Day 133 a day of two halves… wee bit stressed in the sunshine but then chillin’ in the rain 😊

I slept like a log last night, totally out for the count and not a single spark of a dream. Such a good feeling to wake up and know you slept. Didn’t make any difference to how tired I’m still feeling but hey… I’m picking the positives that I can.

Check gnasher out…. she loves the shower and wants to eat it…. never a minutes peace in this house 😂

So out for food bank volunteering today with the Beith Trust. It was a lovely morning, warm so hoody was discarded early on. Had an additional 4 deliveries today as one of the volunteers had to got back to work this week. Still got my usual chats. Delivered clothes to my Elvis van who can’t get out to the shops and was desperate for new T-shirt’s, toilet rolls courtesy of Holly at the Gateside Inn went to 3 houses… one lovely wee man forgot all about me and went for a walk to Kelburn estate in Largs. I had to go past his house 3 times before I found him back!

Unfortunately 2 people weren’t in and one neighbour told me a guy had moved out… maybe that’s why he’s not answered the door the last 2 weeks?!? I could feel myself getting breathless with the frustration….

I got this lovely rose head from one lady’s garden as the storms yesterday took toll on her rose bush. I took it in the house to her but she asked if I wanted it… pride of place in Abbie the camper. What a stunner eh?!?
I have smiled and chatted all morning. I try to brighten up everyone’s day. One man said I was only the 5th person he’d spoken to since Monday and I actually thought that 5 since Monday isn’t bad when you live alone but he’s obviously used to seeing more than that!
Lovely Shelagh is back to work today in her Kinesiology treatment room… not sure she’ll be able to see to work. She needs cucumbers!!!
I need to know that this pic taken in America is a joke?!?!? 🤣🤣🤣
Hmmmm now this is sadly quite true on some places at the moment
Sadly Aberdeen city back into lockdown from 5pm today due to a spike of 54 cases centred around The Hawthorn Bar.

After yesterday’s rain, the A83 Rest and Be Thankful is closed due to serious land slips. Millions of pounds has been spent on shoring up the roads. The A83 FB page showed the following:

Amazing how one bit worked and the other didn’t.. I believe it’s still 2 unsafe to start clearing?

AND ITS RAINING AGAIN NOW!!!!!!!!! Enough already…..

I’ve mentioned before that locals up north are up in arms about the tourists disrespecting the land as a result of Coronavirus staycations. No one can really get abroad just now on holidays so maybe there are more people trying to travel round the UK just now. The complaints from locals are dreadful and it’s tarring is all with the same brush. I think it may be better NOT to be a part of these Fb groups as it might be better not to know what they are thinking of is.

Overland Bound encourage us to leave the area the way we found it or clean up other rubbish as well a taking our own. That’s why I have my litter picker, bags and my OB hi-vis vest. We are trying to educate these groups that not all tourists or travellers are bad…. but some people just don’t want to know. The group NC500 The Land Weeps is the worst one. They do not want to hear that there are overlanders who want to help collect the mess. They think wild camping should be banned to stop it from ever happening. It’s a sad battle just now and hope it settles down by the end of the summer. Just another problem that COVID is causing….

This is a bit twee but it’s also so true

So I am now under here…. I’m really tired after today’s volunteering. I have my feet up in Grans chair with a Bhruic sized blanket and I’m going to have a wee nap before Crochet at 7 in the pub.

On a more personal note…. the doc has recommended I reduce my meds since I’ve been feeling a fair bit better. They really numb my emotions at times and mean I can’t really feel any real excitement. The opposite of that is that the very dark thoughts are numbed too. So I’ve been taking less since the 1st August so let’s see how this goes…. watch this space and keep a wee eye out for poor Craigie as he may be about embark on a roller coaster ride without even knowing it. 🎢🎡🤣

Oh and I did…. a good hour and a half I think.
I really love this.
This is so true, lovely Evelyn bought me this poster and I’m gonna try and get it in the camper van somehow when it’s all done
Alcohol free gin with my crochet and relax

Stay safe everyone ❤️💜❤️