Day 101 precious little happenin’ in our house today… it’s still raining! 🌧


The torrential rain finally stopped last night and you’d have been forgiven for thinking the twilight sky was an indication it had been a lovely day. I sat at the back door listening to the birds tweeting and watching the clouds clears out 9.30pm. A lovely wee moment while the dogs had a wander. It’s times like that that mean a lot more to me now.

I managed a good 12 hour sleep last night and could have slept all day and it’s only the back of 2 so far! Mr Avery, on the other hand, had a lovely wee night to himself coming through to bed at about 4 am and he was back up again at 8! I did wake up at 3.03am and heard some political debate on the tv, Boris Johnson blah blah blah-in’ away as only he can do 😳 the stuff of nightmares! 🤦🏻‍♀️😱🤣 someone is gonna crash later 🤣🤣🤣 (hmmm it’s now 6.30pm and he’s still going strong….)

Just like the ducks!!
I took part in this today. A lovely session with 3 lovely ladies learning how to banish our allergies. Look forward to trying it out when my hay fever is bad. So lovely of Shelagh to run this for nothing!

The Scottish government have now relaxed the 5 mile limit for leisure travel so I’ll be looking forward to a wee trip to the coast when the weather lifts a bit.

Of course….we free up lockdown restrictions and the weather takes a turn back to wet and cold!

Outdoor hospitality will open back up on Monday 6th July with the Gateside Inn opening next door! Holly has released the following announcement:

People need to book to get space in the beer garden and may lose their slots if the weather is dreadful – everyone is going to have to chill out and take it as it comes to allow the pub to keep people safe.
Locals up north are worrying about the tourists coming back and that’s understandable with the littering and overcrowding we’ve seen as rules relaxed down south

I know what we’re like living on a main road. We’ve enjoyed the light traffic, our village has felt like it belonged to just us and it’s been lovely. I can’t imagine dreading the influx of tourists in camper vans taking over again…. I know I’ve just got one….. 😬😆 I’ll be different….. 🚐🖤😊 I read that Skye are nervous as to who’s going to open up first as the locals might blame them for bringing COVID-19 back to the island. It’s a tough time for everyone as those of us who have been stuck at home for so long are desperate to get away but I know a lot of us realise that this is still too early.

The Camping & Caravanning club sites have opened today but only to self contained units as the toilet blocks are not open yet. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs have asked people to wait until around the 17th and Glencoe have asked visitors to be mindful of locals and the local area.

Pubs opened in England today 😳🥺😣
I may have shared this yesterday but no wonder… first day back at work and there’s a huge queue outside desperate to get in. No chance to ease in gently!!
Nuff said….
This did make me laugh!!!
Foreign travel has also opened up. The countries in red are exempt from the 2 week quarantine when you come home
So while all this crazy stuff is going on I’m sitting with my feet up in front of the fire planning the camper van interior and he really just chilling!
This is very true but I think it’s taken lockdown for me to realise that facing the triggers head on is actually helping. It can be terrifying and exhausting and has been this week but I am dealing with it and working through it.
A huge trigger for me, what will everyone think, what should I do, what should I not do?? I want a camper van and I don’t really know exactly why but I’m doing it for me and it all feels right
🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 uh huh…. yip…. that’s me… 😬
Now here’s a confession…. I have always wanted to just fit in, never wanted to be different…. and yet now, hell yeah. I am me and I might not be like everyone else and that’s ok. I am kinda liking the way I’m turning out 😄

We’ve spent the afternoon watching the Goonies as Craig was incensed earlier in the week when he found out I hadn’t seen it!!! It was really good and his wee face was a picture with all the iconic lines.

It came about as he stumbled on an amazing YouTube show with Josh Gadd called Reunited Apart. In line with Covid-19 restrictions he pulls together actors from old movies and talks about the making of the film in a zoom call style. So far we’ve watched The Lord of the Rings 💍, Ghostbusters 👻, Splash 🧜🏻‍♀️, Goonies (obviously) Back to the Future and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off!!

Highly recommend it! What a trip down memory lane and wonderful to hear the sentiment from all the actors in these strange time. What a great idea!

Someone has new plates fitted!! They actually say OVERLAND AND BORDERS at the bottom! Love it!

So we’re off to decide on this evening’s viewing…. how many movies, box sets, tv etc have we watched during lockdown?!?!? Pure hunners. Staying in is the new going out and I love it!!!

Stay safe everyone 💜❤️💜