Day 143 “out of the office” ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Well as usual with us, there’s a story…. we are on holiday this weekend and is scorchio! Ok so it’s only a long weekend….. but given how busy we’ve both been in the last few weeks it’s a godsend to know that we don’t actually have to do anything.

However…. we should currently be on the Isle of Skye in our tent. We are not. The bloody Jeep is leaking fluid which is coming out through the wheels…. guess it really never got put back together properly at the last garage. Abbie the campervan is still getting her body work done so won’t be ready until 5pm so we are sitting out on our new decking pretending we are abroad, thankfully it is still so hot that we can….

It started overcast and cool this morning and I had a Pawsitive Solutions call to finish off which took me until about 10.30. I hoovered all the dog hair after that so we have a clean house and did two washings to get them out in the sun. Life’s simple pleasures having 2 washings dry in the one day!


We then went to the pub for lunch to hear that Scottish pub COVID-19 rules have tightened up as a result in the pub in Aberdeen which saw 54 cases in the short term and has now affected 850 people in such a short time. In summary from today

  • Everyone must call to book BEFORE they go somewhere for food or drink
  • They must agree to give details on track and trace or not be served
  • No more than 3 households at any one table
  • No standing at all in pubs
  • The owner has to clean down the whole bar area at staff shift change over

All of this makes complete sense but it becomes mandatory from today. Holly (who runs our local next door) has been on a call this morning with Ayrshire Licensing and only 37 pubs attended! Ignorance of these changes will not be accepted as a reason for non adherence. We need to limit the spread of COVID and pubs have recently been a catalyst.

Pub lunch selfie…. could be forgive for thinking we’re abroad?!
Cajun chicken salad x 2
Home now sitting out in the sun!
Of course there’s never a Border Collie or a tennis ball far away! 🐶🎾
Check these two!! Bhru’s withering look is a picture!
The meadow garden is really starting to bloom. Craig still thinks they are just weeds but I love it!
The wee one is in her favourite place under the tree! She was out of the count until I crept up on her!

We can’t complain about not getting away given how lovely the weather is.

Me?!? Mad?!? No……….. 😏🤭😆
I have definitely found my people
You do not have to type YES if you agree 🤣
Love these growing in the garden… answers on a postcard please?!!

I HAVE ABBIE THE CAMPER VAN BACK FROM THE GARAGE!!!!!!!! Wooooo hooooo! We have finally found a garage that gives us the car back when they say they will…. what a great job they have done of the damaged body work too!

Wish I could find the before pictures… the guy who owned it before me used to park too close to the house and hit the wall a good few times!
The back had dents at each side and the bumper was cracked and with holes in it as someone had reversed into the previous owner.

So chuffed with the job that they’ve done! So good to have her back too. Now just have to get the Jeep sorted and we are almost free of cars needing garages! If that’s even English which I know it’s not…

Having a wee Freixenet 0% Rosé to celebrate holidays and return of the van!

Hope you all have a lovely evening. We plan to sit out until the dying embers of the sun! Life always seems easier in the sunshine. Sitting outside breathing in the fresh air you can forget everything that’s going on in our crazy world just now….. and the fact that we should be in Skye. Still there’s always a dog wanting a ball thrown…..

She’s never far away 🤣🤣🤣🎾

Stay safe everyone 🎾🎾🎾