Day 119 dog walking at 6.20am in the pouring rain…. check me 🌧🌧🌧 oh I had to type this whole thing twice 🤬😤

Couldn’t sleep this morning and woke up with a banging headache. Tossed and turned and got angry cause my head hurt so I decided that when Julie’s awake the whole house is awake! The dogs pretended to be wide awake but there was less spring int heir step… no wonder, is a very long time since they had a walk at 6.20am!!

Set off in the pouring rain and just past the pub about 10 steps when I realised Bhruic was limping again. Thinking it was her back paw again I brought her back so she could rest it.

She’s a wee sorry soul
Only three of us on the dog walk
Spiers Grounds were really dark though my new phone camera shows it way more clearly
Despite my Sunday afternoon selfie training from Rachel Miller i still forgot to look a the actual camera… never gonna win selfie of the year, certainly not in that get-up!! Sporting my new Overland Bound hi-vis vest
Someone building a wee hideout! Pretty cool
Fuchsia still going strong, it’s ages since I first took pics of these. Again it was much darker in reality but the camera shows up the vibrant colours in the rain!
Just posing round the fuchsia while I take photos!
The Japanese tree in the Coronation Garden. Spiers School motto was QUAD VERUM, TATUM which means WHAT IS TRUE IS SAFE

When I attended cognitive behavioural therapy I felt worthless and we established that this was one of my core beliefs. I worked to turn this around and my new belief is that if I speak the truth I will be safe. Maybe need to pinch QUOD VERUM, TATUM ???

This way!
The woods look great in the rain
The Beith Trust have been doing some work in the ground of Geilsland and you can now see the big house from the road… it looks really imposing from this angle. They have also used the wood to make some kind of rustic seating area, it’s lovely!
“Let’s go home now Calaidh and get out of this rain” says Freya
This garden in Reek Street is stunning with giant daisies!

Back int he house for 7.45am showered and dressed (stupidly in black clothes… not the best when you have a house full of mounting dogs… was covered in hair by 8.30!!) and took a call for someone booking for Pawsitive Solutions. So that took me right up to my volunteering deliveries!

Had lovely chats with everyone again though this time either in the pouring rain or just inside the door way trying to keep dry. Got a lovely wee gift for my favourite Elvis fan… think she was pretty surprised and chuffed by it!

Then on to my next 2 lovely chatty ladies. During the week they all had a special delivery from Beith Trust… they got homemade Jam, tablet and a lovely wee card. Think this was from the huge donation I took in a few weeks ago from one of my lovely deliveries. They were so chuffed to have got it and one lady said that Beith Trust seem to care more about her than anyone else does. While this is sad, I’m so pleased to be a part of making her week slightly brighter. I told her that lovely things happen to lovely people!

I need to get into some Covid-19 news now as I’ve not said anything about it for a good few days.

22 new cases in Scotland and a total of 580 in the whole of the UK.

Thought this was a really interesting article from Sky News as it answers a lot of questions that we have at the moment. We’ve all become aware that this virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon sadly.

I’ve met some lovely new people as a result of coronavirus lockdown through volunteering and Shelagh Cumming’s tapping group. People that will remain friends. While it’s a sad time for many it’s been a blessing for me.

As an aside I would like you all to know that I’ve just had to type this whole blog twice. As I was adding in the Sky News article I tried to delete something and is said “DO YOU WANT TO DISCARD DRAFT” …… I said yes 🤦🏻‍♀️ that is the WRONG answer… the answer is

Never ever ever do I ever want to say YES to discard draft…. but I did.

So I’ve now been on this for 3 hours… it’s much faster second time around I have to say. so I’m going to leave this here… walk away now so I can’t do anymore damage. I will be sitting on the couch in front of the fire with my feet up! I may crochet… I may watch tv but I will not be writing this blog a 3rd time!!!

More than the bear Craigie…. more than the bear!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️