Day 97 a huvnae stopped aw day! (broad Scottish accent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😉) and it actually stopped raining!!

So it’s already half 6 at night and I’ve done so much I almost can’t remember it all but don’t worry…. I’ll find a way 😆. There was a time where this blog was the only thing I did in a day and I composed it in my head as I went along. You can imagine tonight I’m screaming inside my head that it’s already half 6 and I haven’t even started it yet!!)

I’m not sure this is true today 🤣 I talked a lot to a lot of people!!
Went to the cash & carry with Holly today (8am!) as the pub beer garden opens on Monday 6th July so she needed to stock up
Due to COVID-19
They’ve introduced barriers around each till lane now to keep customers separate and we had to observe a one way system on the way out.
Abbie the camper out to good use today!!! Booze all lying flat under the nuts…. no breakages!

Then popped into Asda in Irvine for a one way system shop around and we were back in Gateside for about 10.45. Unloaded Abster!

One of the most memorable characters in Gateside passed away on 11th June and today his funeral procession left Dalry and headed up through Gateside, down Reek Street and out to Main Road before heading on to the new Clyde Crematorium. There was a really good turnout for Rab Clements as people lined the road to pay their last respects. Funerals are still restricted to close family only due to COVID-19.

RIP Rab ❤️

I told Kenny next door that I’d help him with his CV as he wanted it updating so we did that next… only took me about 3 hours but it was just one of those things that prob took an hour and half to get set up and in the flow. Holly then made lunch and Craig came up for that. Did say he keeps getting freebies because I’m helping out!! 😬😆

Back home for around 2.30 and then went for a pupper walk with Claire who’s on holiday!

It’s quite hot now
Rosie wanted to play!!
Love the way they all stand waiting for something…. just go and play… there are 3 of you!!!
This little Madame almost refused to come out of the burn…. now she wants to play!!

Then back home I had another 3 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions. All still going well but not booked anyone in yet. Have had some lovely chats though!

Sadly Scotland’s 4 day run of no COVID deaths came to end with 3 recorded today taking us to a total of 2,485. There are still 450 people in hospital with 19 in intensive care as of midnight last night. It feels like people out and about have maybe forgotten the severity of this virus through lack of visibility of it or sheer boredom of not getting out. We need to remember what COVID-19 is capable of and never dismiss it. Someone read that we should act like was have it so as not to pass it on to others and that way we would not recklessly spread it. Worth thinking about it.

I’m now sitting with my feet up in the sunshine in the garden. Everything has sprouted in the rain. We can hose the garden every night and yet nothing brings the plants on like a 4 day hurricane (I exaggerate obviously but you know what I mean…)

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️