Day 113 a lovely wee day with mum 💜 😷😢 shopping in the Gyle (tho sad to see all the restrictions) and South Queensferry with family & an old friend!!

Alarm set for 7.20 up, showered and heading to South Gayle in Edinburgh to meet mum. Had a lovely wee drive over though it seemed to take forever because I’m not used to driving any distance anymore.

So lovely to see Mum and have a wee day out.

Matching masks from Oceanside Designs!
The new restrictions in place on the Gyle Shopping Centre due to CoVid-19

I have to say that I really struggled with the shops today and we only went to M&S and Starbucks. The changes to a shopping experience are so significant. As you walk in to M&S the huge entrance has been covered over with temporary doors allowing 2 doors for in and one door for out so that there is control over the flow of those entering and exiting. There are stickers all over the floors warning of the 2m distance, spots on floors to show where you should stand when queuing and Perspex all over the toll area like you are paying in a wee bus stop.

I used to think it was sad seeing people sitting round a table on their phones and not talking to each other… now we are actively encouraged not to mix with each other for a very valid reason but it really hit me today.
Every second toilet and sink is out of use (yeah of course I had to use the toilets!!!)
Every second hand dryer can’t be used either

The food hall was heaving and while everyone had masks on it still felt a bit much. Trying to find stuff while following signs on the floor is a bit much even for my expert multitasking!! 🤯😆

Starbucks has no seating area just a controlled queue to enter and a controlled queue to pick up your coffee and controlled exit.
I did….. then I moved to the next dot when the person in front moved off it
Companies must have spent a fortune making signs

We sat out on a wee bench in the car park at the shopping centre and had our coffees before we headed off to South Queensferry to my brothers for lunch.

Wild flowers in their neighbours garden… lovely
Heading down to the sea front
Rory and I took Abbie the camper down to the Bridges while mum and Kenny walked down
The Forth Rail Bridge
The Forth Road Bridges
Auntie Julie and Rory selfie wile we waited for the walkers!
Mum, Kenny and Rory
Lovely to be out together
Wandering around South Queensferry
Then all of a sudden you see this again!
Tried to fit all 3 bridges in one pic!!
Such a lovely wee town
Check these ice creams!!
I am so pleased I thought to message Andrew Gray that I used to work with and realised I was just outside his house. So lovely to catch up if only for a few minutes!! Will definitely come back for that coffee sometime!
Mum and I went to Harbour Lane Studio which is Andrew’s daughters shop.
Such a lovely wee shop
The harbour
The weather was lovely!
The boys went down to play on the beach!

Headed home and got back before 4 as had calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions. Booked another job!! Then Claire messaged and asked if I fancied a walk so had a good long dog walk…… put the world to rights!

Saw some thistles!
We said we were both hobos today…. not in the slightest!!
Calaidh was at work with Craig

So yeah I’m pretty sad today, I had a lovely day but the reality of this virus has really hit me. The change to our way of life seems so huge. The overhead gantry signs all the way over said Stay Safe and Save Lives and I really thought about that…. we have to be careful so we don’t catch it and then pass it on to others. It’s like the stuff of movies, not reality. Sad times but I’m sure it will become the new normal soon.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️