Day 85 the Scottish Government announce phase 2 lockdown easing 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I tried my hardest to be sunset queen last night…. the sky was stunning!

It was honestly beautiful!! I was out in the street for about 10-15 mins and then hanging out the upstairs window…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Another lazy morning in our house didn’t wake up until 9am. Lockdown sleep strikes again. It’s lovely weather today, hot so outside for coffee in shorts and vest top. So warm with a lovely gentle breeze.

My peonies are starting to bloom!
The Sambucas is flowering now too
So is the Ceanothus
I am actually reduced to taking pictures of my washing…… 😳😬😆 but this is the blanket that I crocheted for myself getting a wee freshen up. Still love the colours… way more interesting to work on that “man blanket” 😬

At lunchtime today Nicola Sturgeon, our First Minister, announced phase 2 of Scottish lockdown will start tomorrow Friday 19th June so I took the phase 2 rules from the Scottish Government website as surprisingly Sky News don’t even see it as a top story… Their top story is that Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary would only “take the knee” for the Queen and his wife. “Take the knee” has become synonymous with the Black Lives Matter campaign but I’m not entirely certain that I care whether Dominic Raab would do it or not. Anyway, I waffle (yes…. again, stand down all you lovely hecklers!)

Had to cut the heading to fit this in as seeing extended family is important!!!

So that’s a bit of a change and I think the biggest thing for me is now being able to try and meet up with my mum and dad. We can now go in someone’s house as part of an extended household and there’s no way on this earth I could have visited mum and dad in Penicuik and not needed a wee 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣 now the problem is solved!! Those who know me well would realise my overactive badder can kick in before Harthill Services on the M8!! Look forward to getting something arranged but we still need to be socially distanced.

My lovely friend Gayle gets to open The Little Gift Shop again on Monday 29th June so will be looking forward to seeing her and getting back to the shop! Have put a link in here below as she is doing some online sales at the moment. It’s such a life saver in our wee town on Beith and it had turned into the place to shop and have a wee chat. We’ve all missed it!

The Little Gift Shop

So back to my day…. Craig had his business partner over for a meeting in the garden today and they took the dogs out for a big walk as they wanted to do some filming. Craig strapped the go-pro onto Freya as there’s a harness that the dogs can wear. Might have to user that a bit more in the future!

Listening to work talk was a huge trigger for me as I wonder what I will end up doing…. I am worried that I don’t feel strong enough, brave enough or really confident enough to do anything. Yet I know who I was and what I used to do. I know that I am more than capable…. I just need to build up my self confidence in my own head. When they went out for their walk I had a really antsy feeling of not sure what to do, where to put myself…. so with a bit of good advice, I decided to try and other of Suzanne Robichaud’s meditations – Fear of failure or success.

It was sooooo good. I sat out on a seat in the garden, felt the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair (hecklers shut it!) The meditation takes you through full relaxation and makes you think of a time that you felt a failure. Focus on that and then get rid of it all. You then see two paths and should pick the path less travelled as that is the exciting path, the one you don’t know… so be excited travelling it as you have no idea what you might find.

It was so freaky as I had been worried about getting interrupted as it was a 46 min meditation. It ended with “I am awake”, my phone battery died immediately and the phone switched off and Freya came running up the garden. It was meant to be, all finished in time!!!! Perfect.

Suzanne Robichaud Fear of Failure Meditation

So then I did a poop scoop and started to clear the garden so Craig could pressure wash it in the afternoon but oh, wait…. we have a second BROKEN HOSE!!!!!!!! (🤫) so thats Craig’s afternoon ruined…. it a lucky escape more like. Hose being returned to Amazon!

I then had a emotional freedom tapping group zoom chat with 4 lovely ladies that concentrated on a feeling of being lost. Shelagh Cumming runs this for free during lockdown since no one can leave the house. Feeling lost is something I think we are all suffering from just now. It really helped to explore why you feel lost and then through EFT, realise that it’s ok and it’s nothing that should be worried about. We had a good giggle on the call today…. it was good for the soul ❤️

So all in all it’s been a bit of a shaky day for me but I’ve worked really hard at trying to overcome the wobbles I’ve had. I guess the return to reality for most is going to be a bit difficult as it highlights that I have nothing to go to. I have always known that this is the right path for me and that I will find the right thing for me and that it may not just be one thing. I can only go with my gut feel just now and try not to worry. Worry doesn’t change anything.

I’m in the pub helping with deliveries now. It’s Kenny’s birthday today and he’s having to “work” in the kitchen and work tonight but his banter’s good. He’s 49 today… older than me! Wee socially distanced party tomorrow if the rain keeps off.

Now this made me laugh!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️