Day 72 bit of a lazy Avery day, for me anyway 🧶😆

Didn’t sleep that well last night, woke up with a clenched jaw and tense shoulders after bad dreams but don’t panic as I stayed in bed for another hour and a half just to make sure I was really ready to get up. 😬

Had leisurely coffee and then set about both bathrooms, inside cupboards and everything. They are sparkling again but it really doesn’t make for a great blog. A shiny “bog” maybe….. 🤷🏻‍♀️🚽🧻🚿🚰🛁🧽🧼🤦🏻‍♀️ I know…. sorry.

Re-useable cotton bud!

For those of you who love a cotton bud…. stop right here… click on the link…. the rest of you just skip on past!! Don’t think I mentioned before but Craig likes to buy things every now and then…. one of his recent gifts to us was the Last Swab!! A reusable cotton bud… means no more added to landfill but your ears are still spotless! I’m amazing. I use it in the shower and wash it clean ready for the next time. A cotton bud revolution…. Craig actually asked if I was struggling for content today 😬😆 the cheek of it 🤭🤔🙄 how dare he…. yes… 😬

I’ve decided to use up some of Jeannie’s old baby wool to make some more baby blankets for Paisley Maternity. Was thinking of giving the wool away but it should be put to good use!

It’s a wee break from crocheting the nam blanket for Craig in its dull man colours 😬🤣

There were a total of 1,805 new cases yesterday and 505 people were admitted to hospitals with COVID-19. There are still 7,312 people in hospital too. I was quite surprised by that…. there was a further 176 deaths taking our total to 39,904. England announced tonight that from the 15th June everyone travelling on public transport must wear a face covering. You should avoid public transport if you can.

Scotland have not yet decided that face masks will be essential but it is fairly likely that we will go down that route too.

The pandemic is taking hold in Brazil in the Amazon with Sky News reporting that they are so overwhelmed that people are dying in their beds. Brazil had the second highest number of cases in the world behind the US. There is a backlog of burials and gravediggers never stop digging. As I read up on this I still think we hid a lot of this news in the UK as our journey through this seems to have been downplayed where the news stories around the world haven’t been. I maybe just missed it…

Data from 28th May. UK deaths way higher than all of these countries…

So, Craig bought me a hat today…. very lovely of him and most likely because I’ve been pinching his Tilley hat and Jeep cap when we’ve been out in the sun! It’s a Tarp Hat (I actually typed Tart Hat there 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣).

I love it! It’s really scruffy looking but it’s the new me… no more smart business dress!! Recycled tarp hat!! Cowgirl in Gateside 😆😂
I think this is really important…. I grew up thinking money, status and job title were everything but I see how little that means in my life now. Easy to say when I have “unemployed” as my new job title, like I don’t have a choice but this time has made me realise the importance of surrounding yourself with people who treat you well.
We can sure spread hate and negativity fast. We are quick to put others down if they disagree with us and we need to think twice before we do that.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️