Day 76 finally caught the wee slug that moved in 🐌 and that’s not what I called it at 4.30am 🤬

Yeah I know I’ve not mentioned this before because you don’t really but we’ve had crazy silvery patterns on our hall rug every morning for weeks now… there are no trails leading on or off the rug and I’ve lifted it so many times to look it’s unreal.

When you live with dogs and your doors open for about 15-16 hours a day you can’t expect your house to be as lovely as the 2 bedroom flat you lived in on your own before you met hubby…. the flat that you put everything away when you used it and hardly needed to do a clean and tidy as it was always clean and tidy. Yes so I have adapted to my new level of cleanliness…. gradually over the years, some days better than others…. some days I can turn a blind eye to the mayhem.

Strangely I have coped remarkably well with slug living in our hall. For some reason when I woke up for the loo at 4.30am I got the fear and thought to tippy toe over the rug very quickly. Like a light-footed 13.5 stone ninja 😬🤣 and sure enough on my return, Sluggy McSluggerson was doing it’s “thang” just slugging around. I shouted out that I’d finally got the wee f&ckr 🤷🏻‍♀️🤭🤬

Of course after that I was awake for about an hour before I could get over the excitement and fall back to sleep. We were woken this time by small muffled barks or dog yawns…which sound like a cow mooing from our bedroom below the dogs’ room. I tell you, never a dull moment in this house!

Did some work in the greenhouse this morning to raise the tomato plants to give them a bit more light
Our strawberry harvest… a new job for me maybe? Supply to local supermarkets?!? 🍓🥴😳
The sun is shining let’s do a photo shoot puppers!!
Morning aerobics 🎾
Out with the pups for their daily sniff….
Same stick, different day!
Same bit of burn, different day!
Freya having a wee lie down in the shade
Check Calaidh in action… don’t often get pics of her running
The other two have a grassy feed while Freya chills
Then we have some more aerobics with a pine cone!
Wait for it!
They all want the next shot!
There’s a traffic jam on the way into the burn, think it was too steep for Calaidh so she stopped and Freya and Bhru kinda crowded in on her… she’s there at the front.
Heading home now and the suns gone in but it’s still warm.
These Irises are growing by the side of the road in Reek Street, they are beautiful.
There’s been a delivery!!!
While I’ve been away Craig’s unloaded the last 850kg of stones!
All flattened out ready to go… well it’s as flat as we want it as we like a bit of undulation. It’s such an old house that the garden would look daft if the artificial grass was laid perfectly flat. That’s what we reckon anyway.
Teram down and ready for grass
Man at work
Calaidh posing on the new stones
Freya in the shade again
Grass is down, still needs fully pinned down… strongly resembling green carpet at the moment
Of course I made them pose!

So a very productive day, Craig went out to work after all that and I cleaned the living room and the sunroom. Then I reckoned I really needed to sit down… before I fell down and yet I’ve done half of what Craig’s done. Craig says it’s not a competition so that’s good, I’m sat in the sun because I’m tired and it’s not a competition as to who does the most. (We all know it’s a secret competition but I’m allowing him to win, just don’t tell him…)

Job well done!!

So on my dog walk today I saw 7 planes…. 2 very high level that seems to be on true same flight path (I really wanted to use the word trajectory here but flight path really does cover it) of course I took a photo!

It seems like things are starting to pick back up as at least 3 flights landed in Glasgow in the hour I was out. I do look at them and wonder who’s on them? Where are people going and why?! We’ve hardly seen any commercial flights over these 11 weeks. Plenty of military and freight planes but that’s been all.

Sky News reports

We can only watch and wait and see the outcome of all the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in London and major cities as people have crowded together with not social distancing. 49 police officers were injured as protests turned violent .

The reduction in deaths is great news those as we continue to stay in lockdown on Scotland. It’s still 55 too many. It’s honestly been the strangest of years.

I keep meaning to talk about the price of things during this virus. Craig is having sirloin or rump steaks almost every other night as they are so cheap. I can get them in Asda for £2.75 (rump) and £2.85 (sirloin). There’s an excess of steak due to restaurants being closed.

Fuel is still super cheap due to the fall in the price of oil. It’s just a shame that none of us are really using it! I know the neighbours have all stocked up on oil for their heating due to the cheap pricing.

I definitely won’t

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜