Day 159 The Rambling Sloth 🦥



After months of debate… ok no a few days and really only a few minutes within those days…… I have changed my blog name from Overland and Borders to…… 🥁🥁🥁🥁

The Rambling Sloth 🦥

Rambling has always been an “affectionate” term for my daily musings… and I’ve been referring to myself as a sloth or El Slotho as a bit of a joke recently as I sometimes lack the energy to deal with normal day-to-day living due to the extra effort it takes to keep my overactive mind running at its current level. Jeez that was a long sentence.

It’s also a double meaning for me as I think calling myself a sloth is a bit self deprecating and hopefully I’ll get back to full fitness soon and be rambling all over the place again with the mind ramblings in a much calmer place!

So, not gonna lie. Not the best day today… free flowing tears for no apparent reason again but as a lovely lady said to me on our walk tonight…. that’s only 2 bad days out of 30 since I reduced my meds and bet I never thought it would be that easy. Very true…

You know I have to say that I don’t say I am fine now. I always speak my truth now. As much as possible.
I do try but just as well I’m under no obligation… 🦦🥴

I’m in a lot of physical pain today… shoulders, wrists, ankles and knee…. kind of in the order. It’s inflammation of tendons and joints and it bloody hurts. It was sore turning over in bed last night and some days it just aches more than others. I’m sure it’s a combination of excess weight along with excess sugar intake, which I’m really trying to reduce… along with tension.

I sorted out a lot of camping stuff this morning while Craig would up chopping wood with the village woodcutters. Sat down for a coffee and that’s where the tears just came… Craig came home (don’t worry it wasn’t just because I was missing him… 🤣🤣) and we went into the pub (had a fresh orange and lemonade or two) to write a list of everything to take camping with us next week. Came home and had a lovely FaceTime with my mum and then out for a dog walk with Claire. Well… a Calaidh walk with Claire!

I’m waiting here for you!!!
She had a great we run around while we sat and talked on the bridge and I tried to stretch my knee!!
Cool baby coo on the way home!
I needed to hear this today

So, hope you can all relate to the name change and it doesn’t stop you finding me!

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡