Day 110 manic shed cleaning helps bust anxiety 🙄😬🤣

Craig’s out at work all day today so we got up and had breakfast then I walked the monster pups. It’s a miserable morning… well that’s not fair actually, it’s warm but with smirry rain. In fact after a good dog walk it was positively tropical!

Still managed to see some pretty flowers…. yeah ok Craig… weeds.
Yeah I know it’s just grass but it’s pretty grass 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
If only I had a sled they could pull me back up the hill?!?
Now that things are starting back up again as lockdown is easing the grass verges have been cut back. Least I don’t have to hide the dogs in long grass when a car passes! Mind your tails… 🤣
A hint of blue sky!!
Though Rosedene Cottage looked lovely in the rain 🌸🌸🌸

So my anxiety is still lurking today or at least it was this morning. I have nothing planned, no reason to be anxious and yet I am. I needed something that I could really get my teeth into. Some manual labour that required some focus to stop my mind from whirring round!

Craig’s shed… notice that it’s Craig’s shed when it’s a mess 🤭😬😆
Need to get rid of these gas bottles!
Spotless…. well no it’s not at all but is a million times better than it was. Woe betide any man that puts a thing out of place…. 🤯😬🤣

We also got bags of wood delivered that needed brought in front the car park and emptying so I did that as well. Wo-MAN ON MISSION 😆

So yeah it totally did the job as I’m now shattered having a wee sit down with my feet up. My head is not whirring around anymore as it’s too tired.

I’ve a few Coronavirus stories to share that I found this morning.

Very sad news dining out of Lombardy in Italy where they saw the worst of their outbreak
This makes me review any complacency I may have had. Not only is it a bad illness to get but it could affect your longer term health.
Some more changes kicking in today
I always want to do this but I’d need my phone for taking pictures of course 🤷🏻‍♀️
I’m really sad at the changes in our society. The thought that we have to fear each other is going to distance us from each other even more than it does now.
Loved this 💜

Stay safe everyone 💜❤️💜