Day 90 a lovely lazy day looking at camper van stuff 🚐🖤🙈😬

There were dogs again this morning…. dogs that wanted to move before I did which was fine as I knew there was nothing much doing today. But boy did it rain???!? The forecast was for light rain before 12 when it would get heavier a bit it was coming down straight this morning….. that really fine rain that soaks ye again 🤭😬😉

So Abbie the camper is away for the day to get a full valet down in Glengarnock so I’m just lounging around looking for ideas of things I might need to get the conversion started.

Missed this yesterday

So we went through all the extras we got with the van! Amazing stuff. I bought the Outwell awning with the inner tent and carpet and got 2 Outwell camping storage cupboards, 2 ground sheets, 3 windbreaks and 2 Outwell doormats!! Honestly amazing!!

This is about my height!!!!
Took the puppers out for a walk when the rain stopped for a bit
And there were coos!! Not had Coos for a while.
We came back the Road way today. The back road was really busy with cars for some reason and it’s hard to get 3 dogs off the road to let cars past when the grass verges are so long after the rain…. moan moan moan 😂
There are going to be hundreds of thistles in the next few days. This was the first one I saw blooming in a row of bushes…. be prepared for pure hunners o’ pics!!!
Plodding among, singing a song….
Someone has planted the flower tubs. I’m guessing it was the horticultural society rather than the council.
In coronavirus news for Scotland. Think the kids next door were told 2 days in school and 3 days home schooling and my friends wee boy who starts school this year will only be in for 2 days a week but now looks like it could be full time.

I read last night that Scotland has had 6 days with no COVID-19 deaths which is great news and shows that being in lockdown is still managing to suppress cases.

It was announced by Boris Johnson today that England will move to a new phase of lockdown from 4th July. They are opening pubs, restaurants, cinemas and hair salons. (They already have shops back open) Gyms, nail bars, swimming pools etc all to remain shut.

Most importantly he is now relaxing the 2m socially distanced rule to 1m.

Nicola Sturgeon has advised

Craig read yesterday that a wee shop in Achiltibuie got serious grief from 2 guys from Manchester as Boris is the Prime Minister of the whole country therefore the shop should open to serve them. Boris rules the country so we should all be following England. Sad that he got called everything under the sun for trying to explain Scotland’s position.

These are difficult times but we all just need to be kind to each other and get along. If we break the rules in a country then we should accept that it might not be an easy ride. We should respect the differences the countries have just now.

I know that everyone that reads this is…. ❤️
We all are and we need to remember this 💜
We can’t change any of this just now, we can only ride the waves that the virus is sending us
Doesn’t remind me of anyone in particular……….. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙈🙈
So on to pastures new for us. Can’t wait until we can get away in the van exploring.
This is soooooo me 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oh yeah so picked the van up from the valet and they made an amazing job of it. It’s just got that new car look about it now. Not that the outside is any different as it’s raining again but the tyres are black walled and looking smart. I just love driving her. Village taxi could be my new job?!?!?

So I’m back to looking for bits and pieces on eBay and Amazon and Just Kampers and Pinterest and you name it……….. obsessed much?!??? Eh yeah!!!!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡