Day 116 dog walk in Eglinton Country Park & birthday drinks and cake 🎂

We were late in bed last night and I’ve been reading Lincoln Hall’s book “Dead Lucky, Life after death on Mount Everest” (bit of light reading for my fragile mind?!??? I just went to get the book as I couldn’t remember what it was called…. just said out loud yip not gonna find it in the bathroom 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆)

I’m at the bit where he’s just died….. I’ve read it before and it’s a remarkable story of endurance and recovery. The horror of what he went through is something I will never experience but tried to sleep last night wondering how it felt to be alone up on Everest, the highest person in the world for a whole night… alone…. by yourself. I didn’t get the best of sleep….. 😳

Last night I said I was not gonna be one of those people that posted their food. Ok I lied… I had no idea what Craig would churn out for breakfast this morning. Wow!

It’s fried bread with a veggie and cheesey omelette inside it. Needs a name! Was amazing.
All packed into the Jeep ready to go to Eglinton Country Park
Like butter wouldn’t melt 🙄
COVID-19 rules for the park
Godsake another photo?!?
Now where’s the frisbee??? The other two are off!
What’s that coming over the hill??!
His masters voice 🥰
More thistles!
Calaidh cooking down, Bhru just wants to play and Freya is just waiting for something to happen!
The woods looked lovely
Such a lovely day!
Someone needed a wee drink!
These wee flowers are so pretty 🌺🌸🌺
Another bit of river!
The fjord was a great place to play
Look at me!!
Such a beautiful sky and everything so green
What a stunning day!
Still thirsty!!
Jeepin’ home!

Think the camera on the new phone is amazing. Everything seems so much brighter and clearer though it always helps when the sun shines!

Nothing betting than zonked puppers!! 💜💜
She was even snoring!!!
Craig aced lunch…. prawn sandwiches to recreate last year when we were in Oban and got sandwiches at the green seafood shack on the pier! he is making post the food pics….. he says I have a lot to live up to for his birthday tomorrow…. hmmmmm
We had a wee surprise get together for Craig in the pub! He said it was just as well he sussed the surprise as he would have guessed there was something going on when he saw me drying my hair…. cheek!!
Somebody got a socially distanced birthday cake!
I got to eat the star!!!
Neighbours! Rachel, Nikki & Holly.
Me & Rachel!

Think Craig’s had a good night and I’ve enjoyed my Diet Coke…. I may not sleep tonight after all this 😉

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡