Day 123 whirlwind of a day but feet up now! 🌈💜

Morning everyone, after yesterday’s rushed blog (due to having a lovely day to be fair) I decided to start today at 9.09am…. it’s a Sunday morning and lockdown has eased enough that life is starting to feel a wee bit more normal. It’s hard to remember that not long ago we were actually only allowed out to the supermarket as little as possible.

I walked around Tesco in Kilbirnie yesterday and realised how quickly masks have become the new normal. Everyone was wearing one and they are starting to become a fashion statement with some! Lots of people are wearing the blue medical look ones which are disposable but I’ve found the cotton ones way more comfortable. I found myself signing into mine yesterday… I mean seriously?!? You know, as I write that that I think how lovely that I was singing (even if the sone was annoying me!) not that long ago I’d have been an anxious mess.

Shock news as Spain surged into second wave. Folk returning to the UK will now need to quarantine for 14 days. Think a lot of people are pretty angry about this but I think we’ll see a lot more of this in coming months. Shows that maybe we are better to stay at home.
Sure there’ll be more of this to come.
768 new cases yesterday in the UK
Lasted info on cases and deaths. Never have understood why there’s no recovered numbers for England but hey… 🤷🏻‍♀️

So felt I hadn’t done a covid-19 update for a while so wanted to get a look. Pleased to see Scottish deaths haven’t picked up much over the last month or so. Guess we all have to wait and see if we have a second wave particularly once we get into Autumn.

So we have decided to put our Roof top tent up for sale today… now that we have an extra 2.5” lift on the Jeep suspension the lifting it on and off is a beast of a job and I can’t help with it now. Even on my tiptoes!!!

Was amazing to wake up to the views from the roof!
Last June on Clachan Sands, North Uist, Outer Hebrides

The end of a era but the money will go to the conversion of Abbie the camper and we’ll go back to our ground tent if away in the Jeep. It takes away a huge amount of camping stress for us as the getting it on and off became such a big job.

Treated myself to a new hoover as ours was hanging by a thread! To be fair we’ve had it for about 10 years so it’s had a good innings
Pet hair I am coming to get you once and for all!!!!!
Though I did think this bit looked like a light saber…
Ta dah! It went together in about 10 seconds so the instructions were Julesie proof!!

Would you believe the roof top tent was sold within about half an hour!!! How amazing is that?!?

Woo hoo!! Tent… not husband and dogs though was tempted 🤭😆😬🤣

So we’ve been out for a bit looking at bathroom tiles. Almost every part of our bathroom is broken so we have decided to renovate while keeping the same bath, toilet and sink but retailing to freshen it up a bit (and fix the bits that are broken!)

First mask selfie together!

Took a million photos of ideas so we can come home and play about with on online app that lets you see what floor and wall combinations go together.

It’s turned into a lovely day and the roads are so much busier now that shops have opened back up.

Popped into my neighbour Claire’s for a coffee for the first time in since March! No more relying on good weather and having to hang over the fence up a ladder. Not caught up in ages so great to get a good natter. Came home and looking at bathroom tiles again!!

I think this is lovely and can honestly say that I am really trying to reinvent myself. 🧡
I’m finding the growth is a pain but it is time to move on and face the future head on
I’ve said all along that I’ll look back on this and realise it was all necessary to improve my quality of life and give me a brighter future
So very true
I will always be this person

Going to go and watch a movie now I think and have a chill out evening. Again…. nothing else for it! 💜

Stay safe everyone 💜❤️💜