Day 155 hmmmmm….

Where to start today… the morning I guess…. Craig was off to the gym at 5.30am so toyed with the idea of getting up then. Set my alarm for 6.45 instead and got up to walk the dogs.

The water levels were really high after yesterday’s rain
The skies were mean and moody (bit like myself!)
Love how the pups are sooooo excited to get down to the burn and Calaidh and Freya do very little except watch me. So much fun going nuts to get somewhere only to come back out and onto the lead having done nothing!
Bhru thinks the grass tastes nice
Homeward bound! Calaidh knew she was being snapped😆

Might have gone back to bed for an hour…. which made getting up the second time a whole lot easier. Showered and washed hair then headed up to Gielsland for this mornings volunteering. No one to be found?!? Strange…. we’ve recently moved food collection to a new building so I went to the old building to see if we were back up there… nope…. no one…. 🤷🏻‍♀️.

You can imagine…. I’m questioning what day it is? Am I sure? Blah blah blah. Finally found someone who thought I was on holiday this week so I got a day of!!!! Love that my first thought was for lovely folk I deliver to… they’d be wandering what was wrong?!?! Nice to have an impromptu day off though.

So in true overthinking style I had to go and do the food shopping as we had nothing much in so make use of the downtime. It took way longer than it should do I had a wee coffee caravan on the way home as a treat!

So, since then I have faffed and huffed and puffed and generally not made good use of my day off. The whirling thoughts of everything that needs done and the self doubt…. wow the self doubt is dreadful today.

Laid out Craig’s blanket to try and get it stitched together. Did some of that… made mistakes…. don’t even feel crochet today.
I’ve lost a little faith in myself today. I need to remember this and get back to it as I do believe in myself
Hugely important for us to spend time on self care
This makes me smile
So very true.

Have a lovely evening ahead with the Gateside Hookers so looking forward to the chat and hooking… Craig would like his blanket for the week we go on holiday which is about 8 days away?!?!? It’s fine… not to panic, it will be ok!!


Stay safe everyone 💛🧡💛