Day 81 in Asda by 7.15am on a Saturday??! 🥴😬🤣 and a good deed that didn’t quite work 🙈🙊🥴🤣

At 7pm last night, 11am California time we had a You Tube live session with Michael and Corrie from Overland Bound. They are going to run one at a time that suits Europe and the Middle East so that we can ask live questions. They read out our hi from Scotland! To be fair there were only 82 people watching at that point but still! They are such a nice couple and it let’s you see how overlanding works for both of them. Craig has an OB membership number of 13446 and last night they said that couples can use the same number if they have 2 vehicles so Craig is gonna order up some 13446 badges for my VW T5! It’s a great group to be a part of and a reminder that there are still a lot of lovely people out there who want to clear up rubbish on trails etc

You Tube live chat!
I can’t find a photo of ours and can’t be bothered going out to the Jeep….

So I had an eventful night’s sleep last night which doesn’t mean what some of you will think… so stop it right now! Didn’t get to bed until 11.15 which is late for me. Was watching a movie while Craig was online Grand Theft Auto-ing with his mates 🚗🏎🚙 and they were having a blast!! So I’m lying there…. Craig’s in the room behind me and I can hear everything…. every word like he’s shouting in my ear. Now he’s not…. he’s got headphones on, he’s just having to talk over the zooming cars 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 so instead of going throughn and telling him to shut the f up, I took the duvet through the couch and was out for the count. I think it’ll be kinda funny when he tries to find me 😬😆 so god knows what time he does and we humph the duvet back through to the bedroom and then he’s snoring…. by this time I’m so exhausted that I must crash too because the alarm I cunningly set for Asda goes off at 6.20am and I nearly cry… no, not going, tomorrow, hmmm I mean I’m awake now, no, no you’re not, you’re still asleep, but I can open one eye and I feel like I would be ok…. no you’re shattered and it’ll make the shopping hard work… hmmmm what time is it now? 6.32 get up just do it. #lifeinmyhead 🤦🏻‍♀️🥴🤣

So here I am in Asda and it’s a great time to go. Saturday is a bit busier than through the week but still ok, no queue, straight in, no families and no couples.

I just find the weekly shop so expensive these days. To be fair maybe it is because I buy everything in one go and from one shop instead of more sporadic shopping when we were able to move about more?

I do the Asda Scan & Go which is amazing…..No unloading everything through the tills. You scan the shopping on your phone and download your phone at the Scan & Go till. Done. Shopping already in bags! I will never look back….

I was nearly £30 by the time I came out of the fruit and veg section and I didn’t even get that much?! £128 for a weekly shop… the steaks have gone up by £1 since last week so that must be the end of the steak stockpile. Still £3.54 for a rump steak isn’t bad. I bought myself a lot of veggie stuff this week as I’m just not fancying meat much.

Next stop B&M for the mint skinny bars!!

I’m surprised that these have overtaken the Strawberry ones for me. Love these though could easily manage more than one a day!

B&M was pretty quiet and I’ve got a bit bored with it over the weeks so decided to cut it short and head to what used to be my favourite place ever… when we lived in East Kilbride!

Yip Starbucks!! Drove thru… so exciting!
Got Craigie one too to take home. I really am the best wife like ever… 😆
Home, shopping away, dogs let out, dogs fed and enjoying my Oat Vanilla latte…. sleeping beauty is still in bed, mind you it is only about 9.45 and he had a late one driving cars… 😘 love you ❤️😆
It’s dreich the day!
Off out with the gang…. of course it starts to rain but hey, it’s only water…
They were at this bit for ages…. how interesting!
Bhru enjoy some grass around the buttercups
Freya chewing straw like some Midwest cowboy farmer 🤣
Sure Calaidh thought I was gonna do something here 🤷🏻‍♀️😆
Wouldn’t be a walk without lovely coos 🐮🐮🐮🐮
Freya just needs a drink! Tongue out Saturday!
A blue Merle coo?!?
Wee cutie calves. 🐮🐮
Would you believe that I started taking more pics of weeds… they were very pretty in the rain
When I’m down on the ground taking these photos I wondered if passing folk would think I was having a wee in the field 🙈🙊😆
Love the purple hue of the long grass
Ok ok ok I’m done…..
Apart from the dandelions…. yeah I really took photos of dandelions today 😬

So my good deed that backfired a wee bit. A lady I deliver food to with Beith Trust volunteering, had desperately needed clasps for her hair as it was growing out a short style and out of control. So I got them in Asda and it seemed too early to drop them off before 9.30am… so after dog walk I looked everywhere for them and couldn’t find them. Thought I maybe didn’t put them in the bag properly? So I had sweets for the kids next door and I took them up…. 2 small bags of sweets and came away with 2 huge Easter eggs that they were chucking out!! And told not to cook anything for dinner tonight as Hollys in a cooking mood!! I always come away better off…… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So back home I pick up a birthday card I bought at the same time and out fall the clasps! Thank goodness I’ll get them down to her before I lose them again, remembering how desperate she was for them. I drive down into Beith, pull up outside her house and wave as she’s at the window. Not certain she knows who I am but there, plain as day, for all to see, her fringe held up by a lovely yellow clasp!!! She thanked me profusely but had managed to get out thru the week and picked them up in B&M stores for a £1…. she has around 20 clasps plus my pack of 6……. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

The girls looking cute when I get back
A wee lockdown funny… so bored with the shops closed people are ordering crazy stuff on line 🤣🤣
And a good excuse to post a Llama photo 🦙 so cute but apparently high vet bills for their teeth according to a close source 🥴🤷🏻‍♀️😆
We need to stay positive through all this

Stay safe everyone 💙💙💙