Day 148 volunteering, food shop, nana nap and crochet (in that exact order!)

Not the best sleep last night but shouldn’t complain…. awake at 7.20am and up sharp to walk the dogs before volunteering today.

Saw this on FB…. love it! I should measure my moods on a sheep scale from now on. I think I was a 7 today… 🐑
Also had a wee giggle at this as it’s a nightmare changing the bed with fitted sheets!!
So true

Had a lovely chat with all my regulars today. A good catch up on what’s been happening. Sad that some never get to leave the house at all. Really hope that I brighten up their day a wee bit.

It works both ways

I’m not gonna lie, I am exhausted today. By the time I’m finished deliveries it’s after one and I just need to sit down with my feet up. However, we have no food in the house and have been living off random cupboard food for the last few days. My mum will be horrified at me but this was last nights dinner… I should have said we’ve “bean” living off random food!!!

I did put some cheese on it…. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣

This is one thing I struggle with at times. I can’t be bothered thinking about what to eat so it’s easier to eat a big bag of crisps than it is to think about something fresh and healthy and cook. So I’ve done a kind of half shopping just now so that there are meals in the house at least for the next few days. I find I can’t think straight in the supermarket and Craig’s just been too busy to go. Yes it would be easy to think of meals and write a list but I can’t seem to do that…. it’s like it’s easier to create stress not having the right food to eat than it is to just get the right food to eat. Crazy huh?!? Why have an easy life when you can create stress instead?!?

So now I have eaten something I’m in Grans chair in the sun room with the heat streaming through the windows and it feels lovely. I’m tired so I will read for a bit and have a nap. After a few wee Cadburys chocolate buttons that I treated myself to.

Wow that’s a good 2 hours I’ve been dozing feeling the warmth of the sun and just hearing the odd “woo woo woo woo woo” and Bhru and Freya let the world know they are there but pretend they are not barking!! It’s comical as is floats through my sleep.

Craig for us both a lovely present today. It’s a mug with the 5 of us on the side of it!

Isn’t that lovely! Calaidh, Craig, Bhruic, Julie and Freya!

The Gateside Hookers are meeting in an hour in the pub with our new extra socially distanced meeting if that is even a thing. As there are 5 of us we have had to book two tables in the pub. One for 3 of us and one for the other 2. The village will also see the first socially distanced car treasure hunt run by Beith Young Farmers tonight too.

They might have their moments but they are a wonderful bunch who need their dinner now.
As it by magic…. one of them appears!!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️