Day 73 started at 4.57am.. 👀 but highlight getting to The Little Coffee Caravan 💚

So yeah… she who can’t wake up before 8am normally… wide awake at 4.57am. You know the way that you check if it’s light… yip, it’s light but there’s not many cars passing the window so it must be early…. up for a wee, try to get back to sleep but no….. I’d been dreaming that I was back at my old work except it was like a very crowded call centre. We were sitting at desks beside each other almost shoulder to shoulder. Business was booming and there was a problem and everyone was looking at me for our rules of engagement or something legal…. inside i was laughing thinking how funny it was that they all thought we would be covered legally but inside I was panicking and terrified as I couldn’t give them what they needed. I woke with the fear that I’ve had to walk away from an amazing company, a high paid job and now I am unemployed at a time when lots of other people are too.

I’ve always said that I know this journey is the right one for me and that everything will work out for the best and I don’t have. To busy a gut 12 or 13 hours a day just trying to keep my head above water…. it doesn’t stop the fear from overwhelming me at times.

I have to try and find ways to get that fear to turn back into my positive reality
It’s 7AM!!!! Great time to go to Asda it would seem. There was no queue, only single people, no couples, families just space to shop
Then B&M Stores just after 8am. No queue and no running the gauntlet with loads of others at the entrance. Just time to wonder and look properly.

Don’t know about anyone else but I find shopping quite stressful just now as there’s pressure to pick up things following the one way system round the shop. I worry I miss things or forget something as we don’t just want to have to nip back to the shop for one thing. There’s also still that thing where no one makes eye contact. If you walk past someone you put your head down and rush by. It seems really strange, not that I ever launched into a chat while pushing my trolley but it feels very different.

On the way home I decided to stop at The Little Coffee Caravan at Lochwinnoch roundabout. It only opened a few months before Coronavirus hit and it had to close so I never got a chance to go. It opened up a few weeks back so was locking forward to getting a coffee and a cake on the way home!! Of course I forgot to take a photo of it but…..

It looks like this!!

They were so lovely…. said that I was so excited and they said that most people are at the moment!! Ordered a coconut milk latte and a piece of Snickers Tiffin cake…. was amazing!!

We got to chatting and you know me, I told them my life story…. well the guy asked if I was furloughed…. but it turns out the girl remembers the dogs from my FB page (when I first followed their page) as her dad used to have Border Collies…. She wanted to know how to pronounce Calaidh (cally) !!

I had been in a pretty rotten mood until then and it just goes to show how a wee chat and a smile can change someone’s day (obvs a bit of chocolate tray bake too!!).

Highly recommended!!
I tried to turn the day around and it really worked today. I’ve had the best day and that wasn’t how it started.
So home, shopping away and headed out with the gang
There was a man with a metal detector over the other side of the field….. wonder if he found anything?!?
We met Fiona and Megan with Muck! First time the dogs have been together in months.
Lovely play in the burn!
Back home and the roses are coming along, it’s lovely to watch them grow so fast

Had a lovely chat with mum and dad on FaceTime. Dad said they’ve decided to separate…. (he was joking!!) and he’s still trying to send mum over here but it’s lovely to hear them laugh as you know they are looking after each other. Talked about how nice it would be to meet up but know it’s still too far at the moment. Maybe in the next phase of lockdown easing. Sent them some photos of the garden and greenhouse! They’ve grown 3 radishes which they had with dinner!

We have strawberries!!! 🍓
I needed a nana nap and boy did I sleep!!! From about 2 – 4.30, it was sooooooo good. The deepest nap ever until wee Freya jumped up for cuddles. She was nosing at my hand for pets but I couldn’t wake up…. she tried for ages and finally woke me 🙄

That’s UK up to over 40k deaths at 40,261. They are saying that the South of England and the North West have increasing numbers of virus again with the R number increasing to just over 1. For everyone one person infected, another 1 person gets it. That’s and increase as they were down as low as 0.5-0.6 when they eased the lockdown. There have been protests in London over the George Floyd killing in the US but really government as asking Brits not to demonstrate and risk the spread of the virus. Nicola Sturgeon has also urged Scots not to let the bad weather encourage people to meet in each other’s houses. It’s only ok to meet up to 8 people outside. There’s a strong north westerly wind and rain forecast so meeting folk outside is not gonna be much fun.

So very true… stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️