Day 109 working on the T5 & Jeep in the sun ☀️☀️☀️

Didn’t get to bed until 11.30pm last night…. oh my word it’s almost like a late night!!! We had been lounging in front of the fire since 5pm as well 🔥…. doesn’t that paint a lovely romantic picture rather than saying we were just slobbing in front of the tv?!?! 📺🤭😆

So after about 4 episodes of American Survivor, we finally went to bed and so a we lazy morning for us. Up at 9, coffee, watching the dogs play in the garden.

This happens a lot in our house… Calaidh is obsessed with the ball so either Bhruic or Freya torture her by pretending it’s their most treasured possession!!
This has been going on for about 10 mins now… the puppy stand off…
Calaidh’s wee face 😆
Obsessed much???? ok you get the gist!
House looking lovely in the sun and it’s quite hot. Love when we can get out in the garden

Did a wee family trip to the greenhouse as not done that in a while… life in the fast lane in lockdown huh?!

Grapes are coming along
Tomatoes too!!

So first of all we went round the garden like maniacs chopping everything down that had got too bushy…. I now have more than a brown bin full of garden rubbish…. I can feel my anxiety started to bubble over. (Reading this back and I feel I should say that it’s not just because the brown bin is full 😆) The usual of too many things I want to do but actually can’t really be bothered doing any of them. It’s a constant battle between feeling fired up and raring to go but equally drained and lethargic. I find myself already nervous about the calls I have to make next week which are going really well but for some reason the effort it takes me to do them is gargantuan. (What an amazing word… it feels like climbing Everest with every call I see coming through and yet I actually have enjoyed them event they are done).

This isn’t the one I was looking for but it explains the fight between wanting to everything and nothing at once.
The breathlessness was the real thing for me today.. I should have done a meditation but my head was still on a mission!
I’ll take that!
So I put my anxious head to good use and fill my pill box. One thing I’ve found is that I can forget to take tablets at the best of times and this really helps. I’m well aware of the fact I’m only 47 and have a pill box my Gran would be proud of… it’s a daily reminder to take my vitamins, oil of evening primrose and glucosamine along with my anxiety and depression daily meds. Don’t want you all thinking I’m a loony bin but this is the reality and it needs doing… and besides it’s so much fun to fill the wee boxes!! So that’s that done for another 21 days!
So Julesie the maniac then decides that today is the day that the seats need to go in the back of Abbie the camper van!
Check me…
Ta dah!!!! Still another double seat to go!
But for now I’m having a wee rest in the back of the van with a can of Diet Pepsi and I might not move again 🤭🤣
Honestly I could sit here for the rest of the day!!

But no…. there are seats that need removing…. I’m actually really chuffed that I’m doing this myself and really only need a bit of extra brute force on a few of them that I couldn’t get moving. Once my brute used some of his strength they were fine.

Not gonna lie, this was not a particularly fun job and I found I just got into the swing of a best way to loosen one when it was almost out. Hey, you live and learn!

I was really surprised it was only 2pm as I genuinely thought I’d been loosening these bolts for days!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Enough space for a party?!?!

So Craig’s been busy doing all things Jeep stuff. He’s fitting a reversing mirror and his new number plates.

They say Overland and Borders at the bottom like mine…. can’t see green cheese. To be fair it was his idea😆
For sale!!! Naturally….. and still a lovely 67 plate Beetle one careful lady owner… don’t be forgetting that 😆
So yeah now we need a break and are sitting out on the back decking for the first time in weeks!
How true is this?!
I think I realised that I was pretty anti-social these days 😬
Finally the President of the US decides it’s ok to wear a mask. He’s been so flippant about Covid-19 he’s allowed it to spread across the US. They have by far the highest number of cases now.
That we still have not been directly affected by this virus. Grateful for my new empty camper van and my lovely family and friends xxx

Forgot to say yesterday that mum and dad should have been in Iona for a holiday recently so they sent me a wee gift ordered online from Iona.

A wee care package!
I sent mum some masks from Oceanside Designs and check the one that totally matched her top!!

So another quiet night for us again. It would appear the Gateside Inn have delivered dinner to the front door which is soooo lovely! Dinner, last of the sun then maybe some more vegging in front of the tv…. relaxing in front of the open fire…. 😆

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️