Day 69 investigation of Trearne Quarry & clean bed in a matter of hours!!! ☀️☀️☀️

Needless to say after yesterday’s walk I slept like a log and couldn’t open my eyes when Craig got up. He crept about like a wee mouse 🐁 and shut all the doors so I didn’t wake up. So much more thoughtful than I was yesterday. 😆 (the fact that I know he did it all kinda says it all but you know… we’ll give him this one!)

Reminds me of something I did the other day…. we have 3 baskets in the bathroom that we keep toiletries in. One of them (the middle one… Craig’s one… of course!) was full to overflowing and the lid didn’t sit on top… it was driving me mad.

There were at least 6 cans of deodorant in there and 4 had hardly anything in them so I left a note 😬 woman will get this…. men will just roll their eyes but come on………. really???!? Use, finish, bin. Done.

So up and tidied the kitchen and fed the dogs. Outside for coffee and admiring the garden!

The roses are starting to bloom in the last day or so 🌹🌹🌹

I suggested we take a dog walk up the end of the road to the Trearne Quarry. We’ve not been there for years. It’s the site of the old Trearne House.

How it looks today. Wee film by a sounding awfy puffed out Julesie.
Dogs puffed out too!
Just look at that sky….
Craig wanted to climb this! 🧗🏻‍♂️
Back on top of the cliff looking to the left

Have to say it looks really nice in the photos but actually the earth was really soft and riddled with bits of plastic, grass, metal, you name it. The water that is there now is stagnant and looks pretty rotten just like the end of a puddle… and it stinks… so all in all not the best place for the dogs. Think I might go back and explore one day without them.

Heading back to the B777 main road
Gateside from the Quarry entrance
Close up! Spot the lovely VW still up for sale!!
The Gateside Plant Centre have a new sign! They have decided not to open today but to continue online with deliveries of click and collect. They’ve done so well through this crisis and got business up on line long before many others have.

So back home for a lazy day in the sun I think. It’s so hot. The forecast says a maximum of 21 but it’s been hotter than that for days! I’ve already done two loads of washing and they are dry within an hour. Not sure if folk in warmer climates realise how long it takes us Scots to dry washing in the winter??! Days and days….

You know you’re getting on a bit when changing the bed in one day and putting the same sheets back on it’s just amazing…. clean bed tonight, can’t wait!!!
There’s a queue to get up on the hammock wit Craig! 🐶🐶🐶

Craig’s away down to the Co-op while in lie with my head in the shade and my back in the sun trying to tan the ever elusive back of legs…. actually I’m writing this and I’m finding it can take up to 3 hours out of my day. It’s definitely faster the earlier I do it. If I wait until evening it’s like being on line with the old dial up!!!

In coronavirus news England are easing their lockdown from today and yet it’s different to what we have in Scotland. Our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is urging us not to be confused by what Boris Johnson is releasing in England as Scotland is a few weeks behind as our virus spread happened after England.

Taken from BBC News website

Over the weekend there have been so many reports of huge gatherings down south. An illegal party in East London. A protest in London for American George Floyd who was asphyxiated by police in the States, beaches have been mobbed. In Scotland police had to issue 797 dispersal notices over the weekend with tourist hot spots like Glencoe and Loch Lomond heaving. We are only meant to be outdoors within 5 miles from our houses. No way all of that is caused by locals up there.

Haven’t mentioned Gateside Primary School’s COVID-19 snake made out of painted stones by the kids and the local community. Rachel next door won the competition to name it Patrick after the Patrick’s that donated the hall to the village in the late 1800’s. I’ve added 3 stones, just like my weight!!!
Did these on Thursday night in between food deliveries at the pub

Craig set up a slip and slide in the garden for the girls next door to play on! The puppers are loving it too…. least the grass is getting a wash 😆
It’s hard to remember being so close to others that we could actually hug anyone we wanted to…. 💜

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️