Day 86 I dreamt I got a job working as a extra on Coronation Street?!?

Such weird and vivid dreams in lockdown. Bed around 10.45 last night after a Gateside Inn amazing Enchilada! I didn’t want it to ever end… so maybe it was the food still churning around?!? I don’t even watch Coronation Street (UK soap on ITV) so god knows where that came from?! It was really stressful as it involved me running around a lot trying to get props for the show and I seemed to spend a lot of time on a hamster wheel…. wonder what that may have reminded me of?!? Old job perhaps? Maybe? Just a thought………… 😬

So another lazy morning for me… I’m happy enough but can’t see to get motivated to do anything much. We’ve been looking for ways of getting the camper van so that’s taken up a wee bit of time. No plans yet.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the path less travelled from my meditation yesterday and I’ve found that lots of stuff on FB is pointing me to to the same thing. Without change nothing will change.

I posted this yesterday. Craig and I then watched a tv show where they talked about a company called Clovis that was a kind of Google/Apple type company that manufacture smart watches…..
Finished watching tv at about 22.25 and I see this at 22.31. A company called Cloverhurst (not Clovis but close!) doing smart watches… how weird is that?!?!?
Then this 3 mins later???? Do you think our phones can listen?!?!? Sooo weird as I’ve never looked up watches ever. Anyway… more positively next….
My Auntie Jac sent me this…
Then I got this email…
Then saw this on FB…. and I know I will be that person
Then this…. nothing else matters to me now
Then this….
Then this…. I thought this was really especially lovely
Then this…
Then this… which justifies me sitting with my feet up at 13.35pm 😬
Ok will leave all that behind
I am no longer hurt by the painful ending…. excited for the new beginning 💜
Then this…. said before this is hard to do but keep chipping away at it and it really does help.
When I speak my truth I feel calm. This was one of my new core beliefs through CBT.

So a good day for seeing signs to take the new path and turn the page for the future. I think it’s ok if I don’t fully know where that leads me yet as when I find out I will know.

Craig was working this morning so he took Calaidh with him and I took Bhruic and Freya our for a walk. (when he came back he said Rouken Glen Park was heaving…)

It’s a funny day… hot in the sun but cool in the shade (I can hear Craig rolling his eyes at this!!!) but the clouds looked amazing and as if it was about to rain
Arty buttercups 🌼🌼🌼
I hope you can appreciate the angle I have to get to for these pics… with two dogs 🙈😬😆
Freya and Bhru in the distance with Geilsland in the background
Bhru was still limping a bit today, just had to take it easy
A wee cool down in the burn and I love how they run to it then wait for me to catch up… Bhru is off hunting for a stone!
Bhru found a stone, check the state of her!!
Tongue out Friday!
A wee drink on the way home as they were gasping!
And it would appear the delivery fairy brought us a weeeeee present. A fire pit for the back decking. Bhru’s not impressed
By 3pm it was getting really dark!
So dark!!!!

Thankfully it only rained a few spots as we sat in the beer garden for next door Kenny’s 49th birthday. Had a lovely wee afternoon chatting and catching up! Didn’t think to even take pics as we were so busy talking! We were so lucky the rain stayed off.

One thing I find about drinking alcohol free drink is that you can’t drink as much as you did alcohol as it bags you up. Maybe it’s just because you know you’re bagged up because you don’t get drunk?? Could be that…..

So I’m home now with a Bhruic by my side and my feet up in front of the coal fire

Cuddles 🐶
Added to the bridge in the village today. Such a lovely thing to do

This seems a short blog today…. it’s been a strange day for me, very relaxed but reflective followed by a lovely time with good friends.

So grateful for everything that I have now but quietly excited for what the future might hold.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

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