Day 147 outlook seems good from where I look at 8am… and it was SO much better than yesterday!

Wow thank goodness my head seems to be free of whatever took hold of it yesterday. I still feel very tired. It’s a different tired from yesterday… it’s calmer, it’s relaxed, it’s not that irritated, antsy, irksome tired. Today it just is what it is and it actually feels good.

Maybe this is true of yesterday

I’ve always found that FB reflects my mood and shows me these wee quotes to help me along the way. There were loads last night so maybe they sunk in??

I was so upset that I was feeling so low yesterday, I couldn’t accept it was what it was..
Sadly a real problem with anxiety and depression

What a huge relief to feel so much better today. I still can’t believe the difference overnight. It’s such a relief.

Up and showered then Auntie Jac came down for a wee visit so we took the dogs out before we did anything else.

It’s warm today with rain threatening

Then drove to Auchengree farm shop for a coffee and a scrambled egg roll then out to Portencross beach just for a wee chill.

So quiet and still… could have sat there for hours as there’s not a ripple in the sea.
Check my beauty camper van but I was also showing you I’d washed my hair 😆
Tide right in and so calm
Looking north
Looking south
Wee selfie at the beach
We were laughing as there were 2 guys right in our way!
The sun is trying to come out but the rains coming too
The photo doesn’t do it justice
Then we went to the little coffee caravan for another coffee then Jac went up the road

I can back home and had 7 calls to make for Pawsitive Solutions. One lady said to me that it was really lovely talking to me and I was very good at explaining what the dog behaviour training would entail and I put her at ease. Wasn’t that lovely. ❤️

Then had a lovely wee FaceTime cal with my mum and my nephew Rory who is staying the night… in my room!!!! He thinks it’s his room now. The dogs all came to say hello and wish Rory happy birthday… the big 10 the other day.

Went through to Claire’s at 5pm for a cuppa and a lovely chat. So different from how I felt yesterday honestly. I just can’t believe the difference. This time last night I was sitting crying and tonight I’m chatting and laughing with Claire.

We had a Memorial Hall Gateside committee AGM tonight in the hall where everyone had to sit socially distanced and wearing masks. It was the strangest thing, the mask wearing and not the AGM! Quite a few of the long serving members resigned tonight.

We need to document this for future generations. Our lives have changed so much due to Covid-19.
The new Memorial Hall Gateside Office Bearers!
  • Lynsey McLean – Chair
  • Caryn McLeod – Vice Chair
  • Claire Porteous – Secretary
  • Rachel Miller – Treasurer
  • Moi – Assistant/vice Treasurer

So it’s 9.08pm and I’ve joust made a booking for Pawsitive Solutions! I’ll never get this blog out…

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the lovely messages of concern yesterday. You’ve no idea how much it means to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’m going to stop for tonight before something else comes up!!!

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜❤️