Day 124 a lovely wee afternoon tea with lovely friends who will now be famous 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

Just could not sleep last night, was up and down like a yo-yo after my night on the tiles…. I think I redecorates the bathroom loads of times in my head last night. (That’s all about choosing tiles for the bathroom and not being sick through alcohol just for those of you that might not have read yesterday’s blog!)

So up and out with the dogs first thing as the forecast was for horrific rain all day! It’s never as bad when you’re out in it but got them out before the worst of it.

Calaidh had a good forage in the field!
All “peched oot” after their run… puffed out in English!
Look at this wee face!
They were both asleep until I tried to take pics… love that withering look I get.

Calaidh was whisked off out to work with Craig so I settled down and starting making Pawsitive Solutions calls. Time flies when you’re having fun as it’s soon after 12 and I have to doll myself up as I’m going out for Afternoon Tea at 1pm with friends!

Very remiss of me to forget to take pictures but I arrived on the dot of 1pm and I’m used to being early… we met at Padaro in Lugton which is 6 minutes from the house so it’s typical that the person closest is the latest?!? To give you an idea of the quality of the food, this plate of cakes is what was left once we had finished!!!!!! Yes, even Julesie the dustbin couldn’t eat everything. I mean… lightweight or what?!?!

So Ruth has been a friend for years and those of you who’ve been in my life for a while will know her as “one of the gym girls”. A group of us met at a Callanetics Studio in East Kilbride back in gosh, maybe the late 1990’s?! I hope Ruth will jump in here…. Ruth and her sister Moyra are just the funniest people in a funny haha way not funny weird (you loving the grammar Ruth?!?) I have some of the best laughs with these ladies and they can make you laugh through the saddest of situations. I met them both with their other sister Lorna today as Ruth had a voucher for afternoon tea from before lockdown.

It was so lovely to see them and catch up and get a good giggle. Life is lovely when you laugh and I could listen to them bat off each other for hours. Thanks so much for inviting me and we promised a return in East Kilbride.

The weather was atrocious when they drove down so it’s my turn next time. They had wondered if they would make it into the blog… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 I said that all 25 or so of my readers would now know all about them!!!!

A lovely wee afternoon.

Focus on the positive of this rather than the negative
There is always laughter and love!
Again having to get dressed more than lockdown joggies showed me that my scales do think there are 2 people on at the one time!!! When will the health and fitness regime kick in to help me lose some of the podginess?!?!? Is that even a word?

So back to the house and have been making calls since 3.30 and it’s now 6.30pm!! I booked 6 jobs today, how amazing is that?!?! I’m pretty shattered now if I’m honest but I’m a good way. I’m very, very proud of me today. It’s been the closest day to a full working day in a very long time and I managed it. Ok I didn’t start till after 10 and had a 3 hour lunch break… when I put it like that I realise it’s nothing like what I used to do…. but it’s pretty damn good for what I do now!

I hope that this is true. I would love to think that my story helps others
Now this made me laugh out loud……

I did read today that the Spanish holiday quarantine seems very unfair given that Spain had 12 deaths I’ve the last 5 days and the UK had 426. Not sure how true this is but I think the quarantine is being implemented due to the high number of cases in Spain in recent days.

So I’m officially knackered and going to join Craig in the pub for a Diet Coke to celebrate my successful day!

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜🧡