By this time was are almost at £60 on paddling pools.

So we’re in the Gateside Inn one teatime and I got chatting to Rab saying “wait till you hear about the one about the paddling pool…..” . Little did I realise what I was about to step into but Rab said he had a boat, a wee rowing boat type thing, in his garden and we could have that to fill with water for the dogs. So we kinda laughed and said hmmm not sure that might work, maybe a good idea and I kid you not the next day he was round with another 2 guys and the small sailing boat on a trailer on the back of a car. You wanted a boat, here she is!!!! Craig was out working so I tried to stop the impending dumping of said boat but it was off the trailer faster than a blink of an eye and this boat was ours. It was just short of 10 feet long!!! It was huge and it was very heavy. Needless to say it sat in the car park until I got someone to come and take it for free and it’s now a sandpit for a 3 year old in the Garnock Valley. To this day we still get pulled up for being taken in by one of Rab’s best of intentions but kinda hair-brained schemes!

So we had a good laugh about that today and I was so pleased that I actually had Rab’s home address on me to give it to the lady today so she could send a card. She’s known Rab since he was a wee boy which I thought was really lovely. Given that I’m not local here I was chuffed I could help.

So back to base and off out with my next run and I’m very proud to say that the lady I bough hair clasps for was actually wearing one of the ones I got her!! Despite now owning about 30 clasps due to her food deal in B&M, she put one of mine on when she knew she was seeing me today. ❤️

She made me smile ❤️

So I have to say after 2 1/2 hours of volunteering I came home and needed a nap. I honestly never saw it coming, started crochet and boom big zzzzzzz again.


I’ve tried to catch up on coronavirus news since my nap and honestly there’s very little to report today. I read the other night that Dexamethasone has really helped some patients during the worst time of their COVID-19 illness. It’s just a common steroid but it seems to have turned some people around from the worst symptoms. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses as the rest of the world work on finding a vaccine.

Sadly, our UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, was filmed on camera walking within 2m if someone and putting his hand on his back…..

We all make mistakes but these guys need to be on point 100% as the country is watching them. How can the Health Secretary tell us what we need to do when he’s so obviously ignoring it. It shouldn’t be this hard….

We are sitting outside now, it’s quiet… all we can hear are the birds tweeting and there’s Michelle’s 40th birthday cake at the front door!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Off to eat cake. Thanks Michelle.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️