Day 82 as inner domestic goddess finally raises her head 🌪🧽🚿🧺🛏😌

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I sometimes do my best work when I surprise myself into it…. rather than planning housework let it sneak up on me. One of those rare occasions when you are on a roll…. cleaning like a mad thing and just can’t stop. Until you do and then you crash like you might never move again….

So let’s focus on the positive… the sunroom, kitchen, hallway and bedroom are all done. Even Craig found his feather duster and gutted the office. To be fair to him he started first and I couldn’t see green cheese.

What is it about women…. men can sit all day and not bat an eyelid while we run about like headless chicken and tidy up round about them. They move……. and rather than sit down and watch them, we jump on the bandwagon and see how much we can do in the space of time they are doing productive stuff. We just can’t help ourselves. 🤨

So clean bed again tonight…. and I’m conscious that by blogging about life in lockdown that everyone will see just how often I do the housework. But hey… I said I was always be honest so….. let’s just pretend that sometimes I might forget to post about housework as it’s too mundane. More important things to discuss. 🤦🏻‍♀️😬🤣🤣🤣 there, yeah that’s settled it, I can relax… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

So I have avoided the subject mostly but really should talk about all the Black Lives Matters issues that are going on just now as it’s taken over Coronavirus news. An American guy George Floyd was killed by police when being held over a forged $20 note. The officer kneeling on his neck for almost 9 minutes ended up asphyxiating him. I don’t know the ins and outs as I haven’t followed it but this seems very extreme for such a crime. America has exploded with Black Lives Matters rallies and protests and the UK has followed. These things always seem to be joined by people intent on destruction so the US has seen looting and violence.

In the UK there have been violent protests and some statues have been toppled. This weekend Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, appealed to protesters to stay out of the centre of London. BLM either pulled protests forward to an earlier time or cancelled them as they expected backlash from far right groups. There have been large groups assembled in London of people protecting statues. Again they say peacefully but there have been violent protests and 113 have been arrested as 23 police officers were injured. Boris Johnson has condemned this as “violent thuggery” according to Sky News.

As people gather to protest one way or the other that virus is still out there and it remains to be seen whether it will trigger a surge in cases. We should still remain 2 metres apart from anyone not in our household.

All we can do is watch from home and see what progresses but it’s a sad state of unrest in the world just now.
This lovely lady is a friend of one of Craig’s clients, she posted this picture and below (in italics on FB) so I thought I should share

In March I was really ill and was told I had Covid 19…I battled through it but was ill for weeks after and haven’t been great since.

12 weeks later this is me now…very ill, in hospital and Covid positive again. Have I caught it again, has it stayed in my system and flared up…no one knows and no one can tell me.

So I’m begging you all for the sake of your family and friends and my family and friends, for the sake of those you love…please, please don’t get complacent.

I’ve Covid Pneumonia, I’m on oxygen therapy to help me breath, I’m in a lot of pain, I miss my family and I’m totally and utterly devastated beyond words 💔
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else but the sad fact is, this could be you, your partner, your child, your parent, your grandparent, your brother or your sister.

My sister who was working hard on a Covid ward in the Ulster also tested positive and has been ill (we haven’t been in contact)…she was doing her job helping patients and risking her life. My poor mother has had the stress of having two sick daughters to worry about. The wards in the Ulster are filling back up and the staff once again, will be under pressure.

I’m a fighter and won’t let this horrendous virus beat me. I’ve been in the fantastic hands of the staff on Ward 3A in the Ulster Hospital since Thursday. They are looking after me so well, I’m so privileged to be receiving their amazing care. I’m also on a new drug trial which I’ve been fortunate to be offered.

But for now, please keep me in your prayers but most of all please value life and stay safe.
Help protect all our key workers and front line staff…we’re in it together.


This feels very flippant to post after everything I’ve said above. We need to know all this but we can’t worry about it indefinitely as it doesn’t do us any good. We can be aware of it and realise how lucky we are that it doesn’t always affect us directly.
This is very hard to do but most people need to do it at some point
Again tough but their loss not yours
We all make a huge difference in each other lives

While I’ve been writing this the sun came out and finally we got some of the lovely weather everyone’s been talking about this weekend. Its so hot, I’ve had 3 washings out and dried during the day…. love it!

Claire and I went out for a socially distanced walk.
We went to Spiers old school grounds, so cool in the shade but it’s in full bloom so I took another million photos!
This tree was a really strange shape obviously grown up to reach the sun under another tree
Love the old gates
Fuchsias are blooming everywhere now
Fuchsia bush
Took this from the inside of the bush!
More fuchsia!
Something different but don’t know what!
This is the trunk of the Japanese tree planted for the Queen’s coronation
Don’t know if you can see this too clearly but the Ivy has pulled the bark off the tree and it’s all hanging off still attached further up
Got this Star Wars T-shirt for £6 to go and see The Rise of Skywalker ( I did type End Game to start off with and knew that wasn’t right….. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆🤣imagine if I’d let that one go?!?! Divorce methinks!) anyway, I cut the neck and sleeves off today as it always annoyed me being too high up round the neck. Was nerve wracking but so worth doing!
Top of Reek Street heading back in to the village – stunning in the sun!

It’s such a lovely evening, it’s 7.20pm and it’s hot. Craig and I are sitting outside shooting the breeze and throwing the odd tennis ball for Calaidh… she’s concentrating on an antler just now beside us on the grass. Bhru & Freya are far more interested in what our neighbours are having for dinner outside 🐶🐶🍜 hmmmmm maybe they are hungry??!? Yip that could be it!

Finally got some peace!! 🙈🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾
Yes ma’am!
I breathe out deeply when I read this. Wow. ❤️

Stay safe everyone 🧡💛🧡 (for the sunshine!)