Day 78 dog walk, Beith Trust volunteering & lovely visit to the in-laws!

Thankfully I managed to get my head out of bed today and the rest yesterday did me some good. Bounding out of bed (ok not quite but I’m thinking motivation here!) at 7.30ish, dogs fed, toast with butter and raspberry jam. Uh-maaaaazin 😋 it’s the most miserable looking morning we’ve seen for a while…. smirry rain (that hardly rain but it soaks you!….. yeah I know…. it all does but you know what I mean) so all suited and booted to head out with the dogs.

By now I’m 5 mins walk from the house and already perspiring profusely…. (sweating like a beast!) it’s not cold.
Looks like there is a big cloud clearing. The differences in colour were amazing tho it comes out a bit more dull than it looked!
This lovely field has just been covered in slurry…. it may look beautiful…. it was stinking!!! By the time I noticed the dogs were in… 🤦🏻‍♀️
They do run around a lot and not just pose for photos but they know it’s not a mumma dog walk without a bit of a pose
What you saying?
The sky’s starting to clear
Buttercups everywhere just now 🌼🌼🌼
Calaidh found a branch
So we’re heading home and there’s a road block up ahead, the coos are crossing!!
Coo close up… Bhru barked at them when she noticed and they stood staring at us!!! Shut it Bhru… they come running yer on yer own!
The irises at the side of the road enjoying the overnight rain

Had Beith Trust deliveries at 12 today and I’ve had an extra 4 people added to my list. Did my usual Wednesday run and had a lovely chat with my last lady as I usually do. Then headed back to Geilsland to pick up for my new Beith run. It’s great to meet some lovely folk from Beith and learn my way around the town! Got chatting at my last house to a lovely lady… least I know who to leave until last! Her hair is driving her mad as she can’t get it cut and she is desperate for hair clasps and I said I’ll try and get her some over the weekend. Nothing worse when short hair grows and is in your face, I’ve been there!!

Finished by about 2.15pm and back home for a quick bite to eat before the whole Overland & Borders gang loaded up into the Jeep for the first time since about New Year! (I just asked Craig if he could remember when the 5 of us were last in the Jeep together…… “erm about 15 minutes ago” dead pan….. this is what I live with 😳🤦🏻‍♀️)

Loading puppy number 1
Puppy 2
And finally puppy 3!
All ready to go… they look overjoyed eh?!?
And we’re off to Craig’s mums as it’s his step dad Douglas’ birthday
And the heavens opened….
The 2 cuddling Blues 💙💙
Yay Cookie cuddles and we’ve only just arrived!
Doug has set up a gazebo in the garden which is just as well as by the time we got there it was pouring!!

It was such a shame that the first time we got to see Helen and Doug that we had the heaviest rain of lockdown, only saved by the fact they had the gazebo up!! It was so lovely to catch up with them and hear how lockdown has been for them…. also so lovely to have Cookie cuddles!

Helen and Doug aka mawlaw and pawlaw sat at their bar in the garden. We stayed over the other side… and still it rained!!
Helen looks lovely!
I had an alcohol free Gin Collins (how damp does my hair look??)
I’m on a deck chair and Craig’s on a bar stool…. I’ve not shrunk! And still it poured!
Treat time for the puppers…. all eyes on Gran!
Me & my boy ❤️
Had to get the blankets out as we got so cold!
Wee bit cosier now…. still pouring!
Craig picked Bhru up for a cuddle and she was only dripping wet…. totally soaked through. That’s such a guy thing, I freaked every time a dog brushed past my legs and soaked my jeans!
Sodden Calaidh hiding in the corner
Then sodden Bhru finds the same corner!!
A socially distanced ladies with blankets selfie showing the 4 of us at Doug’s All Bar None!

It was so lovely to spend some time together after so long, so strange not to be in the house or hug them goodbye but Helen said how pleased she was that we’d gone and that she wanted her boy to know she was really glad to see him. She said I knew she’d be glad to see me but she had to tell Craig. ❤️❤️❤️

Loading up the Borders to head home, still torrential rain!
Anyone smell wet dog? No? Just me then….. 🥴🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Guess who had to drive home. Never driven on the big tyres before…. my legs are so short I can hardly reach the peddles so I’m just about sitting on the steering wheel!!! 😆 someone needs selfie lessons… shaky hand guy!
I think I’m slightly hysterical…..
Zonked out soaking wet dogs… did I mention it was pouring with rain?!?

So a really lovely busy day and I’m only loading this up at 9.30pm which is late for me. We had a takeaway for dinner and Craig and the pups are crashed out on the couch. I will pass out too shortly.

Lockdown has shown us how important our family and friends are to us. We take people for granted in our busy lives and this has been a chance for us to reflect on all of that. Our relationships matter…. a whole lot.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️