Day 121 nails done 👣💅🏼& monobrow tackled for the first time since lockdown, now chilling by Kilbirnie Loch

We’ve been wearing masks on ships on Scotland for a few weeks now but England only kicking in that rule today.
Up and out early with the dogs, was a beautiful start to the day!
Bhru’s paw was much better today, check the clouds 🌥⛅️🌥
Some lovely flowers in the morning sun
Actually said to myself as I walked up to these….. “nope don’t need any more photos of thistles”… almost walked away and thought… hmm can never have too many thistles! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 bonnie Scotland!
Let Bhru and Freya run in the field, they’re there somewhere!! Calaidh wanted to stay with me.
Much better zoom on this camera
Maybe makes the pics a bit too sharp? Not sure?
Bhruic looks like an old lady here!!
Ominous clouds
Top of Reek St. heading home

So I had big plans this morning to head out to Largs for a wee chill out by the sea while Craig’s at work but that all went out the window…. and for good reason it turns out.

So first fail of the day, I was meant to meet my new friend Edel for a dog walk at half nine. We’ve met on Shelagh Cumming’s tapping group on a Thursday. So I gets a message at 9.27 to say “I am here”….. oh my actual god. I should be at Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch with the dogs to meet Edel at 9.30am! So after trying to flee about like a headless chicken, we decided to make it next week. Felt so bad but she was lovely about it! So then I thought I’ll catch up on a few Pawsitive Solutions calls then head out…. ended up on the phone till 10.45 then taking Holly and wee Rachel next door to Kilbirnie so Rachel could play with her friend. Then rushed about to get back to Viv’s Nails & Beauty for my appointment at 12pm!!!

Lovely Viv! She lost her lovely dog to cancer during lockdown but fell pregnant too so has something amazing to look forward to!

Turns out Kilbirnie is a riot with roadworks and lorries getting stuck on the redirection route so the road to Largs would have been a nightmare today. Who knew?!?!? Shows you sometimes that when you think your plans are ruined that it sometimes for the best….

So I’m sitting here just now….. writing this

Sitting on a campervan mat by the side of Kilbirnie Loch. The sun is desperately trying to come through, it’s warm and there’s barely a ripple in the water.

I want to try and explain the calm I feel sitting here…. I used to come here when I was off sick on the lowest days and watch the water. It’s only 5 mins from the house but it just takes all the stress away… not that I have much at the moment (check me) but some alone time is lovely…..No dogs, no dog hair (😬🤣) just the green and blue and the grey of the rocks. So simple but for me this is what life’s all about. The perfect beauty of our world before humans go and spoil it. I wish we could set up camp here for the night!

Craig’s just called and he’s heading home from work so I’ll head back and get some lunch sorted! Least we’ve stopped taking photos of our food…… 🤭😬🤣🤣

Abbie the camper by the Loch

Great idea for lunch….. Straight into the pub…. awful picture but bloody good feed!

Yeah I know…. food pics

So now we are in a food coma and going to have a quiet night in front of the tv…. a la coronavirus lockdown. It’s been a lovely day and Craig is already snoring on the couch. Be rude not to join him with my new eyebrows and painted toes!!!!

Flowers in the pub from Craig’s mum who was in yesterday!
So many of you did this for me, I hope to rerun the favour when others need it.

Stay safe everyone 💜💕💜